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    Managing People and Careers - Barclays and Aldi Company

    University: University of Roehampton

    • Unit No: 6
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 13 / Words 3150
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: BUS020N501A
    • Downloads: 591
    Question :

    This assessment will cover the following questions:

    • Generate an in-depth understanding of how to effectively manage people’s careers, as well as your own employability and careers in Barclays and Aldi Company
    • Explain your own strengths and weaknesses in relation to organizational graduate employment opportunities and becoming business ready and implement mindfulness of yourself and others in order to operate effectively within cross-cultural teams.
    • Barclay's id a British-based bank. Evaluates the findings of an investigation in a professional manner through a variety of media.
    • Aldi is UK based retail organization. How much information do the organizations provide about future career development opportunities? Remember this is important for the attraction and retention of employees.


    Answer :


    It is very important for all the organization in today's world to maintain the good amount of the Human resource as a result all the organization used to use the different way to manage the people and their career in the organization. In the first part of the report, the report highlights the approaches used by Barclays and Aldi Company to recruit the graduate in the organization. In the process of same report highlights overview of company, findings about both the company and evaluation of the same finding. After that the second part of the report highlights the two competencies which need to be developed with the help of the Kolb's learning cycle model. In the end the report highlights the CV of a graduate level candidate.

    PART 1

    Introduction of companies 

    It is very crucial for a student to manage its career in the competitive world. This is majorly pertaining to the fact that the competition in the current world is at its peak and thus to go through this it is essential to possess certain specific and distinct skills (Baruch, Altman and Tung, 2016). These distinct skills provide a competitive advantage to the person in comparison with others. Thus, for this the two companies are being selected and analysed the requirement of the company. The two companies are Barclays and the other one is Aldi. The Barclays is a multinational investment financial service company which is established in London in the year 1690. The company is also taking other four different types of business activities that is corporate banking, investment management, personal banking and the wealth management. Also, the bank traces their origins from the goldsmith bank banking business which is set up in City of London. Also, the bank has a lot many branches which is about 4750 all over the world and also have ATM which are open 24/ 7 round the clock. Also, the bank sponsor many different event and program like 2008 Dubai Tennis championship and has also sponsored the Barclays cycle hire.

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    On the other hand, the Aldi is a chain of supermarket which is founded by Theo Albrecht and Kari Albrecht in the year 1946. The company mainly deals in the retail sector and in that majorly in the household supplies and the groceries. The major reason for choosing these tow organization is that these are well known and established business in both the retail sector and the other in financial sector. These both are the companies in which graduate student dream to work. Thus, this is the major reason for selecting these two companies. Also, another reason for selecting this type of company is that many people are applying for getting job in such big companies. Thus, with the analysis of this all the requirement will be outlined for getting the job in these two companies.


    With the analysis it was outlined that for a company to be successful it is essential for the company to select the employees in correct manner. As per the thinking of Martin and Siebert, (2016) it is essential for the company to have effective and efficient recruitment and selection process. This is pertaining to the fact that if the recruitment and selection will not be good then good and competent employees will not be selected. Thus, for this the recruitment process of Barclays bank is of online application which is being filled up by candidate wherein the company ask for every detail of the person applying for the job. Further the company also ask the candidate to attach the CV as well so that all the other details are also identified. Further if the company or the selection panel is impressed with the CV of the candidate then they are called for the interview. Thus, for selecting the candidate Barclays uses the interview method wherein the selection panel has face to face interaction with the candidate and ask questions relating to the field of interest or the job for which they have applied.

    But in contrast to Ployhart, Schmitt and Tippins (2017) argues that Aldi’s recruitment process starts same as Barclay with the online application form. Thereafter the candidates whose CV and application are being liked are called further for the online test. In these tests there are many different types of online test are being conducted related to the verbal, reasoning, numerical values and many others. Further the candidates who pass these online tests are taken to next level which is an interview. In this interview the panel of selection directly interacts with the candidate either in form of face to face interaction or with help of video interview. Further the candidate who passes on this stage goes further to next stage which is of group or team work. Here different group exercises are taken place like icebreaker, store walk and many other group exercises. In the end the candidate who passes on with this stage are called for a final interview. Under this interview the interviewer asks questions which motivate the candidates to join the company.

    But in contrast to this Baruch, Altman and Tung (2016) states that the overall industry uses the method of recruitment through online websites of job search and this is a very good method of recruiting employees. For the selection method the industry prefers the method of ability and aptitude test and along with it the group exercises.

    Evaluation and conclusion

    In the end it can be evaluated that both the companies have different process for the recruitment and selection of the candidates for the vacant job position within the company. This is majorly because of the reason that both the companies deal in different sectors thus there needs and requirements relating to the selection of the candidate are also different. For Barclays bank the recruitment and selection process is very small that is the candidate apply for the job and if the company like the CV then they are called for the interview. This is beneficial because in financial sector the most important thing is the knowledge and information base of the person. Therefore, with help of CV the company identifies the qualification of the person and this ensures that the person is qualified in the field of finance. Further in the interview the panel ask the question relating to different situation and finance and how the person will deal with that situation.

    In contrast to this, the recruitment and selection process of Aldi is much more advanced and detail. This process helps the company in properly analysing and evaluation the skills and the competencies of the candidate (Derous and De Fruyt, 2016). It is very necessary for the company to evaluate the candidate thoroughly because the competition is very high and to face it, the company need a talented and competent workforce. Thus, for the complete analysis and evaluation of the candidate they have to go through different stages for getting selected. These different stages of recruitment and selection process critically examines the candidate from in and out thoroughly. Thus, this process is more advanced and beneficial for the company as it ends with the selection of the best

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