35+ Best Schools in Melbourne for Both Primary & High School Students!

35+ Best Schools in Melbourne for Both Primary & High School Students!

35+ Best School in Melbourne
26 Jun 2021 3093 7 minutes

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Looking for the best schools in Melbourne can be tricky as every school provides different facilities & support for the students. It can be hard for parents to find the best choice for their kids, as they need a place where their children can get skills & better knowledge. Qualification plays an essential role in the successful future of a person. That’s why it is necessary to keep all the perspectives in mind.

Not only the written examinations but also the academic tasks affect the scores of the students. But most students have an interest in the extra curriculum activities & forget the academics. At that time, the experts of Global Assignment Help Australia assist them with their writing skills & abilities to create better quality work. But today, they are here to ease the parent’s tension of searching for the best primary schools in Melbourne for their kids.

Below is the complete list of the top schools in Melbourne that can be beneficial for the successful future of primary & high school students. Let’s take a look at it.

A Complete List of 35+ Best Schools in Melbourne!

The Best Schools in Melbourne that every student dreams of taking admission in are as follows:

  1. The Knox School
  2. Al-Taqwa College
  3. Nossal High School
  4. Balwyn High School
  5. Box Hill High School
  6. Fintona Girls’ School
  7. St Catherine’s School
  8. Lauriston Girls' School
  9. Serpell Primary School
  10. McKinnon High School
  11. Melbourne High School
  12. Shelford Girls Grammar
  13. Erasmus Primary School
  14. Canterbury Primary School
  15. Fitzroy Community School
  16. Southmoor Primary School
  17. Suzanne Cory High School
  18. Caulfield Grammar School
  19. Alphington Grammar School
  20. Melbourne Grammar School
  21. Kilvington Grammar School
  22. Camberwell Grammar School
  23. St Andrews Christian College
  24. St Margaret's School Berwick
  25. Trinity Grammar School Kew
  26. Carey Baptist Grammar School
  27. Christ Church Grammar School
  28. Oakleigh South Primary School
  29. Firbank Girls' Grammar School
  30. Korowa Anglican Girl's School
  31. North Melbourne Primary School
  32. Belgrave Heights Christian School
  33. Mac. Robertson Girls' High School
  34. Doncaster Gardens Primary School
  35. Beverley Hills Primary School (BHPS)
  36. St Joseph's Primary School Elsternwick
  37. Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School

Above are the top 37 schools that you can consider for your primary or high school kid admission. They have excellent features & facilities for the students. Let’s elaborate on how & why these schools are more considerable than others in the city.

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Why Are These Schools the Best Choice for Primary & High School Students?

There are several reasons why we can say these schools are the best public schools in Melbourne. Here is a complete list of features that makes the above schools worth to get admission.

  1. Most of these schools offer boarding school options for students from a different city or any place. Parents can admit their kids to boarding, where they will get excellent care & discipline learning.
  2. Most of these schools offer International Baccalaureate (IB) programs for better learning of the students aged between 3 to 19. Students learn critical thinking, problem-solving skills with professors who encourage diversity, international mindedness, curiosity, and a healthy appetite.
  3. Most of these schools accept international students & welcome them with all the same facilities & learning that other students get there.
  4. Most of these schools offer the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) as an option for students in year 11 or 12.
  5. Most of these schools offer Vocational Education and Training (VET) to the students to enhance their practical skills for work that can help them in their chosen careers.
  6. Most of these schools offer around 130 activities to build better physical & mental health for the students.
  7. Most of these schools offer more than 2 extra-curricular activities that enhance the intellectual & communication skills of the students.
  8. Most of these schools offer 34 options in music to enhance the creative side of the students.
  9. Most of these schools offer 39 games in the sports category so that students can play & stay stress-free.
  10. Most of these schools have more than 99 support staff for the assistance of the students related to various topics.

Above are the various features that the above-listed schools have. These schools provide academic tasks as extra skill development concerning the analysis & writing qualities of students. But it can be a difficult & challenging task for students. That’s why most students seek online academic writing help from experts.

Now, let’s discuss who can help you with it.

Who Can Help Me with My Academics When I’ll Do the Extra Curriculum Activities?

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