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    Strategy of Starbucks and its competitive position

    Brief :

    Part 1 – Starbucks Business Report (3,500 words)

    Write a Business Report for the CEO on the performance of Starbucks with independent research and the case study (case 25) that appears on pages C-200 to C-209 of Part 5 in the Core Textbook, Autumn term 2019: 

    Setting the scene: The CEO of Starbucks is considering their options for the next 3 years. The CEO should be given a business plan with clear and concise information that will guide them in their decision-making process. Use the case study of Starbucks and also provide evidence of further independent research to support your answers. The research data must not be older than 3 years.

    Your Business Report should be structured as follows:

    • An Introduction to Starbucks and its competitive position in relation to other companies
    • External Environment analysis - A brief evaluation of the Speciality Coffee Café Industry as represented by the case study and your independent research
    • Internal Environment analysis- A brief analysis of the sources of Starbucks competitive advantage (internal analysis) and how these differ from Starbucks competitors – Provide information and data provided by the case study and your extensive research.
    • Suggestions for the CEO that will improve the company’s performance over the next 3 years. Your suggestions should be commercial, realistic and justified. Show your suggestions using SMART objectives (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound).

    Part 2 – Starbucks Stakeholder Report (500 words)

    a) Recognise (list) the internal and external Stakeholders for Starbucks

    b) You should then select One priority Starbucks’ Stakeholder Group from this list and give a clear definition of this Group. For example, if you choose “customers” as a Stakeholder Group you should identify the type of Starbucks customer together with their characteristics, demographics, size of the stakeholder group etc. Your Priority Stakeholder Group should be a Starbucks’ Group that is currently the focus of attention (within the last 3 years) from Starbucks due to a specific reason.

    c) Briefly evaluate the power (influence) and interest of your chosen Stakeholder Group, using an appropriate academic framework (for example Mendelow’s 5 matrix) and examine the appropriate communications strategy that Starbucks should adopt with this Stakeholder Group.


    Submit both reports as a single document structured as follows:

    • Business School Cover Sheet
    • Report Title Page
    • Table of Contents (sections and pages numbered)

    Part 1 – Starbucks Business Report (3,500 words)

    • Detailed overview to Starbucks and its competitors
    • The External Environment (Apply a PESTLE analysis, 5 Force Analysis, Industry Lifecycle model)
    • The Internal Environment - Sources of Competitive Advantage (Apply VRIO, Value Chain, Resources, Capabilities and Competencies framework)
    • Suggestions to improve Starbucks performance over the next 3 years

    Part 2 - Stakeholder Report (500 words)

    • References
    • Appendices

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