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Australians are known to be different and, like everything else, they have a unique way of celebrating Easter too. And this is evident by their mascot, "Easter Bilby," instead of the bunny. Bilbies are small native rodents that have been hopping around Australia for over 15 million years. You heard it right! But today, they are an endangered species and on the verge of extinction. Bilby is preferred over rabbits because, according to farmers, rabbits are a threat to their crops and a bad omen too. And that is not just it. Because of its geographical location, Australia sees Easter in autumn, and that is undoubtedly the best weather. Most Easter outings are planned as outdoor activities and adventures.

When is Easter Celebrated?

Every year, Easter is celebrated, but there is no way that the dates are the same. So when a question like this is asked, when is Easter celebrated? there is no fixed answer to give. But, according to Western Christianity, Easter is supposed to fall on a Sunday. And not just any Sunday, the one that falls after the first full moon of the spring equinox. So obviously, the dates of Easter keep on changing every year. But the constant thing is that it will fall between the months of March and April. To be precise, mid-March and mid-April.

This year, Easter Sunday falls on the 17th of April and Easter Monday on the 18th of April.

There is so much that could be done for an event as big as Easter. Because it is not just a one-day festival. There is a full array of small and auspicious events that lead up to the big day of Easter Monday. So if you want to add some extra cheer to your Easter holidays, enjoy the next section of this blog to get some inspiration.

Speggtacular Easter Decoration Ideas for Events

Easter is the best excuse to get together with family and friends to spend some cosy and precious time with them. Easter in Australia is a big deal because it marks the beginning of new life and spring. It is auspicious and an awesome opportunity for self reflection and self-growth. Every Australian tries to make the most out of it by doing all kinds of things like going to church, attending mass, having classic desserts, etc. And to make them feel extra special this year, below are some speggtacular Easter decoration ideas for events that you could try.

  • Easter Activities to Be Enjoyed by and with Kids

  1. Easter Playdough

This is the easiest activity to plan and the most fun for kids. They get to take part in kitchen work. You can help them make different shapes, like eggs, cookies, etc.

  1. Making Easter Ornaments

This is fun for both kids and adults. Kids get to make Easter ornaments like felted Easter eggs, Easter bilbies, and baby chooks.

  1. Easter Bilby Tracks

This is where you get your kids to do a little work. You ask them to make bunny prints from the house to the party location. It seems like the Easter bunny really came.

  1. Hanging Easter Eggs

The biggest symbol of this festival is the egg. It symbolises fertility. Every Easter, a large number of eggs are decorated and hung around the house. You can do the hinging of eggs activity with kids; it will definitely be fun.

  1. Easter Colouring Pages

For smaller kids and toddlers, this will be the best activity. There is not much movement and complex steps are involved. Kids can colour everything the way they please.

  1. Easter Basket-Making

This will be like a small craft project for kids and adults. They can help in creating the Easter baskets that will be gifted to family and friends. It would be a really sweet and love-filled gesture.


  • Easter Activities to Be Enjoyed with Friends and Family (Adults)

  1. Easter Egg Rolling Race

What originated as a children's game has now become a full-fledged event at Sydney's Wentworth Park racetrack in Glebe. It is officially called the "Golden Easter Egg Race."

  1. Byron Bay Bluesfest

It is a famous music festival that falls around Easter. It was previously called the Roots Festival. Northern New South Wales celebrated the Easter holidays with music and fun all weekend.

  1. The preparation of 'Hot Cross Buns'

Food is a big part of all the Easter Australia activities. There are special events to prepare the "Hot Cross Buns". On this occasion, they are filled with dried fruits.

  1. Adult-Friendly Egg Hunt

If you thought that egg hunts were just for children, you were wrong. In Australia, there are so many Easter egg hunts organised for adults all over the country. There are interesting games, puzzles, etc., incorporated to have the best time over the Easter holidays.

  1. Egg Knocking

It is a fun game that has evolved with time. The simple version is when two people pick an egg each and try to tap the other egg without breaking their own.

  1. The Royal Easter Show

This is an Australian speciality, where the best produce of the season is showcased. Not only the crops but farm animals are also groomed and put on display. There is a lot of firework, parades, food, and music involved.

Easter Eggstravaganza Deals Up For Grabs

Easter is the festival that keeps on giving. It begins with commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And before Easter is the 40 day long fast that is called Lent. It is to acknowledge the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness. Because there is such a long time period over which the Easter festivities continue, students often miss these amazing moments with family. We do not like them going through this when there is so much that could be done. For that purpose, we have brought to the students' rescue the Easter deals by Global Assignment Help Australia.

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