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    FY026 Preparing For Success Knowledge and Creativity in Communication

    Brief :


    The term communication plays a vital role in all individual life as it help them to interact with each other and also to maintain a better relationship for long term basis. Communication is refers to an activity which take place between two people in term of sharing or transferring ideas, views, opinions with an aim to accomplish the specified purpose in a  better way with less chance of occurring confusions (Chaharsoughi, Ahrari and Alikhah, 2014). The role of communication is applicable to both academic and professional context as it is regarded as a powerful determinate for minimising the conflicts, disputes, misunderstanding among students as well as employees.  This report is based upon how and why an individual acquire different ways of improvement techniques. Moreover, this report covers SWOT analysis, measures to overcome the challenges like taking part in group presentation and conveying the opinions in the form of reflection.   

    TASK 1

    How and why

    The concept of personal growth is regarded as one of the important role in every individual career as it lead them to be more competent and innovative among other competitors. However, as per current market situation, I have been examined that the aspect of communication is an essential component because it enable an individuals to reach its destination in an improved mode and also to take appropriate action for enhancing the communication. In simple terms, the term communication refer to a spreading of knowledge and information among people which viewed as a foundation for healthy human relationship, In regard of professional context, each students is in desire of acquiring high achievements in their life. Hence, for attaining the same they make an initiative to acquire deeper understanding of particular topics, improved level of knowledge with an intent  to accomplish impressive level of career development ( Dilek and Keskingöz, 2016).  However, by conducting such report, I was able to analyse my own strength and weakness which help me to developed as a best learner in my academic ground. However, as per my personal analysis I have been identified that I have poor communication skill, lack of confidence, weak in social ground.   Due to which, I came across through various problems that directly impact over my educational course. Hence, there are various ways which I discover within my academics premises in order to tackle over m,y weakness in an improved manner. Some of them are group discussion, presentation, attending seminars, taking part in management games, attending workshops or conferences and many more. However, with the proper usage of these activities it lead me to enhance my drawbacks and also motive me to achieve higher success and growth in an improved manner.

    Hence, by the proper utilisation of different methods, it assist not only to improve my skills but also benefited me to acquire impressive level of success and achievement for future. Some of the componnets which is discussed below that signifies about the reason behind practising different ways of improving my shortcomings like presentation, group discussion and so on. Some of them are mentioned below:

    Helps in learn from teachers: For achieving higher growth and development, students need practical and deeper knowledge about their subjects which they are learning in schools or universities. However, for better learning form teacher,  a students should be able ton ask queries related to subjects so that they can explore the information in an effective way.  Most of the pupils just limits themselves from asking because of fear, hesitation, lack of confidence and many more. However, an effective communication skill assist pupils to understand the point if view of teachers in the class and also empower them to impose questions with full confidence in order to gain knowledge. 

    Career development: Another importance of communication which has been stated for students is that it drive them to develop their career growth. However, clear conversation about skill, knowledge, objective vocabulary in words while interacting during interviews, confident physical expressions aid students to acquire better job which enrich their personality in a positive style (Forbes and et.al.,  2014).

    Enhancement in teamwork and collaborative attitude: In an academic performance,  collaborative work requires for completing certain project or task for which there is a requirement of transparent communication ability. However, in order to obtain better outcome, impressive and clear conversation empower student to put their full contribution in a high level of cooperative and collaborative manner.

    Hence, from the above discussed contents, it has been empowered me to analyse my own strength and weakness:


    • I have been identified that I am effective at leadership skill as I am able to inspire and motivate my other mates that benefit me to build long lasting relationship with them without nay hindrances.
    • Another positiveness of myself is that I am good in listening which assist me to capture the information which teachers render during different class sessions.  


    • As I am good in listening but most of the time I lack in asking queries due to lack of confidence or fear to teachers in regard of particular subjects. Due to which, I faced various issues like inappropriate knowledge, unclear concepts, confusions and many more.
    • Another drawbacks is that I am not mush effective in socialise that limit me to expand my social connectivity of network with many people. 

    TASK 2

    However, after examining my own capabilities or potentiality I decided  to take corrective course of action to overcome my weakness but I undergoes with various kinds of challenges that hinder to formulate the same in a proper way. 

    • The primal difficulty that I face is that lack of guidance and proper support from teachers and friends which demotivate me while tackling over my weakness. 
    • Another issue which I undergoes is that lack of availability of resources like electronic devices, appropriate information, insufficient time and so on. Such obstacles restricted my initiation for overcoming the weakness in a better way.

    Hence, even-though I faced various difficulties and obstacles yet I decided to implement best strategy that drive me to improve my shortcomings in an effective manner. Some of the activities which I formulated is that:

    Group presentation: This activity is termed as a when a two or more people come together with an aim of acquiring as well as sharing any particular information or data in order to explore the knowledge in a better manner. However, I make use of various group presentation in my school premises on different types of topics and subjects. 

    The advantages which I obtained by conducting group presentation is that:

    Enhanced communication skill: By practising group presentation , it aid me to overcome my biggest weakness that is lack of communication. However, in every session I was able to enrich my confidence level and also motivate me to ask and respond each queries in an improved mode.  

    Improves social connectivity: Additionally, with the help of group presentation it also help me to explore my social network by building healthy or better relationship with every teachers and school mate. Due to this, I accomplished better outcome and achieve positive responses from my management in an amended manner. 

    Enriched confidence level: Hence, with the practice of group presentation it help me to improved my confidence level as it assist me to convey my ideas or views in a full assurance and also empowered me to face audience queries in a improved manner. Due to which, I was able to perform well on my academics and also lead me to obtain positive reviews from teachers and other colleagues.  

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    From then above explained report that it has been identified that communication skill is one of the essential element for very person as it is applicable in all kinds of professional and academic grounds. Moreover, self analysis and corrective course of  action aid  pupil to tackle over their shortcomings within a prescribed time duration without nay hindrances.


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