5 Accidental Inventions That Are Hard to Believe

Read this blog to know about the mistakes which led to incredible inventions.

07 Aug 2023 6766 4 minutes

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Mark Twain, a famous American author has rightly said that “Accident is the name of the greatest of all inventors.”

Reading about the discoveries are always fascinating but knowing about the inventions that were not intended to be what they are today, and were actually invented by mistake would be even more intriguing.

Have a read about the life-changing inventions in this blog, and we bet they will surprise you to the core. Let’s get started!


This refreshing carbonated soft drink was invented by a local pharmacist named Dr. John Pemberton, who was in the quest for the quick remedy for his headache, and put together a few ingredients into a kettle, and gave birth to the world’s one of the most famous soft drinks.

Potato Chips

If you enjoy munching on the crunchy Potato chips, then you must thank the inventor of this glorious snack. We never knew anger could do some magic until we heard this story. George Crum, chef of a restaurant in the New York got irritated with the complaints of a customer who sent the order back as he found the fried potatoes soggy and thick. In wrath, the chef cut the potatoes into thin slices, deep fried them, sprinkled the salt and served it to the customer again. And this is how the potato chips were born.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hearing about the chocolate chip cookies, our mouth begins to water. But do you wish to know the interesting tale behind its invention? Well, while baking a chocolate dessert, American chef Ruth Graves Wakefield ran out of her regular chocolate and had to use semi-sweet chocolate chips which she thought would later melt as planned. But thankfully it didn’t happen; otherwise, we would have never been able to enjoy the crispy chocolate chip cookies ever in life.

Chewing Gum

Thomas Adams wanted to create a natural latex, but when he put a piece of the made flexible material in his mouth, he discovered how enjoyable it is to chew on. Later on, he came up with the idea of Chewing gum and added flavours into it.


Ever wonder where did the idea to make an ice lolly that you can’t get enough of come from? While experimenting with a homemade soda pop, Frank Epperson accidentally left the mix with a stir stick outside in the cold night and found a frozen dessert next morning.

Needless to say that mankind's greatest inventions came into existence after years of patience, extraordinary research skills, a truckload of hard work and frustration. But not all of them, as quite a few of the food items that we enjoy having today were created by accident.

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