9 Types of Plagiarism You Should Know Before Writing!

This blog includes different types of plagiarism and 3 ways for students to avoid them in academics.

27 Jul 2023 1043 6 minutes

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Hello Students!
Is plagiarism bothering you?
Don’t worry; you are at the right place! 

Assignment Help Australia knows that every student at one point or another has to struggle with this. While some students lose confidence in their work, many lose interest as well just because of plagiarism. However, if you are new to this term or want to know more about it, then this is the perfect place. 

What Is Plagiarism and Its Consequences?

Let's begin with what plagiarism is! Plagiarism is basically a practice in which a person uses ideas or thoughts of another person and portrays them as his own. There are many types in this which we will learn in the next section. 

When a student is caught plagiarizing in his content, serious action is taken against him. Yes, academic professionals are very particular about the work submitted by the student; so, if any traces of plagiarism is found in a student's work, then it leads to serious consequences such as: 

  1. Rework on document
  2. Rejection of document
  3. Penalty of amount
  4. Suspense of admission
  5. Behind the bars 

It may sound silly or stupid, but plagiarism is a serious academic crime, and anyone found guilty of it has to face the consequences without any other thought. 

The simplest punishment begins from rework on the document where the professor orders the student to change the plagiarized part of the document and submit it again. 

The second level and the most common punishment is rejecting the document. Yes, the professor would directly ask you to write a fresh document on a new topic again. This is a lot of hard work again. 

Sometimes based on the source of the plagiarized content and the owner, a student may be asked to pay a penalty amount to the author for copying his work. 

If the university is particular about plagiarism in work, it will surely suspend the student from the course he is currently pursuing. Thus this is one thing the student should be prepared for from the beginning.

If the content sources belong to an author who is serious about plagiarism issues and decides to take legal action on the student, then depending on the plagiarism percentage and seriousness of the situation, the student can be put behind bars. 

These are some common consequences of plagiarism that affect a student drastically. For ensuring you do not fall for any type of plagiarism and get into any trouble, we have listed below some possible types you should know. So, let's check them out! 

What Are Different Types of Plagiarism? 

Plagiarism can be of different types as listed below: 

  1. Accidental Plagiarism
  2. Deliberate Plagiarism
  3. Direct Plagiarism
  4. Global Plagiarism
  5. Mosaic Plagiarism
  6. Paraphrasing Plagiarism
  7. Patchwork Plagiarism
  8. Self-Plagiarism
  9. Verbatim Plagiarism 

These are some common types of plagiarism that students should be aware of so that they can avoid these and tackle them well. If you want to avoid plagiarism in academics, read the section below to know about it in detail. 

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Academics?

Here are a few ways following which you can avoid plagiarism in academics and score high grades in it: 

  1. Start the document from scratch - When you start writing a document from the basics, you do not end up in trouble with plagiarism because it is completely original.
  2. Paraphrase the document properly - If you paraphrase any document, use a plagiarism checker to ensure no traces of plagiarism are left.
  3. Cite all the sources carefully - If you are referring to any source for information, make sure to cite all of them without leaving any carefully. 

These are three simple and evident ideas that can help you in drafting a plagiarism-free document. But if you get stuck with it or need more assistance, then turn to us. Our online experts can help you deal with this in a more professional and hassle-free manner. Reach out to us NOW!

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