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    Personal Reflective Log to Enhance Sustainability in Business

    University: BPP University School of Business and Technology

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 8 / Words 2082
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: MGMT8420
    • Downloads: 329
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Identify and explain appropriate sustainability concerns to managers, and the political/legal frameworks within which a business must operate.
    • Elaborate nature and purpose of managing sustainability in the business organisation.
    • Generate in-depth understanding of global challenges facing the world and explore the implications of these for contemporary business practices.
    Answer :


    Sustainability, in a business context, refers to a status of continuous existence of business as well as human and natural resources. It is a highly necessary aspect to be included and fostered by an individual and business organisation as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (Knott and Scragg, 2016). Moreover, individual reflection by a person is necessary to reflect upon the past experiences within a business setting of managing sustainability. Hence, in this relation, the report below is based on personal reflective log upon past group activity that has been associated with taking steps to ensure and enhance sustainability within business. It covers several activities and experiences associated with the same effectively.


    Reflective Log 1


    The very first activity within the module that has been performed by me was to study about Energy Use in corporate sector (Burns, Diamond-Vaught and Bauman, 2015). For this purpose, I realised that it was necessary that appropriate information be gathered by me in context of different forms of energies that could be used by organisation to ensure enhancement of sustainability of environment. Hence, studying and information collection were important tasks that were carried out by me in this activity.

    Overall Experience:

    Throughout this activity, I was very much anxious in order to appropriately and effectively learn about how best the energy could be generated, used and renewed so that the business operates through being environmental friendly. In addition to this, my feelings for environment got stronger when I realised that how industries waste so much energy by using depleted sources and outdated methods to perform different activities. As for the positive side of this activity, it was very much contributing in context of highlighting the methods that the organisation could choose to ensure high energy saving and better productivity with techniques such as solar energy.


    However, the activity was very contributing, there were minor issues that were faced by me in relation to gather information about energy use. For instance, I found it very complex to gather information that is authenticate, as I failed to determine effective sources of collection of information. Hence, this issue was somewhat a setback towards appropriate information collection. However, the issue was solved after I approached my team members related to this issue and realised the methods through which authenticated sources of information could be determined.

    Skills Learnt/Improved:

    This activity allowed me the opportunity for gaining an appropriate insight in relation to how best the energy could be utilised and what methods could be used to achieve the same. Within this task, my research skills have been improvised which would be expanding the scope of my success in future due to inclusion of relevant information within my future assignments.

    Future Improvement:

    In case such situation arises in the future, I would appropriately be undertaking several workshops that would help me in further developing my research skill for better decision making.

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    Reflective Log 2


    This activity was associated with processing of different information associated with Water Use, which is yet another important aspect associated with enhancing sustainability within the environment (Eaton, Hughes and MacGregor, 2016). The information processing required to segregate important information and compile the same appropriately to ensure a sequential flow of information that helps in understanding the issue related to over consumption of water and probable methods which help in improvising water usage in business.

    Overall Experience:

    The experience associated with this activity was highly overwhelming, considering the fact that water is one of those resources that is becoming scarce with the highest rate. In addition to this, the activity made me realise that it is very much necessary for individuals, communities and organisations are required to adhere to scarcity of water within the world and must work towards preserving the same in an effective manner. In addition to this, this activity has positively influenced my emotions in relation to water usage as it has provided me with ample opportunities to study the information associated on different methods and techniques for effective usage of this resource.


    Segregation and processing of information proved to be effective, yet quite complex for me to perform as there were ample of data that was presented to me in relation to determine the most important information along with processing the same for further inclusion. One issue which was faced by me was Time Management. The reason for this is because there was no definite plan as to what topics are required to be covered for water usage, which took me more time than required to perform the activity. Moreover, through effective research on time management, I realised the importance of planning and prioritising, which was effectively helped me in accomplishing the activity in a professional way.

    Skills Learnt/Improved:

    The activity related to water use was very much effective and contributing in providing me appropriate knowledge in relation to different sources of securely using water and reusing the same for further operations without wasting this resource. Moreover, as for skills, I learnt planning and organising of information, along with processing the same to satisfy the criteria of the assignment.

    Future Improvement:

    In order to appropriately improve my current competence in relation to better and more effective data processing, I would be undertaking online training lessons, where experts from all over the world would be guiding me towards enhancing my skills in association to the same.

    Reflective Log 3


    Transportation within businesses is very important that is associated with enhancing the flow of goods from one place to another (Pope and et. al., 2017). However, the current transportation methods have been very much disadvantageous in contributing towards damage to climate, leading to its drastic change. Hence, in this context, the activity was related to studying about new technologies and initiatives which global industries are taking in order to make transport more environmentally economic and sustainable.

    Overall Experience:

    Experience gained from this activity has been the most effective one as it helped me in getting up more insight onto the technologies and digital methods that would help in controlling problems like climate change. Furthermore, it positively influenced my emotions and mind sets towards technology and how the same could be used appropriately and effectively modify and change the current transport methods to make it better and more apt to the current requirement of the current world scenario. Moreover, a positive aspect that was experienced by me through this activity was associated with my adaptability and ease of using various technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Automation which are prominent technologies that are associated with enhancing the competence level of transportation within industries.


    The activity required an appropriate contribution to each of the team member as the technologies are required to be studied and implemented by each of the individual for its balanced usage in the business in future. However, issue prevailing within the overall activity was associated with ineffective Teamwork. This is because mindsets of each other did influence the activity in a negative manner due to being contrasted. In addition to this, it also enhanced the conflicts within the team members as to which technology is more productive in supporting the environment. However, external help allowed resolution of the conflict, which enhanced and scope of study and practice with technologies amongst the organisation.

    Skills Learnt/Improved:

    One of the major developments in skills in relation to this activity was communication. This is because it allowed us to actively listen and keep our viewpoints forward in relation to the facts about various technologies that are effective in context of highlighting the scope of improvement for transportation. Furthermore, another skill that was learnt through this activity was digitalisation, that required to practice and study about the technologies in free sample questions in an effective manner.

    Future Improvement:

    In case such activity is experienced by me in the future, I would be learning several conflict resolution techniques and would apply the same to ensure that the mindsets of each individual with in the teams are aligned together and appropriate teamwork is established in an effective manner. Moreover, I would also be taking workshops where new and latest technologies are studied and practised with, that would help me in contributing within the activity more appropriately.

    Reflective Log 4


    The activity was related to evaluation and critical assessment of several methods that companies are required to use in order to minimise waste within their organisation (Budwig, 2015). In addition to this, this required in studying and analysing methods such as Lean, that is appropriate and effective way of how organisations could save up additional cost and reduce wastage of resources in their business activities on daily basis.

    Overall Experience:

    The experience associated with this activity was not very positive, considering the fact that the issues within the same were very much overwhelming in presenting several challenges associated with the same. Moreover, the only positive experience associated with this activity was that it contributed towards increasing my knowledge towards lean and other methods of waste reduction, as well as, allowing me to develop an insight onto how waste is very much ineffective in relation to damaging the overall environment in a very negative and degrading manner.


    There were major issues experienced within the activity, one of which was associated with Complexity. This is because I found it very hard to understand the concept of waste reduction and methods associated with the same. Furthermore, another issue related to this issue was inappropriate evaluation and critical analysis of techniques of waste management that decreased my performance within the module. However, feedbacks and help from seniors and my team members allowed me to get an insight onto my weak aspects, which allowed me to gain competence in them and excel my performance for further growth.

    Skills Learnt/Improved:

    There are several skills which further got improved within this method. For example, one such skill is critical analysis. This is because I realised how important it is to effectively carve out the positive, as well as negative elements from a number of factors that allows to gain an insight onto the method or technique which fits best with the current practices and functioning of the organisation. Moreover, another skill that I learnt while working within this activity is problem solving, as I faced certain challenges which were appropriately solved through adapting new methods and ways of working.

    Future Improvement:

    It is highly likely that I would be facing such a situation in future where complex decision making and evaluation would be required for aspects like waste management within an organisation. However, if this becomes the case, the first activity within the same which would be performed by me would be taking training sessions from several tutors in relation to enhancing my critical thinking skills. I would be specifically working towards simulations as a method which would allow me to practice effectively upon mock situations and scenarios that would be subjected towards enhancing the scope of improvement within the same in an effective and required manner.


    Thus, it is concluded that managing sustainability in business is very important for an organisation as well as its workforce to ensure growth and prosperity of the environment within which a company operates. Furthermore, reflective log helps individuals in appropriately reflecting upon the experiences of individuals towards their past activities, so that the challenges, benefits and future action plans be crafted in an appropriate and well manner.

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