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What Is Persuasive Speech & Writing? With Examples 

As the term itself is very clear, being persuasive means being able to persuade. And persuasion could be done either by giving a legitimate reason or through temptation. Both the terms "persuasive speech" and "writing" are part of an umbrella term meant to target the only task at hand, i.e., persuasion.

Persuasive speech is the type of speech that has the capability to engage the listener. Its main aim is to attract the short attention span of the listener.

A few persuasive speech examples are -

  1. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech - I Have A Dream
  2. Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech - at the ICJ(International Court of Justice)

Below is an elaborate example for you to go through. Take a look.


On the other hand, persuasive writing is the type of writing style that has an approach to convincing the reader of the writer’s opinion. The writer makes compelling arguments or creates scenarios that force or persuade the reader to believe in their own thought processes. It could be achieved through the use of some persuasive writing topics.

An example of such a writing could be -

  1. The Harry Potter Series by J. K. Rowling
  2. Death of the Moth by Virginia Woolf
  3. Declaration of Rights of the Women of the United States by Susan B. Anthony

Below is an elaborate example for you to go through. Take a look.


Importance of Persuasive Writing 

Persuasive writing is very different from other writing styles because it is not solely or only intended to deliver some information, but the writer here can draw from personal experiences too. Not only that, there are no bounds to what a writer can or cannot use while writing this kind of document. The sole idea is to either build or nullify the already existing thought constructs and opinions existing in the reader’s mind. So, the writer can apply personal touch, emotional touch, arguments, reasons, facts, etc. to convince the reader of his own opinion.

This type of writing is so important because it has the power of persuasion attached to it. As a result, the writer not only has the ability to persuade but also the moral responsibility to use those abilities for a good cause.  

What makes persuasive writing so important is the demand it has in the market, be it the business world or the advertisement industry. Everyone wants to earn a profit, and this style of writing has immense prowess to do exactly that. And not only that, throughout history, persuasive writing styles have been used by important people like politicians, sports personalities, administrative representatives, business tycoons, etc. The most important reason for employing a persuasive style is that it can aid in changing or challenging the majority belief in any given society at any given time.

After seeing the power that persuasive writing holds, you must be eager to learn how exactly to master this writing style. In the next section of this blog, our English essay help experts have shed some light on the three pillars of persuasive writing.

3 Pillars of Persuasive Writing

The art of persuasion is not a new discovery; it has been here for a long time. Persuasion existed long before it became a trendy and hype-worthy topic. The Greek philosopher Aristotle was the one who studied it for the first time and gave a political theory about it. In his study, he mentioned three pillars of persuasion, namely :

  • Ethos
  • Logos
  • Pathos

All of these attempt to conquer the different appeals of persuasion. These appeals are:

  • Credible
  • Logical
  • Emotional


Ethos is the one that focuses on credibility. According to Aristotle, if a writer approaches the reader with ethos, there's a better likelihood that the reader will believe what they're saying. By applying this style, the writer will come across as more credible. This only works if the writing is free from errors. By errors, Aristotle meant both writing errors and subject matter errors. The idea is, for writers to present themselves in the best possible light.


Logos focuses on the logical part of persuasion. It is very simple and effective too. Logic is a strong tool for convincing the reader of something or removing some preconceived notions. For logos to be successful, there is one condition, i.e. tangible evidence. Because the writer is appealing to the rationality of the reader, there has to be some sort of reliable information in the write up. It could be anything like a quote, statistical data, etc. According to our experts in persuasive speech, it is not just about data but also about the structure of the argument. If a document is not properly arranged, it will not have a strong persuasion appeal.


Last comes pathos.; it deals with emotional persuasion. Writers have to judge the mood of the audience. If they do that part correctly, they will most definitely succeed in persuading the readers. Pathos is all about addressing the feelings of the readers. This could be done by sharing some personal experience or any other heart touching story. 

All three of the appeals can be used together or separately. In his study, Aristotle stated that the most persuasive topics would be the ones that used all three.

Step by Step Guide to Creating a Persuasive Writing Piece

Now that the definition and the workings of any persuasive document are clear, let us move on to the part of writing one such document. The experts in English essay writing suggest that the process of drafting persuasive topics is necessarily the same, but, there might be slight changes with respect to the type of document one is trying to write. They have mentioned the following seven steps for doing so:

  1. Preparation: It is very important. Before writing any document, one should do a background search and some thinking about how they want to mould their writing. Preparation includes :
  1. Picking a topic
  2. Reading about the chosen topic
  3. Choosing the side
  4. Framing argument statements
  5. Also working on another side of the arguments
  6. Researching the audience
  7. Picking up an appeal(ethos, logos, pathos)
  1. Research: When all the background research is done, and there is a clear idea about what the topic and side of the argument will be, comes is the actual research. This is different from the background research because it is more specific and deep. It focuses primarily on finding the points and data to strengthen the chosen argument. The more you do it, the better your arguments and the entire document will be.
  1. Outline: Most writers skip doing it. But once you start creating an outline for your essay before actually writing it, you will start noticing the benefits it reaps. Making an outline is beneficial in more ways than one. It helps you, as a writer, from skipping any details and aids you in being in sequence.
  1. First Draft: After doing the research and preparation, one should start writing the essay with the help of the outline created beforehand. It should be kept in mind that it is just a rough draft and not the final one. There is no pressure for it to be perfect. Just jot down everything you feel is important because you never know when a piece of information will come in handy during the course of the process.
  1. Structure: Any document that you are attempting to write will have to have a definite structure. And this will completely depend on what you choose to write- an essay, speech, or any other academic document.
  1. Rereading & Revising: This step will assist you in making your document more flawless and fine. This will also help in removing any grammatical and intellectual errors from the draft.
  1. Feedback: Always go for an outsider's opinion on your written document because, as a writer, one is often attached to the piece and cannot see a few errors. And the person reading will be free from any bias. This will be good for the final draft.
  1. Proofread: Finally, after doing all the above mentioned steps, go through the document one last time word by word to see if there are any mistakes present. Proofreading will help you create an error-free document.

If you want to create a persuasive document, follow these steps and you will surely be able to achieve the same.

Trending Persuasive Writing Topics for Beginners

Writing in itself is a challenging task, and being able to write a good piece of content is even more difficult because it requires many things to be done from the author’s end. Things like research about the topic, identifying the target audience, reaching for exceptional or unknown facts, and most importantly, having something to offer the readers that they want. And above all this, they first have to draw the attention of the readers for long enough that they stick around to read the entire content. Thus, the title has to be eye-catching and tempting. All the other things mentioned above come with experience and practice, but creating titles can be learned quickly. Mentioned below is a list of some trending persuasive writing topics. Have a look.

  1. Should a dog that bites someone be put down?
  2. Should wild animals such as lions and sharks be tamed?
  3. Should young children in autos utilise booster seats?
  4. The usage of hands-free cell phones in automobiles should be encouraged
  5. Should the minimum age to drive be 14?
  6. The risk of texting while driving
  7. Keep an eye out for animals when driving
  8. Simply because someone knows you do not imply that you owe them any discounts
  9. Should flag burning be forbidden as a form of protest?
  10. We should respect and learn from our forefathers and mothers
  11. Money can't purchase happiness or love
  12. Instead of punishment for transgression, children should be rewarded for doing the right thing
  13. The economy of most countries is in the powerful hands of a few multinational businesses. Do you think students who are involved in cyberbullying should be expelled from school?
  14. Would it be preferable if high school students had to do community service hours as part of their graduation requirements?
  15. Carpooling and public transportation should be used by more individuals
  16. Do you believe that female construction worker should be paid the same as their male counterparts?
  17. Should it be permissible to help those who are dying of terminal conditions commit suicide?
  18. Do you believe the death penalty is the most appropriate punishment for violent criminals? Should you form opinions about people based on stereotypes you've heard?
  19. Should products be tested on animals or humans?
  20. Why you shouldn't pick the DNA of your child?
  21. Ghosts do not exist
  22. Should health insurance fund homoeopathic and alternative medical treatments?
  23. Is it possible that making films and documentaries on criminals glorifies them and inspires some people to become criminals?

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