How do Western Systems and Structures Impact On Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures?

How do Western Systems and Structures Impact On Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures?

02 May 2024 7562 9 minutes

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The earth is a home for many different people and creatures. Australia being a first world country has had a great history and is home to diverse indigenous people who have been identified and recognized as ‘Australia’s First People’ or ‘Aboriginal Australians’. These indigenous people occupy a vast amount of areas in Australia, including the Tiwi Islands, Fraser Island, Tasmania, Hinchinbrook Island, and Groote Eylandt.

The sole purpose of this blog is to enlighten our readers and nursing students about what has been the impact of western systems and structures on aboriginal and torres strait islander cultures Australians. Let’s get started.

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Who are "Aboriginal Australians "?

A group of indigenous people who are living in different parts of the mainland and islands of Australia from the very beginning is called Aboriginal Australians. The term collectively talks about indigenous beings from all across Australia and Torres Strait islanders. Over the course of time, many expert lecturers have given different definitions and perspectives to define the term aboriginal. With changing views of professors, the only thing that remains constant while evaluating the true meaning of aboriginal has been its basis of differentiation. Most of the academicians have based their explanations on the basis of urban, descent, traditions, cultures, and availability of necessary resources. The exclusive feature of the term is that it enhances the importance of identification, family lineage, and community approval. 

Now that you are familiar with who Aboriginal Australians are, let’s try to understand how different events in history has affected this group of people.

What was the Impact of European Settlement on Aboriginal Culture?

The European settlement had a very uncertain effect on the aboriginal cultures. Where on one hand the indigenous groups of people got a chance to exercise some of the policies such as self-determination, reconciliation, assimilation, and protection that were developed and bought into action by non-aboriginal people for the betterment, on the other they were facing the disadvantage of losing their cultural land and disruption of their traditional authorities. European invasion bought a lot of changes for these groups as now they were exposed to western technologies and educational opportunities that they were deprived of. After this incident, finally, Aboriginal Australians got a chance to establish a connection with the outside world. 

Different aspects of the European invasion have been considered by different scholars to identify what was the final impact on aboriginal Australians. The education and exposure to technology and western medical skills opened up an entirely new door of hope and opportunities for these people whereas interference with customary aboriginal land allotment rules became a tough aspect of the settlement process. 

With all the drastic changes, it can be established that the European settlement indeed had a life-changing impact on the indigenous culture. 

What Changes did "Colonization" Bring for Australian Aboriginal Culture? 

The colonization was one of the most impacting events in the history of Torres Strait islanders. These indigenous groups of people have been residing on Australian land for over 50,000 years, which makes them a more important part of the cultural history of Australia as they are the prime movers of their ancient culture.  

With new opportunities and ideologies, the colonization also brought a lot of problems for these people. According to an assessment, it was observed that approximately 90% of the indigenous population was wiped because of deadly diseases like measles, smallpox, and flu that spread like wildfire and ended up eradicating many indigenous groups. Also, factors like the procurement of indigenous lands by the colonizers lead to vicious clashes between aboriginals and colonizers which also resulted in reducing the population by a marginal number. 

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How has History Affected These Indigenous Lives? 

With all the new advancements in the habitat of these groups. History has played a very crucial role in the current scenario of indigenous people’s way of living. After facing all the dispossession, conflicts, and alterations, history has affected these indigenous groups in a way that it might be impossible to talk about Aboriginal Australians without mentioning their history. 

The way these groups are living in the present is highly influenced by their history. The connection and similarities between non-indigenous people and indigenous people can now be observed on a larger scale, all thanks to the history of aboriginal.  

Some of the key factors affected by history are -

  1. Skills of Livelihood: Proper education, employment, culture, and recovery define a group’s principle of living skills. History has made these aboriginal groups capable of sharing similar living skills with non-indigenous people. Practices of sustainable agriculture, conservation of environment protection of traditional lifestyle, and assurance of food security have made the lives of these groups meaningful.
  1. Social and Emotional Well-being: Social and Emotional well being of every individual of a country is a non-negotiable term. With a diverse history, the well being of an individual emotionally, culturally, socially, and spiritually plays a vital role in the existence of these groups.

We have witnessed a great impact on western systems and structures on Aboriginal people. It is a very necessary study for nursing students to understand and learn about the existence and culture of these indigenous groups as students have to complete assignments on the impact of western systems and structures on aboriginal and torres strait islander cultures

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