5 Impressive Topics for Astronomy Assignment: Write on Them & Score High

This blog highlights the unique topics that will help you prepare an impressive astronomy assignment

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26 Aug 2019 3291 7 minutes

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The sun, moon, planets, and the stars are something that excite everybody. Still, when it comes to writing assignments on them, students struggle. Why? The reason is being their inability to find a unique theme for the assignment. Are you also one of them? Are you also searching for astronomy assignment help to get impressive themes for your write-up? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here we will share some interesting topics that you can use to write the document. Read on to know them.

5 Interesting Astronomy Assignment Topics to Impress the Professor

The sky is full of stars, some of them we have named whereas the others are still unnamed. Similarly, the subject astronomy is full of interesting topics, some of them have been explored while the others remain unnoticed by the students. Therefore, here we will reveal those unexplored topics that you can cover in the assignment. Go through these themes carefully and use them to make your next write-ups impressive and high-scoring.

Topic no. 1: The Hubble Telescope: How can you see the planets from the roof of your house? Well, the answer is simple, telescope makes it possible for you to view the planets and stars. You know that the first telescope was invented by Galileo in 1610. But, are you aware of the most efficient telescope which the scientists use these days? It is the Hubble telescope. It was invented by Edwin Hubble. He used it and discovered the galaxies that were unknown to mankind. This telescope can be an interesting theme to use in the astronomy assignment. Research on it and answer the following question through your document:

  • Why is this telescope regarded as the most efficient?
  • Why do scientists use it?
  • How long do you think its use will continue and why?

Topic no. 2: The Great Crunch: Ever wondered what will happen if the universe begins to contract one day? Yes, this can happen. The scientists have come up with a theory known as the big or great crunch. According to this theory, a day will come when the universe will start contracting. As the saying goes all good things come to an end, this finding has induced a fear among people across the globe that whether their lives will end too. They have started thinking of how much time is left for us. Now have you started worrying too? Stop getting worried and start researching. Know of this theory and give answers to questions such as:

  • Is the theory correct?
  • What can be done to stop the universe from contracting?
  • How much time is left for us and what can be done to extend it?

Topic no. 3: The World Beyond Milky Way: You know about aliens, the people from other planets. But, do you know there might be life beyond our galaxy too? Yes, this is possible. The scientists have discovered Exoplanets. These are the planets beyond our galaxy Milky Way. The idea of a world beyond the galaxy known to us sounds exciting, right? It will impress the professor too if you include the knowledge of this topic in the astronomy assignment. Therefore, know these planets and try to answer the questions, such as:

  • Do they exist?
  • How are they discovered and what is the number of exo-planets currently known to us?
  • What are they made up of and can they have an impact on our planet?

Topic no. 4: The Colonization of Other Planets: We humans are never satisfied with what we already have. We are always in search of something extra. Earth was not enough for us and we want to live on other planets too. For many years the scientists are trying to find whether there can be life on the other planets. There is a chance of life beyond the Earth but the colonization of other celestial bodies is still a dream. You, the future astronomer, can help these dreams turn into reality by researching this topic. Further, it will also make your assignment interesting. Research and address queries, such as:

  • What are the problems associated with the human colonization of the other planets?
  • What are the different planets we can colonize?
  • How to solve the colonization problems?

Topic no. 5: The Ex Planet Pluto: Yes, the helpless Pluto is also an interesting topic. Wondering, why are we calling it helpless? Well, we the powerful humans, put it out from the list of planets and made it an ex planet. It could do nothing to stop us from doing so. But, this same helpless celestial body can help you create wonders in your work. Thinking, how to use this dwarf planet for the assignment? Well, this can be done by researching and answering a few unanswered questions, such as:

  • Why is it no longer a planet?
  • What makes Pluto unique?
  • Is there any relationship between Pluto and Neptune?

Now that you have the amazing topics, wake up your inner researcher and research on them to make your astronomy assignment standout from the rest of the class. Use these themes to write the document and outshine the other students. So, ready to be the star of your class? We hope you are. Wishing you happy writing.

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