CHCECE016 Assessment Answers: Maintain Safe & Healthy Environment for Children

CHCECE016 Maintain Safe & Healthy Environment for Children - Assessment Answers

Chcece016 Assessment Answers
12 Nov 2020 3157 8 minutes

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Well, when it is about delivering the utmost care, children are the ones who need it the most. They are the ones who do not understand their needs; as a result, they are unable to respond effectively. The aspiring nurses who are engaged in the field of working with children have to deal with CHCECE016 assessment answers to prove their competency.

Once students get the main idea of this assessment, they also have a command of all those skills that are required to establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children. In this blog, our nursing assignment help experts will shed some light on the assessment answers and also give a brief explanation of how to protect children from various diseases to keep them safe and healthy. 

3 Major Assessments of CHCECE016

CHCECE016 assessment is not an easy task to do. You have to be very focused and dedicated towards it. Safety and health is everyones priority. You should know inside and out about how to write assessment answers effectively. There are major assessments that you should know before writing. Lets have a look.

Safety & National Quality Framework

In this assessment, you have to ensure whether proper care and safety is being provided to the children or not. If yes, then the second aspect to check is whether they are fulfilling the legal and regulatory responsibilities or not. It is quite a challenging task to have a strong command of the nursing framework and give accurate answers. Some of the major frameworks that come under the national quality framework for the welfare of children are:

  • CECQA - Children Education & Care Quality Authority
  • ECA - Early Childhood Australia
  • CE - Code of Ethics
  • EYLF - Early Years Learning Framework
  • ECSNR - Education & Care Service National Regulations 

Childrens Health & Safety

In this assessment, you have to safeguard & promote childrens health & safety. Also, you must ensure minimizing risk and protection of children from any harm, injury, and infection. Accordingly, all the children have the right to be taken care of in a healthy environment for physical and psychological well-being. Some subheadings that come under this assessment are:

  • Well-being & comfort
  • Health practices & procedures
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Supervision & precautions
  • Incident & emergency management
  • Child protection 

Work Health & Safety

Ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of the children is the foremost priority of a nurse. For this, there are some policies and procedures that are laid down to minimize the risk that is involved in the process of finding accurate solutions. The students have to be very careful while writing this chcece016 assessment answers. There are certain guidelines you must follow to deliver safe and utmost care effectively to the children. 

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10 Ideal Rules for Safety of Children

As it is quite difficult to take precautions at every single point, there are top 10 rules to avoid all these mishappenings and maintain a healthy and safe environment for them. 

  • Children should have the basic information about themselves, such as their name, guardian name, contact number, and address.
  • They should be aware of the fact that they arent allowed to talk to strangers in any situation.
  • They must know the difference between good touch and bad touch.
  • They must understand that they are not supposed to climb a wall or fence.
  • Keep the children away from fire and harsh objects.
  • They must know about the school emergency procedures.
  • They should have a slight knowledge of how to handle any emergency situation at home.
  • Children must be aware of safety measures while playing any sport or game.
  • They must know if they are alone at home, they are not supposed to step out or wander alone.
  • They should not panic if they get lost in a crowded place. 

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Various Diseases Guide to Keep Children Safe & Healthy

Well, there are a lot many things that can cause illness and infections to the children as it directly affects their immune system. Lets have a look at some major diseases.  

  • Common Cold
    It is a viral infection that affects the upper part of the respiratory system. The common symptoms are sneezing, headache, mild fever, etc. Children should take precautions & medication and try to avoid doing things that can make the situation worse. 
  • Conjunctivitis
    This disease is commonly known as pinkeye. It is due to the infection of viruses, bacteria, or allergy, etc. In this case, the eye drop should be given at proper timings. Nurses should take care of the child until the illness has been cured properly. 
  • Diarrhea & Vomiting
    Diarrhea & vomiting is a common illness, especially in a child. The most common reason for both the disease is food poisoning. Ensure you take proper care of the children. Give medicines on time and avoid junk food or any other item that can aggravate the issue. 
  • Head lice
    This disease generally spreads between 6-14 days. Ensure that the childs head is neat and tidy. It commonly spreads in unwashed and dirty hair. Keep the scalp and hair of the children clean. 
  • Impetigo
    This is a bacterial skin infection. This is very common among the children. It also happens due to the diaper rash. Make sure that the affected area is cleaned several times by medicines and clean water. 

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