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    Role and Responsibilities of Different Marketing Functions-IKEA

    University: The University of Melbourne

    • Unit No: 10
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 15 / Words 3735
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 780


    Marketing is a crucial term which needs to be considered as mandatory aspect in organization that transform organization to earn higher income and make firm to get stable in market for longer period of time. Marketing content needs to be formulated according to the requirement of enterprise and it also help in catching eyes of millions of people in right direction too. It can be said that marketing is that process which do help entity to earn higher goals and objectives in great manner (Baines, Fill and Page, 2013). Moreover, enterprise is having an responsibility to conduct research in market so customer needs and wants can be met by organization and they can satisfy them in better manner too. The report is based on IKEA, which do sell furniture, home accessories and kitchen appliances to millions of people in better way.

    Assignment will discuss about roles and responsibilities which discuss about marketing function and having an interrelationship with different department. Comparison in between two entity with use of marketing mix. Although, there is a basic plan which develop goals and objectives in firm as well.

    TASK 1

    P1 Role and responsibilities of different marketing functions.

    Marketing process do include movement of goods and services from one place to another for customers in great manner. It also include four elements i.e. 4P's of marketing. Basically, it is that concept of firm which do help in converting every kind of work in better manner and it helps firm to attain a particular good amount of profit in great way (Berkowitz, 2016). Some functions of marketing department:

    • Marketing department try to produce an marketing plan as well in better way and it is such which also lead to analyse factor which do affect performance and productivity in perfect way.
    • Marketing do help entity to define there brand to large people and with such more customers needs to be attracted as well.

    Roles and responsibilities of marketing functions.

    Marketing information management: IKEA is that organization who goes out to use collected information in great way which do convert organization to formulate better plan and needs to learn higher profit scenario in market as well. Marketing information leads to have an some gathering of customer needs and wants and working in effective manner all such can help in earning higher profit too.

    Selling: Marketing is that department who is responsible to showcase there product in effective way and produce such content which can attract the large portion of people to buy company commodities. Basically, increase in sales of IKEA products and services can make firm to earn good amount of profit in great way as well and it is responsibility of organization to look over and bring in effective plan for selling. All same aspect that can help firm to attain higher goals and objectives in perfect manner (Blythe, 2012).

    Financing: Finance is that particular part which do help company to perform there functions in effective way. Even though, finance is considered as backbone of firm. This is such which do convert organization to bring in proper resources and looks forward to use it in right format as well. Top most people of firm formulate plan and divide the finance in different department according to requirement so smooth functions can be there.

    Pricing: IKEA is having a reasonable prices of there product and services which help to firm to call in various kind of people to buy there product. A quality product by IKEA can make them to increase faith and loyalty of customer with earning satisfaction. Organisation do set there prices according to competition in market so that they can gain an competitive advantage in market. Price do play an important role and it Is based on the change in environment and all same does make firm to earn a huge amount of profit.

    Promotion: Marketing is that which do help firm to promote there product and services in effective way and concept also make firm to gather a large part of portion and millions of people to buy IKEA product and services in at great extent. Promotion nowadays has became an mandatory aspect of organization that help customer to get in with firm. This concept is that which do include different kind of things like as advertising, sales promotion and personal selling in great way (Durmaz, 2011). Hence, it is such which needs to be done in great way as this could help in earning higher amount in a particular year.

    Distribution: This particular thing is considered as important marketing functions which do distribute product and services and help in having an better distribution channel. Firm do choose an effective distribution channel that somewhere help organization to distribute there quality product and services to variety of stores at some specific customers in great way even on within time period too. Basically, distribution is that which needs to be done in right format as customers loyalty for brand is also rely on this scenario.

    Product service management: Product and service development which needs to be considered as marketing functions that needs to be developed and maintained with different aspect and also leads improve product and services mix with in response that has market opportunity in great way. Management is having an responsibility to manage every aspect like product services as well and it is required to provide services to customers of time to time basis.

    P2 Interrelationship of marketing department with other functional units.

    IKEA is having an different department in organization and work as one. Basically it is there that interrelated department always bring an effective working in organization with some objective and having an purpose of firm too (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). Moreover, it is necessary in with to coordinate with each other and leads to develop and enhance overall productivity and image with organization.

    • Finance department and marketing: Finance department leads to utilise finance in better manner and resources are such which allocate place as well. Finance manager of of IKEA is responsible for creating budget, making investment decisions for the long and short term. Marketing do carry a lot aspect like selling, advertising and promotion etc. and for such finance is required in right format. Even marketing and finance department work as one to bring smoothness.
    • HRM and Marketing: HRD plays an crucial role in business and formulate some needed policies that could recruit effective respondents in firm. Even though, marketing department also need to have an effective employees so that they can work in right direction in better manner. HRD do recruit young blood and having skills, knowledge and ability to perform in great way. Marketing is that aspect to whom they need to have those employees who conduct research in market and lead to collect important information from the market.
    • Marketing and R&D department: Research and development is that department who work according to needs and customer of market and produce quality product and services for them (Jones and Rowley, 2011). Basically, R&D department is having an responsibility to collect information and data which is needed for organization to produce an effective strategy and decision in correct format too. Marketing also conduct research in market which help them to know that which type of marketing will help them to perform in right manner and make them to earn higher profit.
    • Marketing and production department: Production department is that part of organization where the quality product and services are produced to satisfy the customer at great extent. Production department do use various approaches to use resources in better way which could lead to reduce the wastage of resources in better manner. Even though marketing tell production department as market is changing which is affecting on customer and changing there taste and preferences in great way. Therefore, according to such both needs to work together (Lancaster and Massingham, 2010).
    • Marketing and IT department: IT department of organization is that which do help company to perform there task and activity in better manner and bring in variety of thing that could help company to cope up with the different department and can help them to earn higher profit in great manner. IT department with marketing make entity to adopt innovative tools and techniques into the system which market functions that needs to conduct in proper style.
    • Customer relationship management and Marketing: It is required by company to provide services by company on time in effective manner. Even though, this department also focus on solving some complaint and issues in with customer in firm. IKEA do provide attention in which solving queries of customer which do help rise in different aspects too. It needs t deliver work on time so proper information and marketing department needs to improve existing product.

    TASK 2

    P3 Application of marketing mix and comparison with other organization.

    Marketing mix is that which needs to considered as commercialisation tool and needs to be used in order to gain goals and objectives of company in effective way (Lamb, Hair and McDaniel, 2011). Even marketing mix is having components as- product, price, place, promotion and extended one has another tree in addition to those four and they are people, process and physical evidence.





    IKEA is that company which sell furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories in quality to customer. IKEA mainly deal in with furniture and provide satisfaction to different people and make firm to attain goals and objectives.

    ALDI is firm who provide various functions and sell different kind of products and services to customer in great way, with this they are not be able to focus on particular aspect and this is something which is making IKEA to perform better then ALDI.


    Prices of IKEA is reasonable in nature which do make people to come in and buy product and services in great extent. Even though IKEA is that firm who changes the price according to demand and market changes as well, this is all such which is making firm to attain higher goals and earn higher profits as well (Lipsman and et. al., 2012). Hence, it is required that prices should not be so high an should not be so low, set it somewhere in between so that customer can buy product.

    ALDI is that firm which set there prices according to sales. For instance, if selling of some specific thing is higher then firm also goes in with increase in prices as such item is giving more and more income. This is such which do create problem for firm at the time of changes in market and manipulation of preferences, taste etc.


    IKEA is among those part of country which do serve millions of people with there product and services that might help in earning high amount to them. Place should be according to demand of particular product and it should be there which is considered as convenient for different millions of people and can reach to buy there product and services as well. It is considered as important part of organization and marketing mix.

    ALDI is among the successful firms in world that do provide an variety of product and services in better way and it is quite lead to attain goals and objectives. All same criteria help company lead to have an effective working as well. Place plays an crucial role in earning good amount too.


    IKEA is that company where promotion part is that which do like other do in great extent. IKEA needs to cope up in huge market and also make it firm to attain some goals and objectives. In IKEA promotion needs to be done according to requirement and bring in healthy environment so that change in working can be adopted by firm too. Promotion by IKEA is done less then ALDI as because they have trust on there quality of product as well.

    ALDI is considered as the famous and successful organization and it is required to promote there product and services further so that they can earn higher goals and objectives in better manner (Malhotra, Birks and Wills, 2013). Promotion is done by ALDI and needs to be done in right manner. Even though, it might help company to perform in right contrast. Basically, it is required to have an work in right manner and required to handle everything too.


    IKEA should provide an full attention which do build an proper relationship with there customer and which satisfy work in effective manner. Even people are those part of organization in every field they play an effective role and make a firm to attain goals and objectives too.

    ALDI is that entity to provide services which serve different segment and also produce, even in result which needs to work and having at every section in with departmental store i.e. ALDI. Employees are those who needs to work in effective manner and leads to impart training with them.


    IKEA does go with simple and effective process where they do face an minimum issues and problems. They impart various customer care services and also provide various opportunity in respect of delivery functions.

    They do carry out the process in great manner. Segregate in products and services is such which do leads to find for those problems in respect of work in various ways. ALDI deliver a great process of working but not having an great working like IKEA in proper way. '


    IKEA is that firm who is working at large scale and having an continuous investment efforts and looks forward to utilise solar power energy in organizational system (Mihart, 2012). They do have an additional features and also lead to offer customer a various type of discounts at great extent and provide satisfaction to people.

    They need to attract stores in market place and also contain ranging home items. Apart from it they do charge high prices that it could easily affordable and satisfy needs and wants in effective way. Physical evidence also lead to make it attainable in perfect way and make them to attain a great way as well.

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    TASK 3

    P4 Marketing plan.

    Marketing plan in organization which do help in having an essential points and needs to carry out with work in proper manner in the right directions as well. Plan includes certain task and activities that needs to perform aims and objectives in firm. They do plan activities and task needs to earn profit and sales.

    Overview of company.

    IKEA is considered as private company and it is required manufacture furniture, kitchen appliances and having home accessories. Basically, it is largest retail store, even though it was founded in Sweden and somewhere established 1943, with headquarters in Netherlands. They are in more then 45 countries with hundreds of stores.

    Vision and mission of company.

    Vision statement of company is to look forward and to create an better and everyday life for people. They really wanted to provide designed furniture at somewhere affordable and economic prices too and they do buy it in some easily manner. IKEA mission and vision both needs to serve purpose of company too (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012). They needs to provide proper direction in company and also help manager to develop strategies which can achieve vision statement.

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    STP of IKEA.

    Segmentation, positioning and targeting is that which refers to marketing strategy.

    • Segmentation:It leads to divide population in various groups and needs to depend upon traits and features. Even though, this also help in offering product and according to taste. Reaching target market and customers easily.
    • Targeting: It can be said that group of result of segmentation and this also looks after research as consumer brand. Target market of IKEA is very large and broad too.
    • Positioning: They need to select marketing mix that needs to help target customer segment. Different segment are as:- mono, multi, standby and adaptive which leads to gap the types of positioning. IKEA does uses mainly to satisfy needs and wants of customer in better way.

    SWOT Analysis of IKEA.



    ·They do unique design furniture with home appliances etc.

    ·They need to provide value to customers in irrespective of market conditions.

    ·They do focus on customer requirement.

    ·They do use concept of innovation in better manner.

    ·Hence, they do have an strong marketing strategies and having an smart marketer.

    ·They do leads to have an weak online support in working even in effective manner.

    ·IKEA, moreover having an approach of working as do-it-yourself.

    ·They do have an misconception of quality in better manner.



    · Basically, opportunity is there with economic condition in better manner.

    ·Great and emerging market is there which needs to be analysed in proper way.

    ·Even though, various socio cultural environment are there and even there trends too.

    ·E-commerce opportunities are there which needs to make earn higher profit too.

    ·There is huge change in particular needs and wants even in taste too.

    ·Moreover there is a huge competition as well.

    ·Economic boom and downturn are there for many a times in great extent.

    ·Fluctuating references of market is there and having an exchange rates too.

    Segmenting, targeting and positioning: It is considered as familiar approach of modern marketing. STP is used in IKEA and needs to produce an marketing plan. Through, they do deal in with target audiences with personalised messages too.

    Marketing mix: This mix develop the 7P's this help in producing plan so to keep right product at right price at right place. This help in earning money at large level.

    Budget: £850000 is total budget plan and 70% amount will be somewhere utilised digital marketing and strategies which remain in product.

    Monitoring and controlling: Moreover the whole plan needs to be monitored and controlled with top management to make it successful in great way and leads to have an conclusion that plan and include aspect of firm that needs to be followed by maximum sales and profitability. Get cheap assignment writing service now in Australia with attractive offers by experts.


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    From the above report, it has been concluded that marketing is that which do play an role of organization and also lead to make it earn higher competitive advantage with growth in better manner. Variety of roles and responsibilities of marketing in right manner. Various types of functions are there that product design in with development, finance, transport, selling etc. in better manner. Even though department and there interrelation with each other is also included in this for effective working and earning of more profit. Even though marketing plan is that which needs to be achieved with higher growth rate and somewhere also having an effective way too.


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