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    Case Study on Pete Brierly Marketing

    Brief :

    Brief and guidance


    Equality is required in every organizational irrespective of whether the business is employed two people or more than hundred people. It is important for protecting everybody from all forms of discrimination and exploitation. Diversity is relevant for the organization to create positive environment and offering equal opportunities to all the workforce. A diverse working culture values people who belongs to different culture, background. Knowledge, skills and experiences to create a productive and effective workforce.

    Equality and diversity is equally significant as it directly affects the functioning of an organisation. Business cases are determined the biases and discrimination within an organisation can hinder the business growth and productivity. Therefore, organisation tries to follow effective policies and standards to promote equality and diversity to increase productivity, ensure opportunity to gain competitive advantage.

    You are working as an assistant to a Human Resource Manager of a local organisation in Oldham. The HR department is responsible for checking policies and procedures to ensure that they are binding with all the legislation and provision to deal with the internal procedures. You are required to primarily focus on the Equality and Diversity within the organisation.


    Provide a formal business report and cover the following activities:


    Research topics you are required to discuss are as follow, this is not exhaustive list of topics:

    • Workplace discrimination
    • Gender equality in leadership and management
    • Work life balance and enrichment experiences
    • Managing cultural diversity in the organisation
    • Attitude that support equality and diversity in the workplace.

    In this proposal, you will perform the following:

    • Provide a research proposal which states research questions and must be supported by literature review.
    • Identify various research methods and techniques of primary and secondary research along justification on the chosen method based on philosophical framework.
    • Describe and demonstrate knowledge of the pitfalls and limitation of the method to data collection and examine the various research methods answers and processes in application to a business.
    • Show approval form to highlight ethics.

    The proposal and Ethical approval need to be accepted by the tutor before you engage in Activity 2.

    Task 2

    You are required to engage in data collection with the help of chosen research methodology and provide a formal business report.

    • Outline your research and analyse the costs, access and ethical issues by constructing your findings.
    • Conduct research including advantages, drawbacks, pitfalls of approaches to data collection and draw conclusion.
    • Show relationship between research methods and outcomes and how it helps in meeting the objective of research. Also, analyse the outcome and make recommendation in this regard.




    LO1. Identify suitable research methodologies and methods as part of the research process.

    LO1 & 2

    D1. Critically analyse research methodologies and processes in application to a business research project to elaborate chosen research methods and analysis.

    P1. Provide a research proposal that clearly defines a research question supported by a literature review.

    P2. Explain suitable research methods and approaches to primary and secondary research.

    M1. Analyse various research approaches and methodologies and make justification for the choice of methods on the basis of theoretical frameworks.

    LO2. Analyse and conduct research regarding business research project.

    P3. Analyse primary and secondary research using appropriate methods for a business research project considering cost. Access and ethical issues.

    P4. Use appropriate analytical tools, identify research findings and data.

    M2. Identify merits, limitations and pitfalls of approaches to data collection and analysis.

    LO3. Provide the outcomes of a research project to identified stakeholders.

    D2. Provide critical analysis of the outcomes and make valid, justified recommendation.

    P5.  produce research outcomes in suitable manner for the potential audience.

    M3. How to communicate outcomes to the potential audience for meeting the research objectives.

    LO4. Highlight on the application of research methodologies and concepts.

    D3. Highlight reflection and engagement in the resource process leading to recommend actions for future improvement.

    P6.  Reflect on the effectiveness of research method applied for meeting objectives of business research project.

    P7. Apply alternative research methodologies and lessons learnt in view of the outcomes.

    M4. produce critical analysis and recommend the actions for improvements and future research considerations.

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