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    Concepts and Principles of Marketing of First Choice

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 11 / Words 2742
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/5757
    • Downloads: 693
    Question :

    Marketing manager of First Choice wants to create a plan for summer 2019 holidays. Turkey and Spain are two selected destinations and manager seek a report that will cover various concepts of marketing that are relevant in Tourism sector.

    • Define concepts and principles of marketing by considering given scenario of First Choice.
    • Analyse responsibilities of marketing function as a management tool for First Choice.
    • Explain role and importance of marketing mix in First Choice company.
    • Assess the role of promotional mix in tourism companies like First choice.
    Answer :


    Travel and tourism management activities considered important role in the country. In this regard, several benefits implemented at workplace of the country and focuses on innovative ideas and systematic work. This will create specific message that made to attract customers at workplace (Baum, Chung and Woodside, 2015). In this regard, plan also made that helps to focus on the accomplishment of desired results. Present report is based on First Choice which consider their new operations and functions in Spain and Turkey to attract customers with developing outcomes. They develop plans and packages with consider booking services, flights booking, etc. Different facilities consider through they are able to deliver significant advantages. For gaining insight information of the present report, it covers core concept of marketing in travel and tourism sector. Furthermore, it includes strategic marketing environment for individual and develop more significant outcomes. In addition to this, issues are also identified that are existed in marketing mix of travel and tourism consideration.

    TASK 1

    P1.1 Core concept of marketing in travel and tourism sector

    In the travel and tourism consideration, there are different core concepts has been implemented by First Choice. They define in the following aspects:

    • According to the American Marketing Association, there are different set of actions, process, communication, exchange of offers, demonstrated which create value in marketing consideration.
    • In addition to this, another marketing concept includes buyer decisions that involved in First Choice to manage their functions and operations. Different orientation assists to take significant advantages which helps to take proper support by coordination, competitors, etc. In the travel and tourism sector, organisation consider their experience in international and domestic tourism.
    • According to the modern concept, small business develop in order to grow to maintain competitive enterprise. In this regard, it is important to focus on the attainment of aims and objectives. As results, they launch holiday packages. Market activities are also developed with ICT and operations considered with actions are taken with procedure and systematic results.
    • Furthermore, cross functional orientation determines with procedure which includes different resources such as coordination, resources, etc. with ascertain marketing information. It assists to focus on the First Choice to increase their performances in Turkey and Spain.
    • As per the concept of sustainable development, it can be depict that planning by the chosen business need to determines successful operations and functions that could be regulated to deal with the new areas where they operated (Baum, Chung and Woodside, 2015).

    P1.2 Impact of the marketing environment on individual travel and tourism businesses

    Travel and tourism activities consider by the one business which stand and constrained in the marketing environment. With this regard, there are different aspects has been taken that helps to concentrate on the variables which influence directly and indirectly. Furthermore, it has been determines that micro and macro aspects of the environment consideration also create major impact on operations and functions. They determine in the following aspects:

    • Micro environment: Micro environment consider internal variables that are control by management in First Choice. In this way, culture, structure, suppliers, customers, etc. included. All these elements helps to attain more significant advantages and it could be affect to profitability, maintenance, etc. (Brandon-Jones, Lewis and Walsman, 2016). Hence, customer demand also satisfy to focus and perform systematic results at workplace.
    • Macro environment: Beside this, macro environmental elements beyond the control of management. Therefore, it includes demographic, political, social, etc. elements that create major impact on the enterprise. The selected enterprise also need to concentrate to consider strategic analysis. Hence, effect of performance could be assess easily. For instance, it includes demographic forces that are impact on nation such as age, income, education, region, etc.

    In the Turkey tourism activities well developed that increase advantages as well. In this sector, 8% of total GDP collected by tourists. Hence, areas consider free trade agreement which helps to support functions and operations in systematic manner. Political stability and economic outcomes of the country also consider positive impact on the results in systematic manner. Along with this, in Spain developed tourism activities has been considered which provides diverse areas of the activities. Unique features, tourism attraction also developed successfully that helps to concentrate on the perfect and systematic work.

    P1.3 Factors that affect to the consumer motivation and demand of travel and tourism sector

    In the market, there are different types of customers exist who possess distinctive demand. As results, First Choice need to determines successful operations and functions in desired manner to concentrate on the responsibilities and understand successful results. Following are certain factors create major impact on the travel and tourism:

    • Cultural factors: Customer behaviour is the major consideration which create impact on the travel and tourism sector. Hence, First Choice influenced by the different elements such as social class, etc. Culture is the element of each aspect which develop demand and requirement. It influences purchasing behaviour of person which differ from nation to nation (Mariani, Buhalis and Vitouladiti, 2014).
    • Social factors: Social factors determines different kinds of elements such as reference group, role, status, family, etc. Because of the different age group which signifies towards purchasing power of customers with services and booking in First Choice. Along with this, occupation differ from person to person.
    • Personal factors: In this consideration, there are several elements implemented which create impact on buyer behaviour. In this regard, it is important to focus on the different perspective such as motivation, attitude, learning, leadership, etc. (Brandon-Jones, Lewis and Walsman, 2016). Different ideas, views, perception, etc. also need to determine that maintain attention, distortion.

    P1.4 Principles of market segmentation and uses in marketing planning at First Choice

    In the market, travel and tourism activities consider different kinds of categories which helps to consider important plan and divide market as well. As per the customer satisfaction, First Choice need to focus on their requirement. It will help to consider proper segmentation in market on the basis of similarities, relationship, commonalities, etc. Main aim and objective of the market segmentation is to focus on resource implementation which differ from another perspective. It can be defines as follows:

    • Geographical segmentation: As per this segmentation, First Choice need to consider division of market which defines geographical areas such as resources that are good for the regions in consumer characteristics.
    • Psychographic segmentation: In this aspect, the selected enterprise need to include segmentation of the whole market as per the lifestyle, attitude, value, etc.
    • Demographic segmentation: Demographic segmentation consider by First Choice which includes different aspects such as educational level, social class, gender, etc.

    In respect to consider systematic work performance, it is important to conduct market planning. In this way, method determines to use qualitative and quantitative information which taken variables, needs, behaviours, etc. (Chen, Lai and Lin, 2016). All these aspects collect and refers for tourist typology in systematic manner. In respect to maintain interactive tourist typologies, First Choice consider ideas that are more concerned in the country.

    TASK 2

    P2.1 Importance of strategic marketing planning for selected travel and tourism business and tourist destination

    In the market consideration, climate determines in the travel and tourism industry to focus and carry with modifications. In the process, strategic planning, First Choice consider planning with scrutinizing the country environment which take place to operate different functions and operations (Brandon-Jones, Lewis and Walsman, 2016). Furthermore, environment, competitors, strength, etc. elements are identified that helps to concentrate on the actions which enable to understand competence and formulate strategy to enter into the new areas. Along with this, leadership direction and framework helps to manage competitive results at workplace in the areas. Following SWOT analysis consider at workplace:

    • Strength: In the selected enterprise, there are different kinds of opportunities consider in travel and tourism activities. In the selected travel and tourism aspect, there are more than 30000 employees are working who possess different background. Merging with the different travelling sector assists to gain large market in consideration of customer increasing. They consider more than 2000 areas where customers could be attracted easily  (Mariani, Buhalis and Vitouladiti, 2014).
    • Weaknesses: Instability in the Turkey create issue to First Choice so that problems will be solved to focus and solve issues as well. In respect to make continuously growth, the chosen business unable to get significant growth in different areas. Financial market is also weak so that it create negative impact.
    • Opportunities: With the help of consider new tour packages in online consideration, tourism industry consider big growth. As results, online activities helps to that helps to gain positive advantages.
    • Threats: In respect to gain systematic results, First Choice face issue of threat due to high competition in new areas. There are different competitors exit that possess their activities to increase tourism (Lee, Packer and Scott, 2015).

    P2.2 Relevance of marketing research and market information to managers in the travel and tourism sector

    In the First Choice, following are marketing information consider that is important to create proper link with customers:

    • Identification of opportunities: In order to consider marketing research, First Choice need to assess market trends and demand. In this way, they are able to complete their different purposes with evaluate market. Specific message helps to increase innovation (Rittichainuwat and Rattanaphinanchai, 2015).
    • Development of the new market entry strategy: Information of the marketing environment helps to consider systematic results and outcomes as the important goals. Hence, First Choice need to assess their competitors and maintain effectiveness as well in Turkey and Spain.

    P2.3 Influence of marketing on society

    Marketing considers several aspects in the society that impact on society in systematic consideration. It considers different forces in drive that make successful operations in marketing activities. Consumerism activities helps to protect adherence with strict regulations that determines by government. These elements aid to complete social responsibility and develop more benefits at workplace. Communication aspect also develop to attain desired goals and creative ideas at workplace (Sharpley, 2014).

    In addition to this, it is also useful perspective that helps to maintain awareness of society with consider different policies and niche in the market. It will help to ensure that environment aspects will be protected that consider performing several tasks.

    TASK 3

    P3.1 Issue in the product, price and place elements of the marketing mix with selected business

    Marketing mix consider important aspect in the business, there are different set of controllable, tactical marketing activities determines to make successful results in the business. Hence, First Choice need to focus on the different aspects of the company that helps to generate systematic work performance. It considers several elements that create impact and influence to creation. With the help of tools, it can be stated that market plan and execution implemented in successful way (Xu, Buhalis and Weber, 2017). Hence, following consideration included at workplace of the business in systematic manner:

    • Product: In the First Choice products consider attract customers in the business. Main issue which occurs in front of the chosen business related with their products is lack of unique features so that it impact negatively on the outcomes.
    • Price: Price element related to the amount which helps to attract customers to pay proper attention for it. Package which created by the selected business is very costly so that in Turkey and Spain they are unable to attract people (Bujosa, Riera and Torres, 2015).
    • Place: Place consider activities to attract customer at particular area as per their fulfilling needs and requirements. Different activities has been considered to attract several candidates at workplace. However, issue with First Choice has been take place is that they are not provided timely services to their customers.
    • Promotion: Promotional activities helps to focus on the actions that are taken on the basis of interaction with systematic plan. In this regard, features and benefits implemented to encourage them to buy products. Main issue which exist in the enterprise is that successful promotional activities are not considered by the enterprise so that it reduce its effectiveness and create negative impact as well (Baum, Chung and Woodside, 2015).

    P3.2 Importance of service sector mix elements to the travel sector

    In the marketing mix sector, there are some importance considered by First Choice to target customers of Turkey and Spain. In the proper way, it need to focus on the following aspects:

    • Product: In the travel and tourism sector products and services which provided by them never feel and touched so that it reduce effectiveness. It could be useful for the business environment to provide personal touch to the person. This is because, services which provided by First Choice heterogeneous and easily satisfying customers.
    • Price: Price of the products and services has been depends on the raw material availability and their aspects. This factor consider production and distribution cost through selling important products to the customers. Hence, it considers different level of price, allowance, etc. (Kim, Woo and Uysal, 2015).
    • Place: It is the most important element on which enterprise can easily concentrate and consider useful place where activities could be expanded. As per customer convenience, First Choice need to provide them products and services so that they are able to deliver systematic work performances in the business environment. In addition to this, places need to be increasing so that effectiveness also develop to focus on the target customers and fulfil their needs (Forno and Garibaldi, 2015). 
    • Promotion: In the travelling sector, people need to aware about the agency and packages which need to provided with systematic manner. Proper development of the promotional helps to target new people at workplace. Different tools can be used by the First Choice such as advertisement, personal selling, etc. to concentrate on the customer needs and requirements.

    P3.3 Concept of total tourism products to an individual tourism business

    First Choice considers their operations and functions to deal with the agency and tourism activities in systematic manner. Therefore, they are able to deliver systematic work performances in all over the market (Prebensen, Chen and Uysal, 2014). With this regard, tourism activities design to develop more significant advantages. Following are certain concepts have been implemented that are related with the tourism activities.

    • First Choice need to consider tourism activities and hospitality industry.
    • There are different activities consider tourists activities that develop within the group with ingredient brought to focus on the systematic work.
    • It can be stated that the company always trying to offered attraction, acquisition, consumptions, etc.
    • Recently, the enterprise will able to design their activities to provide travellers with new experience and benefits to utilise augmented products (Battour and Ismail, 2016).
    • People must concentrate on the products that they are purchasing to feel very great.
    • First Choice consider their outcomes with combinations of different experience during the tour activities.
    • Products are design and used to increase tourist in the enterprise so that total experience of visitors developed in systematic manner.

    Compromise everything and person need to consider interaction in whole tour. For Additional information visit privacy policy of Global Assignment help Australia.

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