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    Resource Use and Waste Reduction in Car Manufacturing Process

    University: University of Sydney

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 11 / Words 2809
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: BSV11124
    • Downloads: 428
    Question :

    This assessment will cover the following questions :

    • Recognise and engage with contentious issues regarding resource use and waste reduction.
    • Examine in a systematic way the design considerations for reduced waste and resource use.
    • Evaluate the range of interventions that will reduce the use of natural resources, energy and/or level of waste generated in the selected product or process.
    • Provide an overview of the resource considerations within the selected process or product life cycle.
    Answer :


    Waste reduction is a process through which wastage of resources or material used can be reduced. Today it has become extremely important for organizations to focus on reducing waste and improve usage of resources in a sustainable manner so that overall resources or energy consumption by the organizations can be reduced (Jabbour, and de Sousa Jabbour, 2016). Nowadays importance of waste reduction and improvement of resource usage is continuously increasing so that excessive resources used can be reduced and environment can be protected in a much better and efficient manner. This assignment will lay emphasis on resource considerations within car manufacturing process life cycle, Issues related to resource use and waste reduction, interventions that can be used for reduction of natural resources reduction, energy consumption reduction, with least waste generation and recommendation to bring improvement within resource use and reduce waste. Process chosen for this assignment is Car manufacturing process as waste production in this process is quite high and large amount of resources are used in this manufacturing process.

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    Today usage of natural resources is increasing continuously and because of this natural resource amount is decreasing drastically. In fact, there are many natural resources that are on the edge of becoming extent  (Alwan, Jones and Holgate, 2017). Due to this it has become important for organizations to focus on resource efficient designs both in industrial and non-industrial context so that both resource and energy consumption can be reduced. Car manufacturing industry is one of those industries in which waste generation is maximum, usage of resources is high and because of this it is important for manufacturing industry organizations to focus on their resources, energy consumption and reduce this consumption with waste reduction.

    Overview of the resource considerations within car manufacturing process life cycle

    Resources considerations or implications plays a vital role in management of resources used within an organization. It is highly important for car manufacturing organizations as resource consumption within these organizations is extremely high and insufficient resources of lack of resources can increase cost of manufacturing of product for them (Nilsson, Griggs and Visbeck, 2016). For car manufacturing organization they need to analyse their resource requirement at initial stage of manufacturing process itself so that manufacturing cost of car can be reduced, manufacturing of car can be completed in a timely manner and quality of final manufactured cars can also be maintained. These considerations help an organization to lower their resource requirements, prioritize their requirements, reduce energy consumption. This automatically help them to reduce their waste generation. There are various kinds of resources that are required throughout the manufacturing lifecycle process of a car such as steel, engine etc. Car manufacturing process life cycle consist of five stages: First stage is raw material extraction and collection of required secondary material. Second stage is allocating raw material for manufacturing (Alayón, Säfsten and Johansson, 2017). Third is manufacturing process, fourth is usage and maintenance of the manufactured product and last is end of life. Each stage of process has separate resource considerations that are required to estimate by the organizations so that on the basis of which resources can be assigned at each stage of manufacturing process lifecycle. Resources considerations can include equipment’s, raw materials like steel, machines, people, facilities etc.  Resource considerations helps in adding another dimension to manufacturing process lifecycle. It helps in improving resource usage so that process can be completing using reduced resource and energy consumption.

    There are various activities within car manufacturing process lifecycle that requires same resources which can help in fulfilling all the requirements of manufacturing process (Verrier, Rose and Caillaud, 2016). This will help in reducing resource consumption and energy consumption i.e. if sufficient resources are not available then with the help of resource consideration and planning resources can be reused. Reusage of resources not only help in reduction of energy and resources but it also helps in reducing waste generation. This will also help the organization in increasing reuse of resources at different stages of life cycle. People involved in car manufacturing process, machinery and other facilities are those resources that can be reused or whose usage can be managed so that usage of these resources can be reduced. There are various tools and techniques that can be used for resource considerations in whole car manufacturing process life cycle.  First is to analyse all the resources that can be reused such as people, machinery etc. Second is to prioritize all the resources that are required to be used and at which stage. This will also help in identifying stages in manufacturing life cycle where resource consumption can be reduced (Priefer, Jorissen and Brautigam, 2016). Organizations can use project management software also this will help them to manage their permanent resources such as people and their working hours accordingly such that required process can be completed with reduced energy consumption. Usage of project management software will also help car manufactures to manage all the main activities of manufacturing process such as automated engine manufacturing, paining activity etc.  All the complex activities involved in manufacturing process can be broken down into sub activities so that resources required in each activity can be understood easily and on the basis of this break down estimation of resources required for manufacturing can be understood. This will help the organization to understand important resources required, energy or resources that can be reused or whose usage can be reduced. It is one of the best cost-effective technique that can help in allocating resources required in manufacturing process lifecycle. It not only helps in reducing overall manufacturing cost, resource consumption but is also helps in reducing overall waste generation.

    Issues related to resource use and waste reduction in car manufacturing process

    Resource usage and waste management is an important activity in manufacturing process as 60 percent of manufacturing process depends upon effective use of resource and disposal of waste generated in car manufacturing process (Islam, Rahman and Kazi, 2017). If resources and energy consumption is not managed in manufacturing process then various kind of issues can be generated which can result is insufficient resources, increased manufacturing cost, increased overall cost of the product or process, excess generation of waste, increased energy consumption and many more. Due to these issues overall cost of final manufacturing process can increasing or overall quality of the car can be impacted. Because of this it becomes important to reduce resource consumption and waste reduction because resource consumption and waste generation are directly proportional to each other i.e. if resource or energy consumption increases then waste generation automatically increases. Increased waste generation is not only an environmental problem but it is also an economical problem because if waste generation increases then cost of recycling waste generated also increases or disposable of waste production also increases because of which importance of resource management increases (De los Rios and Charnley, 2017). There are various kinds of other issues that are associated with resource usage and waste reduction in car manufacturing process. First and the foremost issue which is faced by organizations due to resource use in manufacturing process is environmental consequences across entire supply chain. Extraction and collection of resources used for manufacturing are extensively exhausting process. Even this process requires resources because of various kinds of issues can be created such as excess consumption of water or increased carbon footprint. it is important for organizations to manage their raw material consumption because it can create further issues like exhaustive usage of internal resources such as employees (Merli, Preziosi and Acampora, 2018). Exhaustive usage of human resource can impact upon their productivity which will indirectly impact manufacturin

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