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    Mn5f65fb Level 4 Tourist Destination


    Tourism activities helps to increase effectiveness and attain creative results at workplace. In this regard, country get benefits of economic development in local and international community. It brings importance with state budget to operate different activities (de Araújo Lima. and Mendes, 2015). With this consideration, present report based on the Virgin Holidays Ltd. which is private sector tour operator business in UK. They have different headquarters in Crawley, West Sussex, etc. For gaining insight information of the present report, it covers cultural, social and physical features for different tourists and generation of the world in term of visitors. Furthermore, it helps to analysis statistics to determines creative tourist destination trends and predict with future trends. In addition to this, report includes comparison of the current leading tourist destination with developing tourist destinations.

    Task 1

    1.1 Main tourist destinations and generators of the world

    There are different destinations in all over the world which considered maximum customer attraction of customers. In this way, popular tourist destinations exist in different areas who provides maximum customers at different places. For instance, Africa, Europe, Thailand, America, Asia, etc. Apart from this, the above description provide description of the destinations that helps to create customer attraction in the nation:

    Illustration 1: Great wall of China

    Source: (The 8 most popular tourist attractions around the world that are worth braving the crowds for, 2018)

    Great wall of China consider major tourist attraction in the environment. This is because, it determines in the nation with one famous wonder from the all eight. It is around 13000 miles from east to west. It is made by man which was completed in the Ming Dynasty and draws over the 10 million visitors in a year. Portion of Wall cover under the water so that man made flooding and recently it is appeared due to the drought (de Araújo Lima and Mendes, 2015). Beside this, in the presence of massive architectural feat there are something which travellers need to deem importantly.

    Illustration 2: Burj Khalifa

    Source: (Burj Khalifa Facts and Figures, 2018)

    Further, there is another attraction of tourist consider in the world that is Burj Khalifa in Dubai. In this nation, there are different consideration exist that helps to attract different people such as economic, cultural, heritage, etc. All these major aspects helps to focus on the creative and innovative results in the nation. Over the 828 meters and maximum 160 stories hold within the nation. For instance, the tallest building in the world, the tallest free standing structure in the world, the highest occupied floor in the world, etc. (Barreira and Cesário, 2018).

    Illustration 3: Madrid Royal Palace

    Source: (Royal Palace of Madrid, 2018)

    Moreover, in Spain there is third largest tourist destination exist which considered almost 65.10 million revenue. In this way, there are 10 million people regularly visiting as tourist-attractions. It is famous place that is considered by different tourists where Spanish Royal family live.

    Illustration 5: Eiffel tower

    Source: (Alexander, L., 2017)

    In the France, there is one of the major tourist destination that is Eiffel Tower. There are around 2.33 million customers who take interest to visit the adventure activities in this destination. In the consideration of tourism, there are around 70 million revenue regularly develop in the nation that assists to make smooth functioning to develop effectiveness. Eiffel Tower is the major element that assists to increase profitability and productivity as well. There are different exhibitions also design to that customer attraction could be developed (de Araújo Lima. and Mendes, 2015).


    Customer attraction

    Income generate

    Eiffel Tower

    20 Billion in 2017

    13.58 billion Euros

    Tower of London

    2,843 thousand Approx 208 million in 2017


    Madrid Royal Palace

    1.5 million


    Burj Khalifa

    15.8 Million

    $1.43 Billion


    Great wall of China

    13,720,000 tourists

    45 yuan

    1.2 Statistics to develop tourism destination trends and predict it with future trends

    In respect to make proper analysis of present trends in the tourist destination, it is important to develop target market as well. It taken on the present trends that assists to visit the country with development of the business. Along with this, popular places see towards the particular destination with recent trends which could be classified as follows:

    • Facilities of social media: In respect to determines social media facilities, it is important to continuous develop nation activities. It helps to describe travel research with internet using facilities. Along with this, Virgin Holidays Ltd. can make their proper communication with travel agent to increase customer experience. It is effective for the recent development activities (Barreira and Cesário, 2018). For instance, in the Turkey social media helps to innovate new things to attract customers. Beside this, in the UK social media assist to attract new people with innovation and creativity.
    • Deals with the discount and offers: Further, tourism also operates social discount and offers in seasons. This is because, it develops travellers inclined for booking at last moments. In addition to this, it also helps to implement different benefits towards the customers and implement benefits as well (Stojanovic, Andreu and Curras-Perez, 2018). For example, Turkey consider discount on family, couple, etc. Furthermore, in the UK students are generally more visited the country so that discount and offers need to consider for them.
    • Tourism activities with mobile marketing: Mobile tourism activities also design through website and travel agents. With this consideration, mobile could be used for researcher and booking as well. It assists to create proper strategy development and ascertain creative results. In Turkey, business need to make their own website to develop effective functioning. Further, in the UK new tools and techniques consider as per the market trends.
    • Services that considered in personal aspects: With considering planning of tour and travellers, there are several activities considered develop systematic results. In this way, web services such as Wi-Fi, using QR codes, etc. activities must determines to make successful results at workplace.

    In addition to above description, in tourism industry Virgin Holidays Ltd. deals with the effective functions and operations to attract more tourists. Tourism trends are mainly developed in recent time. Therefore, trends are continuously developed in the UK with planning for mountains, tower, etc. Recently, there are 75% tourists transferred towards the UK to look and considered unique activities with developing the greatest adventure. Hence, it increases employment and infrastructure with facilities of foreign exchange (Stojanovic, Andreu and Curras-Perez, 2018).

    Task 2

    2.1 Cultural, social and physical features of tourist destination with explaining their appeal

    There are different types of unique characteristics develop by Virgin Holidays Ltd. This is because, country determines successful functions in UK and Turkey. In these nations, different factors impact that are explained under here:

    • Cultural features: Within the every country, distinctive culture has been adopted on the basis of working pattern. In this regard, systematic way created in the nation with religion, language, festivals, etc. These elements create impact to operate functions in new areas. Virgin Holidays Ltd. develop their operation in Turkey so that cultural elements create impact over there. This is because, there are traditional way and culture adopted so that thinking of people consider very old. This is because, different customers have distinctive culture so that it create impact on historical areas of the nation. Furthermore, in the UK there is modern market so that cultural elements never create impact on the selected business to make effective results. In this consideration, it is essential to implement different elements that signifies on the basis of cultural aspects (Qureshi, Hassan and Zaman, 2017).
    • Physical features: In the UK, Stonehenge, Tower of London, The Roman Baths and Georgian City of Bath, British Museum, York Minster, Lake District National Park, etc. These are major customer attraction in the country that assists to look for the development and attain more significant advantages as well. Beside this, in Turkey there are destination considered that are Aya Sofya, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Topkapi Palace, etc. All these tourists places considered physical features to attract customers in the country. This is because, it helps to focus on the famous places that develop trips s well. Apart from this, government of the countries takes safety and other activities which helps to increase customer satisfaction and preferred new tourists spot as well (de Araújo Lima. and Mendes, 2015).
    • Social features: In the Turkey and UK, there is different kind of food preferred by customers. Therefore, it is important to enter by Virgin Holidays Ltd. in these nations to attract customers in it. This is because, it creates several benefits through develop further operations as well. Main benefits for the selected travelling business develop in UK. In addition to this, for Turkey consideration it helps to attract tourists which increases effective functioning in the environment (Stojanovic, Andreu and Curras-Perez, 2018). Tourism sector also helps to play active role which make proper consideration in the country.

    In this world, globalisation considered gained with higher trends of tourism activities. In this consideration, development of the country also measure to increase number of tourists in the country. In addition to this, transportation and technology made with the concept for different offers. Therefore, local residential also implemented to gain positive advantages at workplace (Girma and Adissu, 2016). Apart from this, it has been considered that preference for tourists destinations has been gained with cultural, physical and social factors that is important for the tourism industry.

    2.2 Compare features of developing and leading tourist destination

    There are different activities and task considered in tourism that assists to focus on the creativity. In these regards, Virgin Holidays Ltd. develop there are different destinations exist in which different factors create impact. In both the nations, different features considered effective design to make implication which based on the tourist destination attraction (Khuong and Nguyen, 2017). Along with this, physical conditions could be create impact on the different destinations:





    In the UK, there are different kinds of features implemented. There are different kinds of culture adopted by Virgin Holidays Ltd. to attract different customers. In addition to this, it is important to increases large base of tourists easily (Chahal and Devi, 2017). It helps to attain desired results and increase profitability as well.

    However, in Turkey historical elements mainly considered attract customers (Chiu, Zeng and Cheng, 2016). Therefore, Virgin Holidays Ltd. design their focus on monuments that helps to implement traditional culture to prepare systematic results. It is the best way to attract different tourists.


    In the UK, there are different kinds of social aspects implemented that assists to provide food to tourists. Therefore, Virgin Holidays Ltd. considered their establishment to increases their tourist requirement. As per the choice of tourists, they can easily provide products and services to them.

    On the other hand, in Turkey mainly non veg dishes. Therefore, Virgin Holidays Ltd. need to compete tourists demand towards the non veg dishes. Therefore, functions and operations must be develop to focus on the customer requirements (de Araújo Lima. and Mendes, 2015).

    Physical features

    Physical features in the nations determines with the eastern climate. With this consideration, mountain and hill stations of the country mainly considered their operations and functions to focus on the different activities (Araslı and Baradarani, 2014).

    On the other hand, Turkey develop different aspects of operations and functions with historical development. It will helps to focus on the strategy to look on the effective functioning and outcomes.

    Task 3

    3.1 Analysis issues that affect to the popularity of tourist destinations

    Tourist business popularity depends on the different elements and factors that consider ability with render services towards enterprise. In this consideration, it is important to attain effective result with make changes in customer demand, market trends, etc. These elements create widely impact on the objectives that are developed as per their preferences and needs (Barreira and Cesário, 2018). Popularity of tourist destination also determines in successful way when these elements are signifies in the market. In this way, frequent instance of tourism and unrest that are plagues the destination. Within the different nations, Virgin Holidays Ltd. consider their operations that create impact with plans and objectives. Due to this reason, company increases their plans to make sure that tourists are not impacted by these reasons. Different types of principles need to adopt so that effectively operations and outcomes can be gather in successful way. There are several major areas in which global competitive advantages could be gain (Degen, Yu and Li, 2015). There are different standards also set successfully that covered major areas such as basic values, honesty, model, etc.

    Triple Bottom Line - Unilever Plc

    Key Roles And Responsibilities Fulfilled At McDonald's

    In addition to this, it has been noticed that other issue exist that is political instability. Hence, present government deal with the issues and effectiveness to make tourism plan. In this consideration, it is important to look for reducing tourist safety and security for the foreign people. These kinds of factors are impacted due to global weather. As results, Virgin Holidays Ltd. need to focus on the advantages that helps to make sure preference of tourists relies on the weather conditions (Zamfir and Corbos, 2015). As results, it considered avoidance by the tourists that diminish preference of customers in the particular destination. Climate change is also beyond the human control so that it develop in the particular destination as per the changes in climate. Natural disaster also considered that create impact on the performances and outcomes. It includes earthquake, flood, drought, etc. Hence, it impacts negatively on the customers of Virgin Holidays Ltd. They need to set plan as per the customer feasibility so that effectiveness could be develop in successful operations and functions (Olmedo and Mateos, 2015).

    • Climate: It is the main issue in Turkey because there climate continuously change which create major impact on the desired outcomes and results. Furthermore, it reduce effectiveness of the country where customers are attracted.
    • Terrorism: Furthermore, terrorism also create impact on the desire results because it reduce tourist attraction to carry effectiveness at workplace.

    3.2 Potential for responsible tourism which increase host community in worldwide tourist destinations

    In this way, it can be depicts that Virgin Holidays Ltd. largely responsible to create effective usage of different resources to make effective possession for tourists destination. In this consideration, the organisation need to make sure that they are able to create effective results in the business with considered sustainability in their environment. Further, they need to focus on the heritage and cultural development activities of the business which is more important for the future growth. Information also need to make further consideration towards the generation that utilise proper resources by people of the country. These kinds of ideas helps to attain more effective results that manage resources and carried different results as well (Woodside and Martin, 2015). It will help to focus on the creativity that is generally adopted by Virgin Holidays Ltd. to target customers.

    Efficiency also developed that assists to grow business and its performances in different areas. Furthermore, it also develops effectiveness of the country to target new people in the business. With the help of the safety and effectiveness, the country can make their focus on the safety results. There are different businesses also operating their functions and operations to attract people. As results, issues of the country need to solve with implement effectiveness. Hazards and lack of changes need to remove so that effectiveness could be developed at workplace (Pratminingsih, Rudatin and Rimenta, 2014). Responsibility of tourism activities has been developed with the satisfaction of customers so that they are able to gather relevant results in the business.

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    It assists to follow rules and regulations that are needed to perform several tasks. With considering norms and regulations, effectiveness could be developed in successful manner. In addition to this, ethics and efficiency could be manage which create proper network with the tourism industry in the nation (Qureshi, Hassan and Zaman, 2017). As results, it impacts positively on the business environment.


    From the above report, it can be concluded that tourism sector enterprise considered different operations and functions that assists to develop opportunities as well. In this way, Virgin Holidays Ltd. has been selected in the present report that signifies several activities to attract customers at different destination. In term of developing and leading UK and Turkey countries are selected that considered their program to attain more successful results at workplace. Furthermore, it summarized about the different types of travelling products and services that assists to focus on the standards of the company. In this regard, effectiveness also developed to attain desired goals and aims as well. In this way, profits and revenue outcomes develop in the company so that knowledge regarding new location and facilities.

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