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Business Environment Comparision of UK and Russia

Brief :

Assessment Limits:

Task 1( Group Poster,3-4 people per group)= Max 1000 words ( excluding references)

Task 2 (Individual Report)=Max 2500 words (excluding references and appendices)

Assessment brief

As a business consultant you are assigned by organisation client with the task of business expansion plan of a newly emerging mobile phone brand. The company wants you to make suggestions for potential entry in mobile phone industry either for UK or Russia or both or none of these. Before making a  decision, Do a research to present an analysis of Mobile phone industry of both the countries.

Task :1 Present your research to board of Directors using posters.

You are required to present to present relevant information on the mobile phone industry in UK and Russia to board of directors at board meeting. Present your opinion on industry of both  countries at national and international level between 2010 and 2018 . Evaluate the similarities and differences  of both countries and reason behind these using economic reasoning or using PESTEL Analysis.

You must ensure that-

  • Every group consists of 4 people.
  • You have collected, analysed and presented data from Passport and Mintel (Copy and pasting not allowed).
  • Use MS PowerPoint to make Posters( Dimensions 18”*24” or 46cm *61cm)
  • Indicate your name and student numbers on your poster.
  • Refer to academic literature in relation to your project.
  • Submit you work as a group electronically via CANVAS on time. (all member should submit peer to peer review) .
  • Use references using Cite Then Right.

Task 2: A Business Report by an individual

The business organisation you work wants to see: Evaluation of two companies in each mobile industries( four companies in total) between 2010 and 2018. It should include a comparison of market share within each country and relevant reasons behind different performances( from two of pestle analysis) . Determine the impact of business environment on performance in these countries. Based on this, make recommendations whether the client should expand or not.


  1. Data collected and assessed in group task(Posters) must be presented properly and with innovation( graphs, charts etc. ).
  2. Task 2 is a business report by each individual.
  3. Include at least 5 academic references ( including journals, articles, books etc.) in each report.

Task 1 Assessment Criteria Poster



Discuss the ability to work as a team evidence by peer-to-peer review


Determine the dynamism of chosen industry in both countries( at national and internal level).


Evaluate the differences and similarities of above dynamism at national and international levels.


Use micro and macro economic theories and one of the PESTLE factors to analyse you findings.


Task 2 Assessment Criteria Report



Discuss business performance of two companies in chosen industries of both countries along with data between 2010 and 2018.


Determine two factors from political, social, technological and international trade in the specified years which have influenced business performance between two countries.


Discuss the differences and similarities of business environment and impact on business performance between two countries.


Attain clarity, good structure, recommendation with suggestions, and balance in writing; adequate referencing sources using Harvard format


Pass mark : Undergraduate 40%

Performance Descriptors in use;

  • University of Wolverhampton: Yes Professional and Statutory Body
  • Module specific: No
  • Others: No

Return of assessments

20 working days after the submission date

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Learning outcomes

LO1 Determine the abilities required to analyse dynamic business environment of different countries.

LO2 Evaluate an ability to investigate and explain the international aspects of business environment.

LO3 Display an ability to determine and recommend on the impact of recent macro economic and financial developments on business.

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