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    Performance Management of AmBank Contact Center

    University: University of Chester

    • Unit No: 14
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 3 / Words 821
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 724


    Performance of every employee play an important role in organization. There is required to measure performance of staff members in order to improve their working efficiency. Evaluation of performance is done in order to identify whether the work is actually done by all employees or not. Performance management is a simple process by which managers and employees working together to plan, evaluate and review the working of employees and whether they give overall contribution to a firm or not. it is a regular process that help to set up objectives, monitoring the overall performance and provide feedback in order to know whether employees are meeting the need of company's objectives and goals. The present report focus on performance management in AmBank Contact Center in Malaysia. The bank mainly handles customers queries, their complaints and give them solutions regarding their problems. The bank has 200 agents, 2 managers and 1 head of department and more than 10,000 employees. At present scenario, bank is not using 360-degree feedback system. The report mainly discusses the major approaches of measuring performance such as traits, result and behavior. It also compare different approaches of performance management. The report describes the application of 360-degree feedback system in AmBank Contact Center and the use of a traditional performance management system. It also shows the effectiveness, issue and challenges of 360-degree feedback system in a company. The project report also shows the implementation of 360 degree feedback in AmBank that could help to improve employee performance.

    TASK 1

    a) Explaining different approaches to evaluate performance

    There are various approaches used by different companies to evaluate performance of employees and some of them are mention below:

    Behavior Approach: It is the best system that should be chosen by AmBank when there is lot of uncertainty in market. This approach helps to get the right level of performance from the employees which are based on their desirable behaviors. Behavior approach includes various techniques that shape up the right behavior of employees for an effective performance in the working area (Mone and London, 2018). This approach requires managers or leaders to behave positive with their employees and emphasizing on building long term relationship with their employees. By using this model in to the workplace, leaders can easily identify who makes the behavioral cut and who does not. This approach is beneficial in close monitoring and giving right direction to staff members so that they can improve their working efficiency. Under this approach, performance valuation is done by management and more attention is paid to product knowledge and strategies that management is used to get the behavior approach into work area.

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    Result Approach: This approach is mainly focused on removing individuality by evaluating objectives which are based on employees performance result. This approach needs little monitoring as well as less direction as compared to other approaches.Entity provides compensation to all employees on the bases of revenues generated by them. This approach is generally acceptable by organizations because there is no biases (unfair). This method focuses on short term out come and avoid long term benefits. This approach is carried out at the time when employees have skills to complete given task which can be identified and corrected their inaccurate behavior (Kroll and Moynihan, 2018). There is a clear link between employee’s behavior and the outcomes which proves that result approach is more appropriate to use. This approach helps employees to improve their skills and develop expertise in order to achieve defined as well as desired outcomes.

    Quality Approach: This is the third and important performance management system which mostly focus on improving customer satisfaction by reducing errors. This system is mostly used by management in order to improve the process of business. This approach is mostly uses multiple sources to evaluate the performance of every employees. This system help to assess both employee as well as system and external as well as internal factors are involved while introducing this system into a work area (Approaches of performance appraisal management system,2018).

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    Trait Approach: It is a third and most important approach that is used to measure their characteristics at the time of review cycle. Traits are normally unchanging characteristics of an employee such as personality and intelligence (Peljhan and Marc, 2018). Sometimes this approach is problematic because these are stable or unchangeable and even this are not in control of an employee's.Most of the employees feel unsatisfied with this approach because it is not as fair as other are.

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