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Project research on management of human resource in Neilosn

Brief :

Theme- The  importance of contextualising approaches to talent management.

Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate research methodologies and approaches as part of the research process.

2. Conduct and examine research relevant to a service industry research project.

3. Examine the outcomes of a service industry research project to identified stakeholders.

4. Demonstrate on the application of research methodologies and concepts.

Scenario and Activity

Talent management (TM) is the procedure through which business and organisation recognise and develop talented people who makes positive impact on their organisation and their productivity. It is not only important component of human resource management but also the responsibility of the leaders are all level to manage talent within the  business, with the strategies that being developed for the particular needs  and structure of the  business and industry.

Staff retention, training and morale is very important in any industry, none more so than

 in the hospitality and tourism sector where talented motivated employees

 can help in  differentiate one organisation from another and influence business. An increasing number of businesses are rethinking ways to get the

 most from their staff. increasing costs, recruitment issues and changing

 employee attitudes mean that, for many employers, the traditional

 approaches to recruiting, training and retaining staff are being revisited to

 harness and develop talent which ultimately helps in getting competitive advantage.

You are working as a consultant for a service industry consultancy company which is Neilosn company.

. The International Tourism Consultancy Associates (ITC-A) . You have been approached by an organisation in the

 hospitality/travel and tourism sector to conduct research into a important area of

 the industry and have been provided with a theme which will be the focus of

 the research. The organisation have left it to you to decide what would be

 appropriate to investigate in this area of and for you to choose the research


After identifying the research topic and objectives you will undertake the following steps and present your findings. 

This will be presented in the report format.

  1. Complete a Literature Review ( Secondary Research)

You need to understand what the literature is related to the research objectives in respect to plan a research study to examine the phenomenon. Conduct a

 literature review by using the range of sources relating to the  topic.

Evaluate the validity and reliability of the sources with discussing current

 understanding on the research topic.

In your report explain the sources of literature found and how they relate to the research topic. Your report should evaluate

 literature in order to assess the validity of the literature in supporting the

 research topic.

  1. Develop a project proposal for researching the research objective


Your research proposal need to  identifies the purpose of the research project with

 clear  objectives and justifies the chosen research methods in context

 of the research question.

Elaborate the ethical issues which will need to be considered and explore the

 research methods and approaches used.

Prepare an action plan with target dates and methods for monitoring  activities to ensure your meet the deadline for the final

 written report.

  1. Carry out independent primary research

Design, implement, collect and analyse data. For instance, using a

 survey/questionnaire/interview or other primary research technique to

 collect data and then present and analyse results. Present your findings

 using visual illustrations e.g. bar chart, pie charts and tables.

Your report will include the analysis of data and the benefits and

 limitations of the research methods and approaches taken to data


  1. Communicate outcomes – Report

Create a report that provides valid recommendations for the

 business organisation based on the analysis of the research both primary

 and secondary. Your findings and outcomes must be based on the research

 objectives and helps drawing your conclusions.

At last reflect how you have conducted the projects and the lessons learnt from it.

Guidance for writing the report.

Title page

Executive summary

  • Summary of whole report with the purpose and methods used in reports.

Content page


Terms of references


  • background of subjects
  • history of the problem and the situation and the key information of the organisation.


  • Evaluate briefly how the research was done and outline how the

 data was collected.

  • Elaborate how you

 put together your questionnaire or survey.

  • Copies of questionnaires, interview questions with published documents that studies.

Result and findings.

Discussion on research finding




  • Reflective statement on your experience- key questions for reflection

 could be- was the research successful, did you achieve the objectives,

 were you able to follow the research methodology, what have you generated and what would you change if you are to do it again.



2000 words




LO1 Examine  research methodologies and

 approaches as part of the research procedure.

LO1 & LO2


 research methodologies and

 procedures in respect to a

 travel and tourism research

 project, to justify chosen




P1 Develop a research

proposal that  defines

 research question or

 hypothesis, supported by a

 literature review.







 approaches to primary and

secondary research.




research approaches and

methodology, and make

justifications for the choice of

methods selected, based on



LO2 Conduct and evaluate research suitable to a service

industry research project.

P3 Conduct a research using suitable methods for travel and tourism research projects that consider costs, access and ethical issues.

P4 Implement tools and analyse research and finding data.

M2 Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and pitfalls of approaches of data collection.

LO3 Communicate the results of a service industry

 research project to identified stakeholders.

D2 Communicate  analysis of the outcomes and





P5 Communicate research

outcomes for the intended


M3 Coherently and logically

communicate outcomes to






 outcomes meet set research


LO4 Reflect on the application of research methodologies

and concepts.

D3 Demonstrate reflection

and engagement in the

resource process, leading to

recommended actions for

future improvement.





 effectiveness of research

 methods applied for

 objectives of the travel and

 tourism research project.


 Evaluate alternative

research methodologies and

lessons learnt in view of the


M4 Generate critical reflection

and insight that results in

recommended actions for

improvements and future

research considerations.

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