5 Common Grammatical Mistakes That Can Make You Fail

Here's How Grammatical Mistakes Fail You in Academics

07 Jun 2023 1037 7 minutes

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Students of all academic levels struggle with their academics due to many reasons, out of which grammatical errors are on top. Yes, many students have answered in a survey that they lose maximum marks for making silly and stupid mistakes. In this blog, we shall look into such mistakes and how to avoid them to not get into any trouble. So, let's get started!

What Are Grammatical Mistakes? | List of Top Errors!

The first thing to start with is a basic idea of what are grammatical mistakes. Grammatical mistakes are the errors students make in their documents with respect to grammar. And this is a major mistake because when one doesn't use proper grammar, it distorts the actual meaning of the document. Here are a few grammatical mistakes that students usually make in their documents:

Passive Voice vs. Active Voice

This is a very common mistake that students make in their documents. They use active voice and passive voice without following proper guidelines. Usually, in academic writing, an active voice is preferred for a clear and simple explanation of one's views, over a passive voice which complicates everything.


The second common mistake made by students is punctuation errors. Unfortunately, many students miss out on the fact that a minor punctuation mistake can cause drastic damage to the meaning of the sentence, such as a comma or full-stop in the wrong place. And such errors drain all the efforts put in by the student.


Another common mistake that students usually make in their documents is incorrect capitalization. Yes, this may sound silly, but when anything is not properly capitalized, it actually creates a negative impression of negligence or carelessness of the student on the professor. So, it's important to use the right capitalization.


Pronouns are also a section where students end up making many mistakes. Be it using he for she or vice versa, or use it for persons and he/she for things, pronouns are also misused a lot. This also affects a student's grades because it creates a perspective of lack of knowledge or grip on the subject.

Singular vs. Plural

Singular and plurals are also common mistakes. Though students have been studying grammar for years, they still get confused when they have to use singular/plural words and make mistakes, leading to losing precious grades in academics.

Now that you know the top mistakes students make in academics, it's time you look into the ways to correct these mistakes before it's too late. So, jump into the next section.

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How to Correct Your Grammar Errors? | Know from Experts

Now that you know all the grammatical mistakes one can make in their document, it's time to learn how to correct them. So, here are a few ways using which you can rectify the grammar mistakes you made in the document:


Let's start with the most basic and simplest step, which is self proofreading. Once you are done with the writing part, it's time you take a small break and then start proofreading the document. Read it out aloud to find out any off-sounding sentences, incomplete phrases, and other such errors. This is not as effective as other ways because when you read the work done by you, your mind already recognizes it and fails to find any fault in it. 

Running Document Through Grammar Checker Seeking Help from Others

The next way you can use to find out grammar mistakes is by seeking help from your friend or professor. This is more effective than the previous method because a different person would be reading your work and sharing their views on it. In addition, this can help you in getting an idea of the errors you make from someone else's perspective.

Running Document Through Grammar Checker

The best of all these ways is running your document through a grammar check. Yes, you can upload or copy your text into a grammar checker tool and click on the button. Then, within a span of a few minutes, you can get a clear idea of all the mistakes in your document.

These are the top three ways using which you can check grammar in the document. If you are still unsure or need additional assistance, then try professional help.

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