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    What Is Role Of Marketing And Explain Their Interrelation

    University: Mont Rose College

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 11 / Words 2835
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0486
    • Downloads: 730
    Question :

    Marketing implicates to study with an amount of relationship between all the organization and their customers which helps in making the satisfaction of the customers. Kindly do learn and analyze and then answer all these Learning Outcomes.

    • What is role of marketing and explain their interrelation with all other functional units in an organization.
    • Compare by taking the organization you choose the ways through which organizations use all the methods of marketing mix (7Ps).
    • Make basic marketing plan.
    Answer :


    Marketing refers to the study of and relationship between the company and the customers which satisfy the needs of the customers. The roles and responsibilities of the marketing functions of the organisation is been studied and its interrelation with the other functions of the organisation. Marketing mix and its uses for achieving the organisational goals and increasing the productivity and profitability of the organisation.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Roles and responsibilities of marketing in Tata Motors

    Marketing refers to the activities regarding the buying and selling process through identification of customers needs and desires and satisfying them (Aslam and Karjaluoto, 2017). Advertising and delivery of goods and services are also included in marketing. Below discussed are the following responsibilities of a Marketing function of Tata motors for Tata Nano :

    • Studying customer needs : Tata motors surveys and collects information from their customers to study the customer's needs for making the marketing strategies for the future. By conducting customer and market research Tata motors decides and controls the quality and quantity of production (Chiego, 2018).
    • To identify current trends and monitor competition : Marketing in Tata motors helps to identify the position of the company in the market and their competitors.
    • Creating brand value : The products and services by the Tata Motors are represented by the brand value of the company. It is the responsibility and function of the marketing of the company for creating an image that communicate the brand value (Essentials, 2015).
    • Increase the sale : The main function of the marketing is to get to know the customers and then accordingly promote the products that they have manufactured and increase the sales of Tata Nano by various promotional activities.
    • Formulating Strategic plans : Tata motors plans for a cost effective strategies by planning for a long term. For this they consider their own strength, their competitors, target market, etc. for increasing their profitability and sales of the nano car.

    Interrelation of marketing with other functions in Tata motors:

    Marketing plays an important role in the functions of an organisation and is connected with the other functions of the Tata motors. Marketing is required at the operations functions for the adequate research and development plans for determining customers needs and to manufacture the required quantity and quality desired by the customers (Hacker, Gambone and Hobel, 2015). Marketing department works with finance department to meet the budgets required for the research, promotions and distributions of the Tata Nano. The marketing incorporates with the Human Resource management function for meeting production targets, for developing an ambitious and competitive sales team and for the research and developing new product or sales ideas. According to the market trends and target customers human resource policies are formulated. The marketing department communicate with the logistics department for fulfilling the demand and supply of the product.

    1.2 Marketing responsibilities related to wider organisational context

    The marketing at Tata motors can be understood under the five main concepts. For successful marketing, these concepts of marketing considers the current as well as the future trends of the market (Montecchi and Nobbs, 2018). Following are the concepts of the marketing functions of Tata motors :

    • Product concept : Tata motors marketing department focusses upon the products that they are been offering to their customers for satisfying their needs and desires. They conduct the market and customer study and research for knowing the needs of the customers. The customers are easily attracted towards the products and services which are better for the customers and satisfy their needs, which would help to retain their customers (Oplatka and Gurion, 2017).
    • Production concept : This concept of marketing can attract the customers towards the products which is available easily for them in quality and at low price. With considering this concept Tata motors have come up with the Tata Nano which becomes the best selling family care which is inexpensive and is easily affordable for a middle class family.
    • Selling concept : Selling concept of the marketing refers to attracting the customers through promotional strategies. The customers get attracted towards the products and services which are widely promoted or advertised in the market (Speights, Downs and Raz, 2017). Like wise, Tata Nano is been advertised in the market aggressively in a way as the most affordable car in the world, due to which many middle class family who wants to fulfil l their desire of having a car.

    Below are the marketing functions interrelation with the other departments in the Tata Motors within a wider organisational context :

    • Marketing department and finance department : Marketing department has to maintain a communication with the finance department as they are responsible for allocating finance or budget for the various marketing functions and planning.
    • Marketing department and Production department : Marketing department works with production department to ensure that Tata Nano is produced with quality and specification laid by customer and to meet the demand. Addition to this, production department produce the product after getting information from the marketing manager.
    • Marketing department and Research & Development : Market research done by the marketing department are been given to the R&D department regarding the new product development and improving existing products. For example, Tata motors have conducted a market survey through R&D department and came up with the idea of Tata Nano, the car for middle class family.
    • Marketing and Human Resource department : For marketing function of the Tata motors there is a requirement for the marketing personnels who are been recruited and selected by the HR department and provides them training in the areas of advertising, public relations and promotions. As Tata Nano has been launched it needs Marketing professionals for promotional and customer service and relations.
    • Marketing Department and Logistics : Marketing department monitors the level of demand and supply of goods and services with the help of logistics department. Marketing in Tata motors with the help of Logistic, ensure that promotion of the product is performed with most potential outcomes.

    Responsibilities of marketing with respect to marketing environment :

    Marketing environment refers to the all the aspects of the organisation within or outside the organisation which affects the marketing decisions making process (Uchino, 2018). The key responsibilities of marketing with respect to the marketing environment are discussed below :

    • Monitoring environment: The marketing process in Tata motors helps in identifying the changes in the marketing environment. Such as change in market traits, socio-economic forces, political and legal changes, etc.
    • Market strategies: For adopting the marketing changes, marketing strategies and planning are been made for bringing balance between Tata motors objectives and the market opportunities.
    • Market segmentation: One of the main marketing environmental factor is market segmentation, i.e., how the market for Tata motors are been set up. Marketing helps in identify the market and the customers of the Tata motors.
    • Marketing research: Marketing research is plays a vital role in the marketing in various marketing environment. The research is been conducted in Tata motors for the product, price and customers to promote their products and services in the market.

    Task 2

    Marketing mix for achieving business objectives

    Marketing mix is an important aspect in the marketing process which is used to design marketing strategies which includes product, price, place and the promotion for satisfying the selected customer group (Van den Bossche and Prévost, 2016). There is a comparison of Tata Nano and Google's 7 Ps of marketing mix which are been described below :

    • Product : The physical goods or an intangible services which are been offered to the customers by the company (Chiego, 2018). Tata motors thinks about the features and benefits for the customers wants and needs, they have developed the Nano car by considering the needs of the middle class family of having a economy car which is easily affordable for them. Whereas google have in improved their search engine.
    • Price : It refers to the impact of pricing strategy of the products on the customers. Tata have kept the price of the Nano segment cars at low so as to make it affordable for the middle class family to buy them. And due to this the nano cars have become the most sold popular cars and gave a tough competition to their competitors. Most of the Google services are free for their users.
    • Promotion : Promotion refer to making the customers aware of the products and services of the organisation (Essentials, 2015). Tata motors have aggressively promoted their Tata Nano segment cars in the market through advertisements and making it a news sensational as the worlds most affordable car for the middle class. Google is already an established service provider, they promote through online or social media.
    • Place : Place is the market where the products or services have been offered to the customers. Tata motors have chosen their market or place of distribution wisely throughout the country where it is available for all the customers whereas, Google can be used throughout the globe.
    • People : People refers to the staff and employees of the Organisation. All the people associated with the Tata motors are been trained properly to provide excellent customer services and retain good staff and develop their skills. On the other hand google have trained and skilled employees who tries to provide better services.
    • Process : It refers to the processes or steps or methods of delivering products and services to the customers (Hacker, Gambone and Hobel, 2015). Tata motors have a developed a systematic process of delivering the nano cars and the services to their esteemed customers. Systematic and step by step process are been used to increase the productivity and reduce any wastage of resources while manufacturing cars. On the other hand google also have a systematic and mathematical process to provide services to the customers.
    • Physical Evidence : Physical evidence refers to how the product or item is been introduced to the customers. (Montecchi and Nobbs, 2018) It is the environment where the Tata motors have presented the Nano car. The design and interior of the Tata Nano car so that it could attract the customers and google regularly improves their interface for attracting their users.


    Tata Nano



    Is an Tangible product, where the car's specification is been used for attracting the customers. Such as low cost family car.

    It is a service offered to its users. Regular improvement of the google search engines and its subsidiary services.


    Price of Nano is very low as it can be easily affordable to a middle class family.

    Most of the services of the Google are free for its users.


    Is been sold through dealers throughout the country.

    Can use the service anywhere if having an internet.


    Aggressively promoted and advertised as worlds most affordable car.

    Doesn't need much promotion as been used by most of the people.


    Train their staffs and employees for customer satisfaction and developing their marketing skills.

    Trained and technically skilled employees to provide better services.


    Systematic process for delivering Nano cars according to its demands.

    Systematic and scientifically calculated process.

    Physical evidence

    Design and interiors of Tata Nano to attract the customers.

    Regular improves the interface and appearance of the search engine for attracting customers.

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    Marketing mix is been considered for achieving the organisational objectives or goals. It considers the different aspect such as the product, price, place, promotion, etc. for achieving the objectives set by the Tata motors for the sale of nano cars. Due to considering the 7 Ps of marketing mix they have increased their productivity and sales in the market.


    From this report we get to know about the different marketing functions that an organisation has to perform. The marketing responsibilities of various organisation in respect for the marketing environment can help us to adopt various marketing environmental changes. Through proper adaptation of the marketing mix plans an organisation can achieve business goals and objectives. Through systematic marketing planing which includes segmentation, Targeting, positioning an organisation can increase its productivity and profitability.

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