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Events Skills & Planning in Dream Sales Machine

Brief :

Case Scenario:

Imagine, HNCD programme helps you to get a job with an organisation you like, and want to stay in and develop a career if possible.

This may be Dream Sales Machine (London) Ltd, another Conference and Events business, whether discussed in teaching or choose any other organisation you think suitable.

The business helps in developing skills in Events Management.  In first year of study they have to carry out some activities in this area.

Activity 1 – Reporting on Events Sector

In your report on event sector, following information must be cover:

1.  Overview of event sector

Explain different categories and dimensions of Events(With example)

2. Trends in the Events Sector

Identify some of the features and current trends that influence  the Events Sector?(Relevant Examples)

How Events Sector is developing? How innovation helps to adapt Events?

Activity2 – Observing the Management Skills required to work in the Events Industry

1. The variety  of Management Roles in the Events Industry

Explain some of the different roles within the Events Industry? (Give examples.)

What are the current job opportunities in Events?

2. The Management Skills required to meet Stakeholder Needs

Explain management skills and personal attributes required by someone who wants to be  successful in the Events Industry?

How does right management skills helps in  management of a successful event? (With example)

Define stakeholders in an event? What are the management skills needed to meet the needs and expectations of these different stakeholders?

Activity 3 – Planning Event Room Setup

You are required to depict some practical capabilities in the area of Event room set-up.

  • Outline a planning document in which as a minimum you;-
  • Design a layoutfor an event to correctly set up an event room in a way that
  • Fulfill thespecific requirements of a client brief; and
  • what are the  additional services that are available in an Event environment, why it isimportant to meet specific client 

Activity 4 – Planning Event Safety

Design a planning document by - 

Mention the appropriate security and safety measures for an Event and how you would provide a secure and safe venue;

a safe environment for guests and  staff with suitable example.

Develop this plan to a higher level and;

Differentiate between security and safety provision at different specific events with suitable example.

Recommend for improving the provision of security and safety in terms of cost and benefits for business and other associated event members.

Learning Outcomes




LO1. Identify the different types of events in the event sector

D1.  Critically analyse the growth and development of the event sector with the help of examples.

P1. Explain the different dimensions of events by using relevant examples.

P2. With the help of specific examples, explain different the characteristics and current demand in event sector.

M1. Evaluate event trends to become more innovative using relevant examples from varieties of events.

 Consider event room set ups and conference to define professional standards requirement.

D2. Make choices for the design and layout  for a event set up to meet essential requirement.

P3. Frame event layout to form appropriate event set up to meet the requirement of clients.

P4. Explain the essential services available in a conference or event to add value  in a clients requirement.

M2. Analyse the quality of design to meet clients expectation.

LO3. Explain management skills needed to work in event sector and influence the stakeholders.

D3. Evaluate the management skills and make recommendation to meet the requirement of stakeholder in event sector.

P5. Identify the different roles to create job opportunity in this sector.

P6. Examine the relevant skills to work effectively in event sector to meet  client needs.

M3. Analyse the impact of management skill to achieve success in event sector.

LO4. Identify the measures that are essential to create safe environment for staff and guests.

D4. Recommend safety and security provision in relation to cost and benefit to business , staff and guests.

P7. Describe significant measures to provide a safe environment for event staff, guests. Also use relevant examples in this context.

M4. Compare the security and safety related provision in event  sector.  

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