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    Edward Jenner Programme

    University: NHS Leadership Academy

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: High school
    • Pages: 18 / Words 4471
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: M/508/9860
    • Downloads: 350
    Question :

    Learning Outcomes:

    This item of assessment covers the following learning outcomes.

    • Evaluate the role and functions of a manager, and leader of people, in any organisational context.
    • Analyse the wider, external contexts of managing and leading people in the workplace.
    • Prepare effective approaches and skills to deal with a range of employment situations.
    • Examine and analyse the possible implications of recent and future changes in the field of people management and leadership.
    • Examine solutions to organisational problems. (C5)
    • Discuss information needs, locate relevant information and interpret findings. (C1)

    Assessment Details

    You need to write an essay of 4,000 words.

    1. Generate your understanding of the concepts of leadership and management, and the various leadership theories that exist (literature review).
    2. Analyse a leadership development programme from the NHS Leadership Academy.

     Structure and guidance

    1. Introduction

    Give an introduction of debate which is surrounding the distinction between leadership and management and examine how academic theory influences organisations when they create leadership development programmes. Next, introduce the essay. Discuss that you are going to review the leadership and management literature and evaluate the leadership development programme, based on the literature you reviewed. (300 words)

    2) Explain leadership and management literature/theories

    Explain and evaluate the concepts of leadership and management; identify similarities and differences between them.

    In your answer you should draw on two of the following leadership theories:

    1. Trait Theory
    2. Behavioural Theories
    3. Contingency Theory
    4. Charismatic Leadership
    5. Transactional Leadership
    6. Transformational Leadership

    3) Analyse the leadership development programme

    1. Examine the importance of leadership training and development for organisations.
    2. Choose a leadership development programme from the NHS Leadership Academy link
    3. Evaluate the programme and review its components in line with relevant literature. Your discussion should address the eligibility criteria, the programme structure, the training methods and the intended outcomes.
    4. Recognise and determine the benefits of this leadership programme for:
    5. the individual
    6. the organisation

     (1,600 words)

    • Conclusion

    Outline your findings on leadership and management, and the evaluation of the leadership development programme. (300 words)

     5) References (not included in the word count)

    • Apply current, suitable sources to support your discussion and evaluation. Your sources should include books; academic, peer-reviewed journals; organisation websites; other official sources such as organisation, industry and government reports.
    • Research at least 15 sources.
    • Apply the Harvard referencing system for all your citations and the bibliography/reference list.

     6) Formatting and structure

    • Briefly follow the structure and guidance you were given
    • Submit in a Microsoft Word file - submissions in a different format will not be graded.
    Answer :


    Leadership and management are the major aspect for business organisation as they contributes allot in accomplishing set goals and objectives in stipulated time frame. In this, leadership is refers to the ability of an individual to lead their followers by providing them new direction to attain their targets whereas management controls and direct people and also making sure about day to day activities within the business organisation. Both components are crucial in managing and leading employees with the aim of enhancing their performance at workplace. Along with this, manager and leader also play a significant role in company in managing as well as directing entire activities. With the help of this, company can easily improve their performance and also reduce their employee turnover (Haile, Emmanuel and Dzathor, 2016).

    Furthermore, different theories of management and leadership is also used by company in leading workers at workplace so that they can put their best efforts for attaining their goals. All the theories is also influence organisation at the time of creating the leadership development programs. In this, it is designed for leaders and manager to improve their abilities as they aware about how to execute the strategies and make their teams as a key success factors. This project is going to discuss about concept of leadership and management along with similarities and difference within the same. Different leadership theories are also mentioned in this project that provide appropriate controls over the employees who are performing their task at workplace. Apart from this, leadership development programme is also evaluate within this project that contributes in resolving complicated problems at workplace by making employees more productive. All these are directly contributes in enhancing overall productivity level of company and its workers as well that support in attaining higher success at market place.

    Leadership and management literature/ theories

    Concept of leadership and management

    Leadership and management is refers to the useful practice which help company and its workers in attaining success. In organisational context both are crucial because it ficus on motivating as well as managing workers so that they can effectively perform their task activities and attain set objectives. In this manager and leader is responsible for encouraging their employees towards all the set targets within the company. This will aid in making employees more productive and efficient at working area. In this regards, leadership can be defined as an effective process or ability by which an individual influence or encourage others to achieve objectives. If individual have willpower and desire that they can become an effective leader and also developing their abilities through a never ending process of self study, training education and better experience. At the time of leadership process, skills and knowledge are posses by leaders that can be influenced by their attributes and traits like characters, ethics, values, beliefs and many more. A good leader is continually working and also studying in order to improve their leadership skills so that they can easily direct their team members to improve their ability to do their best at workplace and attain their set objectives in stipulated time frame.

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    Apart from this, management is refers to the ongoing process of managing as well as allocating inputs within the company by implementing some effective functions such as planning, organising, directing and controlling with the aim of achieving predetermined goals and objectives in allotted period of time. Mainly, manager of business organisation is believes in getting things done from other people (Weiss, Tappen and Grimley, 2019). By this, manager can maintain better coordination among all the employees that support in creating positive relation. This will contributes in accomplishing set targets in effective way. As both leadership and management exists at each and every level of business through which all the targets can be easily accomplished without any kind of issue and obstacles. 

    Similarities and difference between leadership and management

    Both leadership and management are different because manager and leader both are different from each others. As leader have follower who follow them while manager have people who work for them. This is the reason that both terms are totally different. Mainly, leadership is all about inspiring and management is refers to the effective planning. By which all the working activities can be done successfully. For better understanding there are some similarities and difference between leadership and management are as follows:


    Basis Leadership Management
    Meaning Leadership is refers to the ability of a person to guide, influence and motivate others to contribute their best to attain success within the company. Management is defined as an activity of directing and controlling the people and group of members to accomplishing their set goals and objectives in an effective manner.
    Personality Styles Leaders has various styles as they are comfortable in risk taking and create new and innovative ways to deal with the same. Manager are the problem solvers as they focus on set goals, availability of resources, structure and many more.
    Orientation Leadership is people oriented as it focus on motivating as well as influencing people to give their best to attain or accomplished their predetermined objectives. While, management is task oriented in which manager lead their employees and at the same time also encourage them to effectively perform their targets.
    Approach to tasks In business organisation, leadership is work at issues or problems and give new and innovative ways to provide creative solutions. In this leader use their commitments and also excite, motivate and encourage its workers to effectively resolve the issue and improve the chances of attaining positive outcomes. Management is a method to create teams and effective ideas to operate organisational activities smoothly. As the manager believe that sharing views and opinion may reduce the risk and error and also generate success.
    Focus In leadership, leader is focus on leading people by providing them training, motivations with the aim of making them able to perform their targets in an organised manner. Whereas management is all about managing people and their work by effective planning process. With the help of this manager can easily manage employees activities by allocating them job responsibilities as per their abilities.
    Ideas Leaders are the one who implement good and innovative ideas to handle situation. It may promote the creativity at workplace Manager have good ideas that they used at the time of completing the task activities from employees. This may assist in making productive employees.
    Style For workers, leader have a motivational style in which they encourage as well as motivate their team members so that they can easily accept complex task and activities. Manager use authoritarian style at workplace wherein they give orders to workers for completing the task activities in an organised way.

    Similarities between leadership and management

    In business organisation, leadership and management play a significant role and also have some similarities that support employees in improving employees performance at workplace. As both are working with people with the aim of making them able so that they can accept all the challenges and complex task activities.

    Role of leadership and management: In organisational context, primary concern of both management and leadership is to effectively allocate existing resources that help in improving the possibilities of attaining positive results (Boyatzis, 2014). Along with this, both leader and manager also share ultimate goal with the aim of maximizing the profitability level of company at market place. This is possible by leading as well as managing employees at workplace. 

    • Influence of leadership and management: It is also a similarity that both leadership and management includes encouraging as well as influencing working environment and structure wherein employees put their best efforts of accomplishing their set targets. Mainly, manager and leader are lead their workers by putting best examples in-front of them. Both are responsible for influencing their team members to either perform well or bad. As it is all about their working style and spirit as well.
    • Vision of leadership and management: In business organisation, both leadership and management are anxious with achievements of goals and objectives in allotted period of time. They set particular vision in front of workers so that they perform their task accordingly. Vision of leader and manager is same as they focus on attaining success by motivating and leading employees at workplace.
    • Working relation of leadership and management: Both manager and leader includes working with employees in which they being ahead of workers and at the same time also determining the effective way for forward. They influence team members to develop positive relation with each others. This will directly contributes in enhancing overall performance of company and its employees as well.

    Different leadership theories:

    Leadership is considered as an important process or activity in which leader is influence their team members to put their best efforts for accomplishing their targets. Main motive of leadership is to encourage employees towards the set goals with the aim of making them able so that they can accept all the complex task and activities. In this context, leader focus on motivation and inspiration that aims to create passion to follow all the set vision and to reach long term goals and objectives. Along with this, leadership is also based on taking risk to easily accomplished all the common targets. For leading employees within the company, there are various theories that they used to motivate as well as encourage employees towards the business activities. All these can be understood by following points:

    Transformational Leadership: It is considered as an effective theory in which leader works with teams with the aim of determining all the needed changes, create or develop vision for guiding change with the help of executing change and inspiration. One of the main purpose of using this type of theory is to enhance employee morale, motivation and job performance as well (Armstrong, 2016). It also encourage workers to make better connection with each others so that they can easily attain set targets. In this regards, transformational leaders are much strong in context of their abilities as they adopt different situation, share an best collective consciousness at the time of leading their workers at workplace. The main focus of this theory is to inspired workers to attain unexpected and best results by performing well. Furthermore, it also give employees autonomy over particular job role and also provide authority to make best decision. This may develop positive change at working area wherein workers contributes allots to attain their goals. In context of this, there are some characteristics of transformational leadership:

    • A transformational leader encourages the motivation and positively develop employees mind set to make them productive and motivated towards the set goals.
    • It also contributes in building company culture by encouraging workers to move from their attitude of self-interest in which they are working for the set common goals and targets.
    • Transformational leaders hold an emphasis on authenticity and open communication that contributes in sharing views and opinion with each others. This will promotes in creating positive and healthy working environment for employees.
    • Leader also provides best coaching and mentoring programs to employees that allowing them to make appropriate decisions and at the same time also take ownership of tasks.

    Transactional Leadership: This type of theory is also play a crucial role in business organisation in motivating or leading employees to improve their abilities to do well at workplace. Majorly, this style is used by the manager that focus on basic management process of controlling, organising and short term planning. Along with this, it also includes motivating as well as directing employees at workplace to accomplish their goal. In this, leader is focus on motivating by giving them rewards and punishments as per their performance. If subordinates so well that they get rewards and on the other side if they does not go according to the leader rules that that will responsible to follow punishments (Diamond and Spillane, 2016). With the help of this theory, leader of company can easily cutting cost and at the same time also improving the productivity level of employees at workplace. This will positively impact over the workers performance as they retain within the company for longer period of time. 

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    Evaluate the leadership development programme

    Importance of leadership training and development for organisations

    In business organization, effective leadership and training play a crucial role because it supports in making employees more productive and efficient. This will put positive impact over the company and its performance as well. Thus, it is crucial for business organization to provide appropriate training and development programs so that employees can perform their best and attain their set goals and objectives in an effective manner. In addition of this, leaders are the essential for each and every business organization as they put their huge impact over the entire activities and workers as well (Hallinger and Chen, 2015). When an employee within the company assume to perform leadership role then they are not much ensuring about its action as whether it is effective or not. This is the reason that leadership development sis one of effective activity that help in encouraging workers to give their best efforts to attaining their task and job activities in an effective manner.

    For every business organization an effective and strongest leader is essential for its growth and success as well because they put their huge role in executing entire functional activities within the company.

    Apart from this, effective training is also may assist in creating as well as developing workers skills that support them in executing as well as implementing specified roles and responsibilities within the company. As, leadership training is beneficia for company and its employees because it may help in promoting employees to leadership roles and improve their abilities. By this they can perform their best and also tries to take positive and valid decision to attain growth level. If employees are not much able and also has lack the necessary skills of sets and training then the face issues while performing their leadership role at working area. With the help of leadership training, employees can easily understand their role of a leader and take initiative to become a good leader within the business. In this regard, training support in protective employees in current leadership skills through they easily develop their abilities to do something well. As there are some importance of leadership training development for company are as follows:

    Increased productivity: Training is one of the effective ways to improve employee’s performance and ability to give their best. With the help of this leader also provide proper direction to their staff members so that they can easily execute their task and attain set target as well.

    Nature Future Leaders: It is crucial for leader to have proper skills and abilities as without effective leadership training it become more complex for leader to attain success. As leaders are meant to powerhouse that provide better direction to their employees (Bush and Glover, 2016). In addition of this, they also responsible for communicating with workers to inspire and encourage them to make them more productive towards the job activities. This is possible by adequate training that help them in taking all the leadership roles

    Improve Risk management: While executing as well as performing business activities, there are various elements of risk are there that can be put negative impact over the employees and leader as well. In this leader needs to train their workers and current leader in managing risk elements by improving their strategic skills and vision (Gopee and Galloway, 2017). This will directly contribute in managing risk and at the same time also reduce all the negative aspects within the company.

    Adaptability to change: In business organization, its environment is dynamic in nature wherein changes are done constantly as leader needs to be able to effectively understand or recognise all the changes and also adopt the same. In this, if leader make a right decision and it is beneficial for company then it may improve overall performance. With the help of leadership training, employee make their ability better and resolute decision. It can be beneficial in enhancing productivity level of company and its workers as well.

    Select a leadership development programme from the NHS Leadership Academy link

    Leadership development expands the individual's capacity to perform in leadership roles in organisations. These roles and responsibilities are those that facilitate development of an organisation's strategy via wining mindshare, building alignment and growing the capabilities of others. Leadership development program is designed and planned for leaders of managers. It is mainly built around six factors that are essential to the progress and success of managers such as communication, self-awareness, resiliency, thinking and acting systematically, and learning agility. Development of leadership programmes provide essential leadership attributes and skills to the people. There are some skills that will be require by leader such as inspiration, motivation and communication skills, as well as accountability and better decision making skills.

    Edward Jenner Programme is a selected leadership development program. It is a first port of call if an individual looking to make a strong and effective foundation of leadership skills and attributes. As it can support them to enhance their confidence level and competence in their specific role (Birasnav, 2014). This program will assist an individual to create important leadership skills. Along with this, if an individual want to feel more capable to deal with regular challenges or issues of working in healthcare. Along with this, Edward Jenner Programme has been designed as well as planned with health care staff members who are working in a healthcare.

    Analyse and review the programme

    Edward Jenner Programme was an initiative by NHS for developing online learning skills which was basically open to all (specially clinicians) so that an individual can perform their job more effectively. As an individual or working in an organisation there are many factors that are required by a person. Therefore, to cope up with these it is required that an individual should have an effective leadership skill as it will enable them in grabbing more and more opportunities. In whatever field a person is working whether doing a business or working in a health care profession leadership skill is proven to be an effective approach or first step towards better growth. Therefore, Edward Jenner Programme was designed focussing on challenges that can be faced by a person while working in the field of Health Care. While conducting this programme, there were health care staffs who were doing all possible things for smooth conduction of task. Along with this, all activities that performed was highly practical and patient. As a result, this will enable an individual in performing task in real life situations.

    Online learning always provides a great opportunity to individual who want to learn new skills along with their jobs. This not only enables a person to acquire knowledge but also helps in utilising their free time (Thorpe, 2016). NHS, with the help of Edward Jenner Programme, Health care was trying to deliver fresh perspective in consideration with patient experience whether directly or indirectly.

    With the change in course of time, improvement in an individual’s behaviour and skills is very important. Henceforth, Edward Jenner Programme, was providing a first step in developing leadership skills within Health. Main component of this programme was to endure leadership skills so that a person can utilise wherever it is required. Leadership skills in NHS will enable a person in responding changes and make them capable enough in addressing pressure in this fast-evolving health system. By this approach Edward Jenner Programme, was trying to develop interest amongst individual who can in future perform senior roles in healthcare.

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    Eligibility Criteria: According to the present scenario, as number of human beings are increasing health related problems are also rising. Therefore, this initiative by Edward Jenner Programme, is coming as a helping hand to people who are willing to give their services in Health Care Sectors. In relation with eligibility criteria for Edward Jenner Programme, there is no any specific requirements because it is open to all but this was mainly for clinicians so as to make them ready for future operations in health field. Henceforth, this programme was entirely designed for those who wants to start their new leadership journey.

    Programme Structure: Edward Jenner Programme, was an online development scheme including four programmes and all these were free and open to all. This was designed in collaboration with Open University, the University of Birmingham, the Hays Group and business consultants KPMG and Manchester University Business School. Edward Jenner Programme was considered as a foundation level continuing with other 3 levels. In this, there were 21 sessions which was generally based fundamentals of leadership and associated with Clinical Leadership Competency Framework and its five core domains. Each of the five core domains sessions was of four 30 minutes learning. Major focus was on improving and providing clinicians with leadership skills which can be further be used if needed (Bush, Bell and Middlewood, 2019). Edward Jenner Programme, was designed with flexibility and choices. An individual can choose from options whichever is suitable such as worksheet activities, lifelong learning etc., Furthermore, if these sessions are completed that an individual can opt for other three programmes for developing self.

    Training Methods and Intended Outcomes: Unlike other training methods Edward Jenner Programme’s training method also had a systematic way for exercising their programme. Their online programmes of leadership development were executed in two levels (Renz, 2016). First is Launch and other one is foundation and all these programmes can be studied according to their respective times. After the completion of Edward Jenner Programme, an individual can effectively apply new learned skill and show their skills in patient care.

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    Benefits of Edward Jenner Programme for individual and organisation

    Edward Jenner Programme is one of the effective aspects for business and individual as it helps them in improving their performance an ability to do something well. Thus, it is crucial for both individual and business organization to apply this program effectively so that they can easily accomplished their targets and goals as well. As there are some benefits of Edward Jenner Programme for an individual and business organization can be understood by following points:

    Benefits for individual:

    • This programme is developed as well as designed for workers who are related to the new and an aspiring leader within the business as a leader.
    • One of the main advantages of this programme is that it may assist in developing their own personal leadership through which they can easily attain their set targets in a stipulated time frame. Along with this, it is also delivered in two level like launch and Foundations which are online, free to access and it can be studied in your own time.
    • It also enables to define a wider membership that connecting with other health and social care with team members and peer by sharing their ideas and opinion. With the help of this, employees can easily solve complex issues and problems that improve the overall productivity level of the individual at working area.
    • It is also effective in implementing in new skills sin role as it may assist in making immediate improvements within people.

    Benefits for organization:

    • This type of program is also designed with effectiveness of employees in context of this health care and also assist them in developing their efficiency level at working area.
    • It also supports leaders who are the new within the company and their leadership activities as well.
    • Along with this, it also offers learning with the aim of building personal resilience, their confidence and their capabilities (Price-Dowd, 2017). This can be beneficial in reducing the turnover of employees by keeping them loyal and retain within the company for longer period of time.
    • It also provides practical knowledge and content that means employees can easily apply their new skills and work with the aim of improvement within their specified job role within the business that make them more productive towards the company.


    From the above-mentioned report, it has been concluded that leadership is one of the important activities that help leader in motivating as well as leading their employees. This can be put positive impact over the employees by making them productive and efficient. In context of this, management and leadership play a significant role in managing as well as directly workers that support in improving their performance level. For this, company also includes various theories and models that assist in making workers more efficient. This will reduce employee turnover and at the same time maximising the profitability level. Apart from this, Edward Jenner Programme is also beneficia for company and individual because it support in creating new and innovative skills in employees that help in attaining all the set goals and objectives in stipulated time frame.

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