4 Things That Are Older Than You Think

Read this blog to know about the inventions that are quite older.

07 Aug 2023 5482 4 minutes

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We live in a world where everything seems plausible now. Technology has conquered even the farthest frontiers of imagination like space walk and marine habitation. But we all know that these advancements didn’t occur overnight and took years & years of research and development. Despite this, there are a few things that seem to come up from nowhere and amaze everyone. These inventions, items, or technologies look brand new but people aren’t aware of the fact that they are just another step forward in a pathway that had been discovered years ago. We bring you a list of few such things that looked contemporary to the people but were actually quite older.

Have a look!


Robotic mechanism is a booming technology that has found application in almost every field. Whether it’s complex surgeries, heavy manufacturing, or even basic services at gas stations, you can find a robot controlled operations everywhere. It looks like a futuristic approach but actually it’s a way older technology. In the early 20th century, some British literature works showed that the act of Robotics generated in the early 1200s where artificial men were used as slaves for various tasks by the royalties.

Video Games

Videos games these days are absolutely terrific as they have life-like animations and a storyline which is nothing short of a dramatic movie. The concept of gaming is believed to have first appeared in the 1980s, but actually it was introduced as early as 1940. The first ever video game was actually made on an oscilloscope which somewhat looked like a tennis stimulation. It wasn’t anywhere close to the modern-day games, but turned out to be a stepping stone.

Mobile phones

Well, mobile phones or cellphones can be easily considered as the most tremendous by-product of the technological advancements. From kids to the elderly, everyone these days owns a phone. The path-breaking discovery of wireless communication led to the invention of mobile phones which are believed to be launched in the year 1973. But actually the first ever mobile phone came in the year 1918 when a bunch of German technicians created a device based on radio frequencies that can serve as a two-way communicator. So that’s how it all began!


You’d probably thinking that cars can’t be as primitive as the other things as they become popular only after the industrial revolution. Well that’s not true! Way before Henry Ford introduced the world to the infamous assembly line in the early twentieth century, a design which depicted a double axle machinery that could be used as a mode of transportation was published. The invention of the first combustion engine in the year 1712 took the engineering world by storm, and also nudged a few scientists to take it a level higher. A few of those were French inventors Nicholas and Joseph who created a design of wheel based cart that ran on a combustion engine and supported carriage. The first ever car design!

Hope you had a fun time reading this blog.

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