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    Reflective Logs of Sustainability for Business Activity

    University: Bath Spa University

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 9 / Words 2221
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: MGMT8420
    • Downloads: 402
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Identify and evaluate appropriate sustainability concerns to managers, and the political/legal frameworks within which a business must operate.
    • Explain nature and purpose of managing sustainability in the business.
    • Provide in-depth understanding of global challenges facing the world and explore the implications of these for contemporary business practices.
    Answer :


    Sustainability can be defined as the process which helps to perform any of the business activity in a systematic manner with the help of utilising the resources in the specific manner. It is necessary because it simply gives the idea that how any of the work is required to be done so that positive results can be obtained. In respect of the file, there will be detail description about the experience which I have gained and difficulties which I had faced while preparing the project. To find out the performance, different reflective logs will be prepared which will help to understand the file in detail.


    Reflective Statement

    In context of the file which I was preparing, I simply got the point that sustainability is one of the most crucial topic which simply explains that how any of the work is to done so that it can be conducted for the longer period of time. I got the points the in recent period of time each and every business organizations is aiming to accomplish their goals. While proceeding into the project I came to know that while conducting any of the work, it is necessary to understand any of the decision should be taken on the basis of situation. Even there is the requirement of law as well as because if any of the decision will not be taken by considering the law and regulations then legal actions can be taken easily.

    It was one of the good experience which I had learned from the while preparing the project but still it is necessary leaders and management are the one who helps business organisation to perform their task in a systematic manner. They can easily guide that what is required to be done and what should not be done. In addition, they have the ability to take some of the important decision which can help to accomplish the goals of an organisation. Whole of the work was done on the basis of weeks so that understanding about the topics can be made more better.

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    Reflective Log 1

    Task: The first week while preparing the report was to collect the information about the construction company and their importance. It was one of the work which was required to be done in the early stage so that any sort of problem will not occur during the course of preparing the detail project. Even while I was working in the first week of my project preparation, I was needed to focus that what are the area which I need to focus more so that chances of obtaining the accurate result can be improved.

    Strength/Weakness: As I give lot of focus on social media and news sector, it was one of the good experience which could have helped me to understand that what is working in my favour and what are not. Even I am good at having the conversation with people which can be beneficial while understanding about the topic related to sustainability.

    Level of Difficulties: There are no such difficulties because it was very clear and understandable that all of the information which are needed to be collected should be relevant and must be according to the facts. In addition, it was quite interesting week where I have the opportunity to learn number of new things which were completely related with collecting the relevant information.

    Skilled improved: I got the opportunity to enhance my ability that whenever any of the work is required to be done then in that particular situation I am required to focus more on requirement material which can be beneficial for my future projects as well. Although, I was good in collecting the information but this was one of the week which was able to provide me the knowledge that how detail examination can be done of any of the specific topics with the help of social media and internet resources.

    Further requirement: It was the time where I was required to do evaluation on my performance which I had performed throughout the week. I can to know that If I want to improve my results in future period of time then social media and news cannot be the only way to collect the information. I also had the option to do interaction with the people working in the area of similar field. This would have allowed me to improve my result in the process of collecting the relevant information.

    Reflective Log 2

    Task: It was the second week where my main task is to find about the authenticity about the information which I am collecting because there are the requirement of make people understand that the collected information are correct and true. This was the task where my skills were checked as I mentioned in first log that I am good in collecting the information through internet but every time there is no surety that those information are correct and helpful.

    Strength/Weakness: As I was good in collecting the information but still I came as a weakness because I was not able to understand in number of occasion that which was the online information which I can collect for this respective project. But, as my project was proceeding ahead I was understanding the things in specific manner which was one of the main strength I was came to know later.

    Level of Difficulties: In this week the level of difficulties had increased for me because correct information were required to be collected. I found number of information related to the topic of sustainability but I didn't found the authenticity on it was was consuming my time creating the unnecessary problem for me.

    Skilled improved: I was able to know that whenever any of the project is being prepared it is necessary for any of the person that they must work as per the requirement. Even I came to known that what are those resources which can be used so that reader can depend upon the information. In simple words, it allowed me to enhance my performance in the field of collect the relevant information.

    Further Requirement: Although, it was one of the interest week where I got the opportunity to learn number of new things. But, it will important for me to understand that while collecting the information I can even focus upon the books as well where maximum number of information are based on the facts. In short, I didn't gave focus on this respective department but next time I will have the option to improve my performance.

    Reflective Log 3

    Task: It was the week in which I had made the plans to understand about the topic of sustainability, environment, resources and competition which were the main terms of the project. This was the time where I had to give my best on this particular terms so that performance can be improved. Even in other week I was collecting the information but in this week I had the responsibility of collecting all of the necessary requirement related to project.

    Strength/Weakness: I am really good in understanding the topics have reading it and collecting the relevant information. But, there are some of the situation such as I am never good at having the information related to the resources. At the beginning of the week, I didn't had the knowledge that what are resources which should be used properly.

    Level of Difficulties: The level of difficulties where quite high in this particular week because there are number of sample which is needed to be done which is related with understating the terms of resources. There are number of resources which should not be used in excessive percentage as that can simply create the problem. Even I was required to check that what are requirements which will allow me to understand about the concept of biodiversity, carbon, water and even society. These were some of the difficulties which were faced while I was working in the third week.

    Skilled improved:  Whenever we get the chance to learn about any of the topic there are high chances that skills can be improved. In the same manner, I was also able to express about resources. I had found that the competition is increasing day by day any of the sector due to which they are not utilising the available resources in a systematic manner which is creating the problem.

    Further Requirement: If I want to improve the work and knowledge in the field of resource, sustainability, environment then I have to keep myself updated so that positive results can be achieved. Continuous research is very crucial in this respective field is very crucial and which I needed to do so that whenever I will do similar form of work then I will not have to face any of the difficulties.

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    Reflective Log 4

    Task: While preparing the project, the fourth week was of understanding the legal languages because even they does have the equal importance in any of the work. As find was sustainability and environment I was needed to focus and find that what are those laws and regulations which is applicable and how it is required to be followed in any of the situation.

    Strength/Weakness: The language of law is always typical where dictionary plays the crucial role to understand the legal languages in systematic manner. I am good in reading the dictionary where understand the term is very important as per the requirement of sentence.

    Level of Difficulties: The level of difficulty was in moderate range because the main thing which I was needed to focus is finding the laws. It is never an easy task to understand about the legal laws and regulation. This was the main difficulties which I had faced during the project.

    Skilled improved: Here, got the opportunity to learn about the different laws and regulations which are related to environment and sustainability which is mainly needed to focus by any of the organisation while performing in the market for the purpose of accomplishing the goals.

    Further Requirement: There are no further requirement in legal sector but the thing which I needed to look is about amendment which takes place in number of occasion to maintain the quality in each and every sector.

    Reflective Log 5

    Task: The last week is all about implementing the knowledge and understanding into the written formate where I was required to make clear that what I have understood after implementing my time in several week.

    Strength/Weakness: My main strength is that I am good at preparing the notes which I learn at different stages so that I doesn't face any of the problem at future period of time.

    Level of Difficulties: I didn't found any of the difficulties at writing the information which I had collected. Although, sometimes I face the problem related to grammatical errors but that can be easily tackled by taking the help of expertise.

    Skilled improved: Overall, my skill in the field of information related to law and resources where mainly improved. It even enhances my writing skills which is helpful for my future period of time.

    Further Requirement: Still, I was not able to collect number of detail information which is related to laws and regulation where I need to work. Also, I think that way of presentation can be improved.


    From the above file, it can be easily understood that sustainability can be the crucial one if company wants to perform better within the market. In addition, it also allows the company that how they are required to find that what are the resources which must be used so that any of the person doesn't faces any of the problem. Talking about the reflective log, it will allow the person to decide that what they are required to do so that any of the goals can be accomplished as per the required manner.

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