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    SIM337 Contemporary Developments in Business and Management

    Brief :

    Knowledge and Understanding

    1. Briefly appraise the different frameworks within which organisational decisions are made.
    2. Analyse how organizations might respond to external global forces


    1. Evaluate a range of theoretical concepts and apply them to practical business problems or issues.
    2. Examine the factors affecting business performance in international markets.



    Present a management report of 3,500 to 4,000 words on an organization within one of the following industry-sectors:

    1. Online /E-commerce/ Digital Marketing sector
    2. Telecommunications
    3. Oil / Gas production companies
    4. Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
    5. Airline / Sea Transport (Any airline, Sea Transport and Freights etc.)

    Note that the use of retail organisations is not allowed. E.g. Tesco, McDonalds, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, ASDA, LIDL and other retail organisations are not. The use of any of the retail organisation above will lead to 20 % loss of the final marks on the module.

    This report should analyse the influence of external business environmental factors on the organization and evaluate the organization’s position and responses.  An organization’s activities may range beyond the designated industrial sector in which case the focus of your report must be on the organization’s activities within the designated sector.

    Task 1

    Write a brief description of the primary external influences to which the organization is subject and explain the particular importance of each to the organization.

    This first task should contribute no more than one third of your overall report.

    Task 2

    Select one of the following themes:

    1. Management Information Systems
    2. Marketing Communications Mix
    3. Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
    4. Knowledge management
    5. Customer Relationship Management

    In relation to your chosen theme:

    I. Examine its relevance to your chosen organization and how it influences policies and decision-making within your chosen organization industrial-strength.

    ii. Briefly analyse the effectiveness of the organization's response.

    iii. Present some areas for improvement in the response of the organization.

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