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    Research Aim & Management Plan for Travelodge

    Brief :

    Learning Outcomes

    L01 Signify project aims,objectives and time frames based on chosen theme.

    L02 Perform small scale research to acquire knowledge to support the project.

    L03 Recommend conclusions on this project based on the information gathered and findings.

    L04 Determine the value gained and usefulness of this project in organisational performance.


    To help learner understand how to compose a formal research specification.

    a)To plan action: Aims and objectives, criteria for selection, setting up research proposal,scope, duration, task dates, risks, cost strategy, review on secondary resources.

    b)Research design: type of research, methods for data collection,interpretation of primary collected data.

    c)Future consideration: Importance of research investigation,application of results, implications,limitations, improvements, recommendations, area of future research.

    • Perform sustained research investigation which is relevant to their HE programme and professional development to enhance learner skills of enquiry and critical analysis.
    • To have the opportunity to apply those skills for managing and implementing a successful research project.


    The theme, set by Pearson is Talent management in the service industry. Talent management by which business assess and develop talented people who can have positive impact on productivity. It is the key component of human resource management and leaders at all levels to manage such talents, in accordance to TM strategies of the business.

    Attracting,selecting,engaging, developing and retaining employees are five main focuses of talent management in international travel and tourism industry where motivated employees help to differentiate organisations from others and influence their success. Organisations are looking for ways other than traditional approaches to increase staff efficiency, in order to avoid costs, recruitment difficulties, changing employees attitude, to gain competitive advantage.

    To gain competitive advantage , their lies demand for human capital on talent management(Towers Perrin,2003). Although pay and benefits attract employees, top tier leadership business focus on retaining and develop talents(Lockwood,2006).Talent management process id used to control events which employees experiences( Perrine, 2005).

    The topic to focus your research is:

    Effective talent management strategies in a selected travel and tourism organisation”.


    Imagine after completing HND in International Travel and Tourism Management, You work for a HR consultancy company. You are approached by Travel and Tourism organisation to know whether it conduct talent management among its employees effectively. As a HR Consultant, you are asked to give Presentation of following activities.

    Activity 1- Project planning / Management

    Illustrate your skills and understanding of first stage of Project Management (I.e. Project Initiation and Project Planning),to establish project aims, objectives and time frames based on theme, you need to:

    • Think, write , formulate and refine Project Title and
    • Evaluate set of project aims and objectives that fit with above scenerio.
    • Prepare a Project Management Plan, with following elements;
    • Scope – Extent and limits of project,
    • Risk of project and how to reduce,
    • Duration, cost and quality dimensions,
    • Resources required for project,
    • Work Breakdown Structure(WBS), preferably in Gantt Chart to show overall time frame and stages,
    • Most appropriate methods of material resourcing, data collection and information gathering.

    Activity 2- Project Execution

    • Conduct secondary research to evaluate Talent management in service industry;

    “Effective talent management strategies in a selected travel and tourism organisation”

    It is recommended in secondary research to consider distinct phrases that support coherent and logical argument, so you are able to use it primary Study, hence you must select a travel and tourism organisation business of your area and

    • Conduct a Primary Empirical Researchto help with consultancy query;

    “ Are employees satisfied with current talent management strategies”

    Apply both qualitative and quantitative research method for meeting aims and objectives of project.

    In this field, it is recommended to select sample for business and individuals carefully and select the appropriate techniques and sampling approaches considering their ethics and other problems.

    1. Validity and Reliability of Research Methods you apply and critical evaluation of Research Methodologies

    Activity 3- Project Findings

    As a HR Consultant, present the findings from your research and practical recommendations you like to make to local business.

    To be effective in presentation, you should :

    1. Evaluate research and data, using appropriate tools and techniques,
    2. Valid and meaningful conclusions from research and data analysis,
    3. Determine appropriate recommendations,
    4. Support your recommendations by evaluating accuracy and authenticity of research tools and techniques.

    Activity4- Performance Review

    Carry out a Performance Review with your Manager, you need to;

    1. reflect the values to conduct research,
    2. your own learning and performance.

    To perform it well, prepare answers to following questions:

    • How well your project was? What are the project outcomes and how it is useful for local business? How it is different from the initial project management plan in terms of changes and development?
    • How the project management is useful for meeting objective and how it help an organisation to perform in a sustainable way?
    • What are the benefits of project management process in future and how it helps as a tool in learning and performance?
    • What are the benefits of quality research in achieving objectives and how it help an individual to learn and enhance performance?




    LO1 determine project aims,objectives and time frames in accordance with theme.

    D1 Examine project management process and research methodologies applied.

    P1Analyse project aims and objectives.

    P2 Establish a project management plan that covers elements of cost ,quality,communication , time and resources

    P3 Split work in a Gantt chart to determine time frames and stages of completion.

    M1Establish a project management plan, milestone and project schedule for monitoring and completing of aims and objectives.

    LO2 Perform a small scale research,information and data gathering to help in project.

    P4 Perform small scale research through qualitative and quantitative research methods for achieving aims and objectives.

    M2 Analyse the accuracy and reliability of different research methods.

    L03 Examine project and determine appropriate recommendation based on finding, conclusions.

    D2 Determine the project outcomes , changes and development in the initial project management plan to justify the recommendation and learning.

    P5 Examine data and research using appropriate tools and techniques.

    P6 Give recommendation on research and data to draw appropriate conclusions.


    M3 Analyse appropriate tools and techniques for accuracy and authenticity to support your recommendation.

    LO4 Review the values gained from project and usefulness in sustainable organisational performance.

    P7 Reflect the value of undertaking research to achieve objectives and support own learning and performance.

    M4 Analyse the value of project management process  and quality research to achieve objectives and support own learning and performance.

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