7 Basic Concepts of Geography that You Must Know

7 Basic Concepts of Geography that You Must Know

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16 Jun 2017 9445 4 minutes

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Geography, also known as the world discipline and a link between the human being and physical sciences. It is the study of the land, inhabitants, features and phenomena of the planet. Here, inhabitants include humans and animals, features involve things such as seas, continents, mountains and rivers, whereas phenomena comprises of things such as winds, tides and earthquakes. People have enormous impacts on the surface of the Earth, so the study of human resources and populations is a part of the subject. The experts providing Geography assignment help to the scholars have listed down the primary geographic concepts for its better understanding. So without further delay, let’s get started!


The concept of place is defined by everything in it, i.e., the physical and cultural attributes. Physical characteristics involve around weather and temperature, land and soil, and plant and animal life while the cultural characteristics consist of language, religion and population, transportation, where and how people settle, economics, and politics.


Every point on the planet has a location. It comes in two different forms: Absolute and Relative locations. The Absolute location which is described by its longitude and latitude on Earth, for example, the coordinates of Sydney are 33.8688° S, 151.2093° E, while the Relative location explains a place location in comparison to other places. For instance, Sydney is 153 miles from Canberra.


Latitude is known as the geographic coordinate that identifies the north and south position of a place on the planet's surface. It is a point which ranges from 0 degrees at the Equator to 90 degrees at the North pole or South pole.


Longitude is a way of estimating your location on the Earth from east to west direction. Greenwich and England are officially acknowledged as zero degrees longitude. If you are east of Greenwich, then longitude is calculated as a number of degrees in the East, and if you are west of Greenwich, then longitude is measured as a number of degrees in the West.


The environment is all about its importance in human life, and the significant connections between the people and environment. It helps and enriches human being and other lives by offering raw materials and food, absorbing and recycling wastes and conserving a safe habitat.


The Topography is the study of surface and features of a place or region. Topography of an area consists of valleys, hills, streams, lakes, tunnels, bridges and roads. It is concerned with the local detail in general, containing not only relief (referred to as the quantitative measurement of vertical elevation change in a land) but also artificial and natural features, and local history and culture.


Meteorology is the science of the atmosphere, particularly weather forecast. It includes studying of cloud and rain patterns, temperature, wind speeds and directions, etc. Meteorologists are the people who prepare weather reports.

These are some of the basic concepts of Geography that everyone should know. We hope you’ve found this blog useful and if you do, then share it like wildfire.

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