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    Marketing Function key Roles and Responsibilities | ASOS plc

    University: Regent college

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: High school
    • Pages: 24 / Words 5980
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: MARK1800
    • Downloads: 504
    Question :

    This assessment will cover the following questions:

    • ASOS plc is the clothing brand with latest fashion trends. Evaluate the key roles and responsibilities of marketing function.
    • Explain how roles and responsibilities of marketing related to the wider context of ASOS plc.
    • Make Comparison in the way in which different organisations apply the marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives.
    • Produce a detailed, coherent evidence- based marketing plan for ASOS plc


    Answer :


    In the modern era, to attract customers for goods and services in the present competitive environment, marketing is a major source. Marketing activities plays a creative role in an organisation by developing an effective relationship with customers. With the proper implementation of marketing activities, a firm is able to satisfy purchaser demand. The promotion activity is one of the main components of a company's operation that helps the management fin making the products and services more popular among the people in the market. The use of marketing is also considered as important because the practices of marketing helps in developing a strong brand image and name of a business in the marketplace (Pike, 2015).

    This report is an evaluation of marketing activities of ASOS plc. The selected firm is an online shopping and cosmetic retail chain in the UK marketplace. With the accurate utilisation of marketing mix elements, the selected firm total revenue is nearly 2.4 billion pounds. The entity is mainly offering clothes, beauty products, shoes and other related accessories. The effective team of more than 4000 employees are focusing on different processes and activities (ASOS plc, 2019). This report is includes the marketing plan, role and responsibilities of the marketing function within the entity.


    P1 Explain the key roles and responsibilities of marketing function

    Marketing function is defined as the role which helps companies and businesses in identifying ways through which they can place and promote their offerings in the marketplace. Marketing function is also important as it contributes a lot in creating differentiation in the market. 

    In the case of online shopping and clothing industry, the marketing functions are essential in terms of increase the volume of sales (Larson and Draper, 2015). Considering the case of ASOS plc, the marketing functions are mainly used by the management to earn profit along with development of positive image for goods and services. The marketing function within the selected firm is majorly contributing in the enhancement of its brand image. In the UK fashion industry, positive brand image is essential in terms of ensuring survival in the market. So, with the selected firm, the marketing team and its function have different roles and responsibilities which need to be accomplished. In addition, these functions are promoting business performance, designing and planning process.


    Developing Strategic plans- The most valuable and crucial responsibility which marketing department of ASOS plc will perform is developing strategic plans for the organization for smooth functioning of its operations. It is the duty and responsibility of marketing team for creating effective plan of action so that entity can perform potentially and attain all its objectives.

    Monitoring Competition- Another essential responsibility which is fulfilled by marketing team members of ASOS plc is observing all the competitors of the entity. This is done for keeping all knowledge about others in market so that company can always be one step ahead of others, performing better.

    Bringing Innovation- As its role of marketing mangers and team members to conduct market research for knowing and understanding the demands of potential customers and general public. Therefore, it is an very necessary responsibility which is performed by marketing managers of ASOS plc of developing innovative ideas and products according to their understanding of market. It is performed for increasing customers value and giving best quality goods which are new and innovative fulfilling their regular changing needs and requirements and satisfying all buyers.

    Developing strong brand value- In the UK market, the selected firm is intense competition and in order to survive in the market, the development of brand image is essential, and marketing functions plays an important role in order to formulate an effective and strong brand image in mind of public. It is essential that the marketing team is working on improving the brand value in the market because it provides an opportunity to expand the operational areas. At present, many online and clothing retail chains are applying marketing functions to develop brand and increase sale. For example, the marketing and advertisement practices support in improving the brand image by creating differentiation in the marketplace.  

    Conduct Market Research-This is a very essential role of marketing function which is performed by marketing team of the organization. It has been analyzed that the fashion industry of the UK is changing frequently, so the marketing function plays an essential role in finding out actual demand of the customer. The marketing function carries out market survey and supports the entity in developing adequate understanding about the consumer's expectation (Muralidharan and Raval, 2017). Along with this, marketing functions also encourage the management to create changes as per the trends in the market. For example, the marketing function is responsible for carrying out market research so that the changing preferences and needs of people in the target market can be identified and analysed and products and services can be offered on the basis of the same.

    Earning extra profits- The main role of the marketing function is that it provides expected profits to the company because it is directly linked with the customers. In the case of ASOS plc, proper use of marketing functions is providing higher profits in the UK market. Along with this, by using marketing functions, the selected firm is trying to increase its market share because at present, the firm is offering services only in the UK market. The marketing team is considering different tactics for obtaining extra profits (Malhotra, 2015). For example, the role of, marketing is directed towards creating strong demand among the customers so that more revenues and profits can be generated by attracting customers.

    Within ASOS plc different roles of the marketing function in B2B and B2C are as follow-

    Comparison / marketing forms




    To attract other business ASOS plc is using marketing function in B2B form.

    To attracting several customers towards the company's goods and services, the marketing function is used in B2C.


    In B2B case, the company is directly targeting other enterprises of the UK marketplace.

    Here, the selected entity is focused on the ultimate consumers by using different marketing functions.

    Area of focus

    In this situation, the firm emphasize on development of a healthy relationship (Perreault, 2018).

    In B2C case, management is focused on increasing the sales of services and products that linked with ASOS plc.


    The chain followed in B2b marketing includes players which are suppliers, manufactures, wholesalers and retailers

    Retailer and customers are the major players in this form of marketing

    Horizon of chain

    In B2B marketing, the chain is lengthy

    The chain is usually short

    Decision making

    In B2B marketing, the decision making process is long

    The process of decision making is short and simple

    P2 Explain how roles and responsibilities of marketing related to the wider organisational context

    In a wider organisation context, marketing function role is to maintain an accurate market position in UK, so that management can easily handle strong competition in the fashion industry. For ASOS plc marketing function, wider role and responsibility is to gain competitive advantage through the support of fulfilling the market demand. It has been identified that the entity is required to provide more attention to marketing function so that it can attract target customers from the marketplace (Puddle, 2015).

    These marketing functions are helpful for the management of the selected company in terms of creating marketing plan and strategies. The promotional activities are helps in attracting large number of buyers because it emphasize on creating awareness and demand of different product and services offered by the brand. Along with this, marketing functions are supporting in attracting investors towards the offerings. In a wider context, responsibilities of the marketing function and department for ASOS plc are as follow-

    Deal with the competitors- In the developed nation like UK, the fashion industry is considered as intensely competitive. So it is difficult for entities like ASOS plc to maintain the market position in the long run. To deal with different competitors at a single time period, the firm is taking support of the marketing functions. These functions are denoting different features and qualities of products in front of consumers that further attract the buyer and help the firm in dealing with the competition (Lane, 2016). Along with this, to deal with the high and intense competition in the market, the selected firm is considering different tactics such as use of online and digital marketing practices.

    Increasing the profits – It has also been identified that in context of wider organisation, the roles of ASOS  marketing function is also directed towards increasing the level and degree of profitability within the business (Nirschl and Steinberg, 2018). The marketing function is required to use various tactics and strategies so that the demand of the services and products can be created and profits of the firm increases.

    Identifying the trends in the market- It can be stated that in wider context of the organisation, the marketing function of ASOS is also responsible for identifying the changing needs and demand along with trends in the market. Here, research needs to be conducted by the function so that the changes can in the trends and preferences of the customers can be easily identified and services and products are offered according to the same. 

    Developing market share and tools- In the fashion industry of the UK, ASOS plc is using different platforms for carrying out its marketing activities and to increase its market share. The marketing function is focused on increasing customer base and at present, the selected firm has active customers more than 20.3 million (ASOS plc, 2019). By the support of these functions, the firm is increasing its customer base and market share in the long-run.

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    M1 Analyse the roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of marketing environment

    In context of the marketing environment, the roles and responsibilities of the function are directed towards creation of demand in the market. The marketing environment is related to the customer because here marketing emphasise on motivating them for purchasing a particular brand product. The agenda of ASOS plc behind using promotion activities is to spread awareness for different goods and services.  Along with this, by using the different marketing activities such as social media and digital marketing in the current market, the selected firm is representing its strengths in front of investors and consumers. In order to gain competitive advantage and obtain positive feedback from customers, the marketing functional plays an essential part in the present marketing environment (Baker and Saren, 2016).

    In the case of customers, the company's marketing activities are helpful for them in terms of identifying product features. On the other side, it can be also expressed that the marketing functions are contributing to the innovation process. Almost all businesses in the fashion industry are currently using unique marketing activities that can further helps in increase sale volume and profits (Baker and Magnini, 2016). Overall, for the selected firm responsibility of marketing function in the current environment is to fulfil objectives and vision effectively.

    M2 Analyse the significance of interrelationship between marketing and other functional units of an organisation

    In the case of ASOS plc, the marketing team has interrelation with several units because it is essential for sustainable development. The selected entity is mainly working with many functions or departments such as financial, production, purchasing, sale, HRM, designing team etc. So, the marketing department is responsible for developing coordination with the other units.               For example, the marketing team of ASOS plc is conducting a market survey that denotes that customers are more attracted to cotton base cloths. So in this position marketing team will coordinate with designing units for developing a new range of clothes based on cotton (Marketing, 2016).

    Along with this, the marketing department is also interrelated with the production team to create favourable changes in the goods. In this point, the marketing team will suggest and provide information to the production unit about the customer's expectation. To develop new talent and skilled employees for marketing activities, the marketing manager will coordinate with HR department. This unit main role is to provide qualified candidates for firm operations (Sajid, 2016). Overall, the marketing team and its functions are effectively coordinating with the other departments. The marketing function is also related with functions such as finance within the business. For example, the marketing function seeks for higher budgeted from the finance department so that better and more effective marketing practices can be carried out. On the other side of this, the marketing function is also associated and related with the research department (Wedel and Kannan, 2016). For example, the research and development department within the company emphasise on introducing new product or service based on the data collected by marketing function during market research. Apart from this, the function of marketing is also linked with function such as senior leadership as the marketing personnel’s are required to work closely with the leadership team to finalize the strategies and plans which can be used for marketing and promotion.

    D1 Critically analyse and evaluate the key elements of the marketing function and how they interrelate with other functional units of an organisation

    ASOS plc is using different elements of marketing function such as research, strategy, planning and tactics. These elements are effectively interrelated and coordinated with other functional departments of the firm. According to Katsikeas et al. (2016), marketing element research supports research and development unit by providing actual information about the customers changing needs and preferences. By using this element, the firm is creating accurate changes in the working process.

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    However Charter and Polonsky (2017), argued that the planning element of the marketing function is the most important for accounts team in terms of carrying out business operations effectively. The planning element is helpful for the financial department because it prepares and provides budget and arrange funds from different sources. To increase the sale, the selected company is using different tactics that further help HRM team in planning. As per the view of East et al. 2016), strategies and tactics of the marketing function are essential to maintain the coordination with the sale unit. The effective marketing strategy will make an impact on the sale that further increases profits also. 


    P3 Compare the way in which different organisations apply the marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives

     Marketing mix is defined as the set of or combination of factors which assists companies in influencing the decision making of the customers with regards to the offerings of the same. Asos business objective is directed towards expanding its market share and customer and its competitor which is Topshop is also operating with the same objectives (East et al. 2016). To accomplish the business objective, these companies are emphasising a lot on four major factors which are price, product, place and promotion. These firms also try to improve these elements so that more and more customers can be attracted and encouraged to buy the products/services and the objective can be attained.

    In the fashion industry of UK, all the marketing mix elements are essential for the ASOS plc. These elements implementation denotes management about the areas that needed focus and alteration. The comparison of marketing mix elements with another entity represents loophole and working drawbacks that further motivate to create changes (Järvinen and Taiminen, 2016).    To attain the business objectives, both ASOS plc and Top Shop are using marketing mix and the mix has been provided below as: 

    Elements of the marketing mix


    In accordance with this element, the firm is mainly providing clothes and related accessories to UK customers effectively. These goods and services are effectively contributing to attracting customers (ASOS plc, 2019).  For example, cold weather accessories, headbands, shoes, tops, coats and jackets are provided by the business.

    On the other hand, Top Shop is providing shoes, accessories, clothing and cosmetics products to attract target market customers positively (Top Sop, 2019). For example, jeans, shoes, bags and accessories are the products offered by Topshop.


    In comparison to Top Shop, the selected entity is offering goods and services at a moderate level. This is the company strategy to attract buyers on a constant basis. For example, competitive price is used by the brand.

    On the other hand, Top Shop is a well known brand, and prices of goods and services are high in comparison to other entities. By using this high marketing mix element, the firm is trying to build a positive and effective image in front of purchasers. For example, the business is offering different products at premium prices to the customers.


    The promotional process of ASOS plc is based on the current trend. In this firm is providing attention to social media activities and online marketing process. For example, official page on social media has been developed by Asos to attract and interact with customers.

    However, Top Shop promotional process is associated with the development of brand value. For promotional activities, the company is using both offline and digital sources. For example, ads on products are displayed on print media such as newspaper and magazines to attract customers.


    ASOS plc has limited physical store, but currently mainly firm is providing services through an online shopping website in the UK market. For example, the business is using its online site to sell products to customers.

    In the case of Top Shop is offering facilities in a different economy. The firm has more than around 500 stores in 58 countries. This is effectively managed by the entity (Top Sop, 2019). For example, physical stores are opened by the business in different countries to sell its products.


    Compare with Top Shop; the selected company needs more qualified employees to increase business operation. For example, Currently, the firm is working with the support of around 4,386 employees (ASOS plc, 2019).

    With the qualified and skilled working team of more than 10000 plus employees, Top Shop is working in the global market (Top Sop, 2019). For example, the brand focuses on training of its workers to enhance their effectiveness and productivity.


    To deliver the product effectively to the ultimate consumer, the selected firm has adopted an online process. The company needs to start finding out a new way of providing goods and services to buyers. For example, quality management techniques are used by the business to improve its processes.

    On the other hand, for the effective delivery of products to the customers, the firm has used both offline and online processing. For example, the brand carries out improvements in its process through practices such as employee engagement.

    Physical evidence

    In the case of physical evidence element, firm has limited physical stores in the UK market. So, the entity is needed to give focus on the physical evidence to compete with the competitors. For example, logo and images can be used for providing physical evidence.

    The physical evidence of Top Shop is attractive and effective that able to attract customers more frequently. These stores have advanced technology and various elements to provide comfort to the buyers (Top Sop, 2019). The stores of Topshop can be termed as the example related with the physical evidence of the services delivered.

    M3 Evaluate different tactics applied by organisations to demonstrate how business objective can be achieved

    To achieve business objectives, ASOS plc is using several tactics of marketing that impact on buyers. Currently, the company is major focusing on digital marketing activities and this helps in accomplishing the objectives of enhancing market share and customer base level. This mainly covers social media platform, website promotion, digital screening and development of search engine of the different portals (Zhang et al. 2016). At present, the selected company has more than 20.2 million subscribers on the social media platform that further helps to share information regarding different products and services. On the other side, around 2.3 billion viewers have seen company’s products and services range on the social media platform (ASOS plc, 2019). Along with this, management is also sharing several other related offering and operations information on the official website portal to make a positive impact on the buyer as well as investors. ASOS plc mission is to become the world number one destination for fashion.

    To obtain this target firm is using all possible marketing tactics. In order to gain high profit firm is also developing physical stores (Wedel and Kannan, 2016). Overall, digital sources of marketing are effective for archiving targets. Apart from this, market research is also conducted so as to know the latest trends and preferences of the customers. Proper knowledge of the market helps in accomplishing goal of enhancing profitability level. 


    P4 Produce and evaluate a basic marketing plan for organisation

    ASOS plc will develop marketing plan on the basis of target and customers market demand. The action plan will help entity to implement all the activities in a proper manner. In this marketing plan, management strategy will also focus on managing the external environment pressure. On the other hand, this plan will prepared after market survey that denotes opportunities areas for sustainable development. In order to gain positive brand image this marketing plan will help selected firm (Gillespie, 2015). By introducing new marketing plan in the UK environment, ASOS plc will increase uses of latest technology in the production process. The new product range will be shoe and clothing range for the small kids and the main aspect will be quality for better customer engagement. Moreover, marketing will be done with the assistance of social media platforms that will lead to growth of the business.

    M4/D2 Produce a detailed, coherent evidence- based marketing plan for an organization

    Executive summary

      In this marketing plan firm will introduce new range of clothes especially for kids and will conduct SWOT analysis for knowing present condition. The selected firm will set objectives, strategy, action plan and forecasts.


    • To increase the existing market share by 10% within the next 6 months
    • To increase revenue by 7% within the next one year
    • To launch new product range in every six months

    SWOT analysis


    Company has effectively cover online market share that provides high profits.

    ASOS plc is Using effective business strategy that continuously increases performance level (ASOS plc, 2019).


    Lack of physical stores.

    Less technological uses in current production process.


    To open new stores in different location

    To makes effective entrance in the different international market



    High competition.

    Continuous change in market demand and trends (ASOS plc, 2019).


       For the effective outcome of marketing plan firm will use low cost strategy. This will attract customers in short run rapidly. Including this strategy ASOS plc will also offer various discount coupons and vouchers.


    In context of elements such as segmentation, it can be stated that the brand will be segmenting its market based on demographic factors. Here, children in the market will be mainly targeted by the business through the introduction of new clothing range for kids. On the other hand, ASOS plc will be placing itself as a brand which offers high quality of products at convenient or affordable prices. 

    Marketing mix elements

    In order to achieve the objective of higher profitability and large market share, ASOS plc will introduce a new marketing plan. In this plan firm will introduce new range of clothes and shoes for kids. For the effective outcome firm will use 7Ps marketing mix elements in the action plan.
    Product – In this element firm will launch a new range of clothes and shoes especially for kids.      Currently, ASOS plc is offering products only for men and women.  

    Price- In beginning, firm will set new range product cost at lower price with several discounts.
    Place- The management will provide new services firstly on the UK marketplace only. Online medium will be undertaken for offering products (Katsikeas et al. 2016).

    Promotion- For the promotion process firm will open new physical stores in the UK. Social media will also be adopted for promotion along with digital marketing platforms, as it will enable entity to perform their action in low cost and offer products to public accordingly.  yearly basis customer base will enhance by 2%

    Process- In the new product development process, firm will purchase standard raw material and adopt advance technology in production place. All the processes will be flexible such as modifying product range etc (Rancati, Gordini and Capatina, 2016) .

    People- To increase the sale, ASOS plc will hire new candidates and will focus on development of the existing staff members. ASOS plc management will plan and provide training sessions to exiting staff members for increasing their skills and developing better technological knowledge. 

    Physical evidence- In this element the entity will set stores locations at the UK marketplace mainly in local markets to attract maximum buyers. Also, organization will make use of their logos on their shopping bags which is attractive and eye catching.

    Action plan

    Factors yearly basis customer base will enhance by 2% and time

    taken in the



    1st  month

    For 2nd  month

    For 3rd  month

    For 4th  month


    5th  month

    Market survey to identify actual need






    Setting appropriate goals and targets






    Build a new effective team






    Focus on marketing mix elements yearly  yearly basis customer base will enhance by 2%basis customer base will enhance by 2%







    It is estimated that sale will increase 5 % in each year.

    On yearly basis customer base will enhance by 2%

    Profits will increase by 6% yearly


    It has been evaluated that lack of physical stores and low use of technology are the major weaknesses of the business and the new marketing plan will be directed towards eliminating the same. Furthermore, the marketing will encourage ASOS plc to make effective and more aggressive use of technology in form of digital marketing. ASOS plc can make effective use of social media for evaluation of the market they can gather all required and potential information from effectively using digital media. In relation with controlling actions company will take feedback from existing and new customers about their product quality and their need satisfaction. Also, proper evaluation of revenue and profits will be performed, management will gather past figure of sales and earnings than compare them with new results after implementing all plans and new ideas of marketing. The profit and revenue percentage will be analyzed to gain knowledge about the increase in performance level of the company. All these evaluation and controlling action will be performed for knowing effectiveness of the operations and for making improvement if required any according to the feedback's and experiences shared by consumer's.

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    The current report is a summary of ASOS plc and its marketing activities. It includes various roles and responsibilities of marketing function for the development. The marketing team and its operations are high and they coordinate with other functional units. The comparison of marketing mix with Top Shop is denoting firm needs more physical stores. For gaining competitive advantage in the market, the company will introduce a new range of product for kids.

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