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    Tourism Decision Making Process in TUI Group


    • Unit No: 20
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 10 / Words 2623
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: HAT304
    • Downloads: 534
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Examine the factors that influence travel and tourism consumer behaviour and attitudes.
    • Show the ability to map a path to purchase in a travel and tourism context, including the decision-making process attractions.
    • Evaluate relevant forms of research to understand influences on the travel and tourism consumer decision-making process
    • Evaluate how marketers influence the different stages of the travel and tourism consumer decision making process.
    Answer :


    The hospitality industry which is broad group of businesses provides services to consumers. It focused on the consumers to provide specific experiences to them that relies majorly on the discretionary income and free time. In hospitality industry the Travel and tourism is one of the most leading sector that contributes in economy by generating  revenue in form of consumers spending in hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. Respective report is based on TUI Group which is an Anglo German multinational travel and tourism company headquartered in Germany. It is one of largest leisure, travel and tourism in whole world. Respective report  is based on stages of consumer decision-making journey and map path in respective tourism service operator with its importance. Further it elaborates the key differences  in the tourism decision-making process in context of B2B and B2C form of business. In addition to it elaborates the different approaches of market research and methods and way marketers can influence on various stages of tourism decision making process.

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    TASK 1

    P1 Elaborate steps of consumer decision-making journey and map a path for respective organisation.

    Consumer decision-making journey is one of the significant tool or model that describe about the major steps by which an organisation passes through to ultimately take decision regarding purchase (Baah,  Bondzi-Simpson  and Ayeh,  2019). In context of TUI group by using the sequential path of consumer decision-making they able to give one of their best efforts to ultimate consumer that are as follows:

    Stages of consumer decision-making journey:

    Recognition of needs:

    In respective stage of decision-making organisation evaluate the existing as well as emerging needs of consumers to serve them accordingly. Respective organisation by conducting the research and development in proper manner accumulate necessary information such as disposable income of consumers, services favourable for them and age group of consumers.

    Information Search:

    For an organisation it is very much crucial to collect necessary information in order to build products accordingly. In context of TUI group they collect necessary knowledge from kinds of sources that are commercial, public and experiential many more. Using consumer rating groups and feedback from their potential consumers to acknowledge their potential preferences to build products accordingly.

    Evaluation of alternatives:

    In respective stage of consumer decision-making involves the pick out best option from the no. of available sources in front of consumers (Bauman,  Yuan and Williams,  2019. ). In context of TUI Group by providing no. of alternatives to their consumer for careful calculation and logical thinking enables to gain clear insights in potential consumer decisions. By tracking consumers taste and preferences organisation accordingly provide one of best alternative for effective decisions.

    Post purchase behaviour:

    In that step after selling services to the consumer, TUI Group helps to evaluate the experiences to best serve in near future. They by taking feedbacks post purchase behaviour in order to fill gaps in proper manner. In context of TUI group by evaluating the ratings and their past experience tried to serve them in better manner.

    Map a path:

    In context of TUI group helps to consumers in taking effective kind of decision for purchasing the Tour package of various places. For  that organisation have to use a path to reach and for taking effective decision that are as follow:

    Pre purchase:

    In respective stage of consumer path organisation evaluate or tracks consumer preferences from online mode (Bruwer  and Rueger-Muck,  2019.). In context of TUI group by tracking the consumer preferences and choices to serve them accordingly.


    In respective stage organisation by elaborating the main features and the way services offered to them distinctive from other service providers so that they instantly choose one of best service from them. In context of TUI Group they conduct actual movement of funds in exchange of services.

    Pick up Receive:

    In respective stage consumer physically receive the product and services to gain positive experiences from them.

    Post purchase:

    In respective stage organisation support after sale services to enhance the satisfaction level. In context of TUI group by taking feedbacks from consumers on daily basis they tried to serve them in best way.

    P2 Importance of map path for purchase for marketers to understand the consumer decision-making.

    Understanding and empathizing the consumers lays one of most groundwork for meaningful interaction and for gaining potential business outcomes (Creevey, Kidney  and Mehta,  2019.). In context of TUI Group they by building sequential path to give better experiences to the consumers. An organisation can  not work in isolation, so it is very much crucial for them to find out consumers preferences and tried to serve them in better manner.

    To better achieve the organisational goals:

    The another  important attribute of consumer journey map that it helps to reach at large no. of consumer base. As it helps to accumulate important kinds of insights by create, adjust and enhance touch points to ensure most effective and efficient buying and service process.  When an organisation able to match consumer experience level at much extent then organisation can be able to meet their goals and objectives positively.

    Helps to Position company to drive better outcomes:

    By using the consumer journey mapping the organisation can be able to positioned oneself in marketplace as said respective program able to deliver positive impact (Floren,  Rasul and Gani,  2019.). The one of most being as enhancement of consumer satisfaction by lowering churn, fewer consumer grievances and high level of NPS to remain competitive in marketplace.   

    To understand in better way it is very much crucial to use model to gain potential outcomes that are as follows:

    Cognitive view:

    In respective stage organisation collect necessary knowledge and information in regards of consumers taste and prefers to build products and services as per their choice.

    Economic view model:

    It is very crucial to sell products and service at most affordable range so that wide range of consumers can avail services in proper manner (Jackson,  2019.). In context of TUI group by using respective model organisation can be able to provide one of best products and services to them.

    Emotional view:

    In that TUI group connect with their consumers emotionally by serving best products and services that directly enhance their level of experience.

    Passive view:

    In respective stage organisation by using advertising and promotions able to reach at large no. of consumers to maximise the profitability. In context of TUI Group by using various modes they tried to enhance experiences of consumers.   

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    TASK 2

    P3 Compare major differences in tourism decision-making process in context of B2B and B2C business forms.

    In the business world there are various marketing functions in context of both B2B and B2C. In B2B they directly sell their products to other businesses and B2C in which firm sell their products to their potential clients (Kerr and Kelly,  2019.). There are huge difference in B2B and B2C and their decision-making process that are as follows:

    Basis of difference



    Purchasing decisions

    In B2B before providing products and service, such as in context of TUI group they acknowledge kinds of attributes that are nature and preferences of consumers, place and pricing strategies. So it is very much essential to accumulate necessary information before selling products into market.

    In context of B2C in which consumers is very much important in which consumers purchase products as per the organisational brand value and quality. It takes less time in comparison to others as consumers directly purchase from enterprise.

    Evaluation of requirements

    In it research should be conducted to collect necessary knowledge and information to facilitate best products to the ultimate consumers. Here needed to evaluate business requirement to operate in best way (Laesser,  Luo and Beritelli,  2019.).

    In respective business type for conducting research the management is responsible to collect necessary information to facilitate best services to consumers. By using various promotional tools such as advertisement and sales promotions organisation can be able to gain potential outcomes.


    P4 Examine various approaches of market research and methods.

    For an organisation to gain sustainability and competitive edge it is very much crucial to use various kinds of approaches to remain competitive in marketplace that are as follows as per the B2B and B2C

    Approaches of market research in B2B:

    By using respective approach of marketing research the information are collected that are easily available into market such as from internet, websites and many more (Naidoo,  2019. ). The sources of such kind of information are as follows:

    Government records:

    To collect necessary knowledge and information, in context of TUI group they collect necessary information from public agencies that are easily available and most cost effective in order to remain competitive in marketplace.

    Public records:

    In context of TUI Group they by using the public records that are available easily and proved beneficial for organisation to reach at conclusion positively.

    Market research approach within the B2C:

    In respective business the data and information should be collected by using the primary source of information in order to remain competitive in marketplace that are as follows:

    Personal interview:

    Face to face interview is one of best tool to accumulate knowledge and information from individuals to acknowledge the consumers taste and preferences in positive manner (Nursey-Bray  and et.al ., 2019.). 


    In respective factor various questions should be asked that enhance viability of the decision-making. In context of TUI Group they by building appropriate kind of questions that helps to acknowledge about consumers preferences positively.           

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    TASK 3

    P5 Evaluate way marketers influence the various stages of tourism decision making process.

    In business world both B2B and B2C consider one of most crucial kind of components that directly rely on the procedure of decision-making process (Suárez-Álvarez  and et.al ., 2019.). In context of travel and tourism industry, they always emphasise on building products as per the consumers choice and preferences in order to remain competitive in marketplace by using various methods:

    Marketing campaign:

    for an organisation it is very crucial to reach at large no. of consumer base for it several kinds of marketing activities helps such as social media, advertisement and sales promotions to enlarge business opportunities. In context of TUI Group by using several kinds of marketing activities to reach at large no. of consumers in positive manner.

    Level of perception:

    Perception is one of most important aspect that are directly impact on organisational profitability and productivity. In context of TUI Group they put one of their best efforts to build positive perception of consumers towards organisational products and services.  They always take feedbacks and acknowledge purchasing behaviour in order to best serve them. 

    Instance/ Example:

    TUI Group which  majorly operates in the sector of Travel and tourism by providing no. of services under one roof such as restaurant, transportation and tourism services many more that come under the B2B business. While respective organisation consolidate their operations by using social media tools and techniques to reach at large no. of consumer base that come under B2C business activity (Subramaniam,  Singhal and Hopkinson,  2019,). To sell products and services without any mediator come under the B2C.


    From the above report it has been summarised that for an organisation consumers plays very crucial role to satisfy the consumers needs and wants in proper manner.  By  using consumer decision-making journey and mapping path to track and record the consumer preferences in order to remain competitive. Consumer decision-making helps to organisation to position in marketplace by building products as per  the consumer choice and preferences. In B2B and B2C business there are various kinds of business approaches that helps to collect necessary knowledge and information in order to gain potential outcomes. 

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