CHC50113: Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care Assessment Answers

CHC50113: Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care Assessment Answers

CHC50113 Assessment Answers
21 Jul 2021 2504 12 minutes

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It can be beneficial for many students to study the early childhood education & care as it helps a person choose a better career at the care centre. Many students enrol for the diploma in early childhood education & care but get stuck when it comes to write the chc50113 assessment answers. They focus on the training more to understand strategies to handle various situations.

Most students prefer the Open Colleges, Australia to pursue the community service courses as it is a well-known online vocational education organization among the Deakin. If you are also looking for or have already get admission in the same course, you must read this blog. It will provide you with complete knowledge & learning towards the chc50113 assessment that will help you solve your paper with ease. Let's take a look at the general information about chc50113 before moving to the qualification audits.

A Brief Information About CHC50113 Assessment Answers!

CHC50113 assessment is divided into two parts, the writing & practicals. Students need to prove their knowledge through the writing task & performance abilities via practicals. You need to plan, organize, schedule, and imply the strategies & evaluate your assignment to find better solutions.

The details that you need to acquire to answer the questions asked in your assessment well are as follows:

  • Solution for the case problems provided in the chc50113 assessment.
  • Use the authentic, valid, sufficient, and current proofs to make better decisions.
  • Evaluate the processes & come up with the final result.

To write the best CHC50113 assessment answers, a student should read the provided case studies and answer the various related questions. You need to understand the responsibilities of a centre worker to answer these problems more efficiently. Here are the central aspects focusing on the duty of a worker at the centre. Have a look at the following:

  • Find out the individual, environmental, and attitudinal challenges that barriers the development of a child. Collect the information that can specify the reason behind such problems.
  • Develop a realistic & achievable strategy based on the collected information to achieve your goals. Record the implementation procedure and review the progress day by day.
  • Demonstrate how your implemented idea changed the child's behaviour and share the changes in routine & environment that provided inclusion & support to solve the students' problem.

Above are the various details & aspects that you must keep in mind while composing the chc50113 answers to achieve the early childhood care objectives.

Now, let's know about the assessment requirements for early childhood & care diploma courses that can be helpful in a better future & career.

5 Requirements of CHC50113 Assessments!

Every student has to go through various written tests & practicals that will establish their knowledge & performance abilities in front of the assessor. Based on student's work in their CHC50113 assessment answers, the examiner will provide their scores in the final result. Here are the various assessment requirements that can help you prepare for your diploma course.

  • Role- Play

The students have to demonstrate their critical thinking & expertise suggestions in a different situations. These activities will be conducted in front of the assessors. So, they observe the strategies & knowledge of the students to handle the child in daycare. One student plays the role of a centre worker, and the others join as per the roles described in the instructions.

  • Case Study

Students will get a written assessment that includes the case studies. Students need to observe and analyze those circumstances and answer the questions asked on the basis of those given scenarios. Students need to understand the requirement of the problems & situations to provide a solution accordingly.

  • Project

The students will have to create reports and memos as you have get training in a centre. You have to show 'how you can handle the various workload' and provide the best solutions to the mentors.

  • Knowledge Test

The students have to provide the chc50113 assessment answers as a test of knowledge towards the diploma of early childhood education and care. The assessor will provide the time under which you have to complete the test and give detailed answers for your work.

  • Workplace Supervisor Report

The place where you get training plays an important role in increasing your scores in the finals. Your workplace supervisor will provide a report of your performance in the centre. This feedback will be noticeable & considerable while giving you grades in the finals. A module will be provided to your supervisor at the workplace. As soon as you get admission to the diploma course, they will start analyzing your work and provide a briefing to the university officials.

Above are the various assessment requirements that you must prepare to get higher grades in your chc50113 diploma of early childhood education and care assessment answers.

As you are going to achieve the diploma, you must know that your assessment will contain a case study. You need to analyze different situations and answer the questions accordingly. Let's have a look at some examples here.

5 Free Practice Sample Case Studies for Early Childhood Education & Care!

You should practice more & more for your writing task to come up with the best chc50113 assessment answers for the diploma of early childhood education and care. Here are the various examples of case studies that can be a good idea to know different types of case problems you will need to solve.


At the child care, Mandy named kid has been suspected with a disease related to the hand, foot, and mouth. Mandy's mother is a working woman and can't take off to stay at home with him. Mandy's mother has come to pick him up after informed by the centre. Now, she is confused and wants to know why Mandy is eliminated from the centre as he seems well to her.


A girl name Syra comes to the centre. She is 19-months-old. Today her body is heated & appear flushed. She is not playing with anyone today, but usually, she plays with other children in the playground. She remained seated on the floor cushion while everyone was playing with toys nearby. Probably her sleep is affected due to diarrhea that she had before morning tea, and now her temperature is 37.2 degrees, and she also has two similar episodes in the next two hours.


Andy, the mother of Diana, notifies you that her daughter was absent for few days as she is recovering from an eye flew. She explains to you, the prescribed medication is antibiotics requires to give her twice a day, and eye drops in every 3 hours after coming to care'. Also, she shares a medical certificate from the doctor that states that Diana is well enough to return to the care. Diana's mother hand over you the prescription of medication, detailing to take the antibiotics at 5.00 pm as his mother does not collect him until 5.30 pm, and also, the eye drop at 11.00 am and 3.00 pm.


Jenny, a 5-year girl who comes to your care centre 5 days a week, is refusing to wash her hand before eating lunch for the last three days. She is acting stubborn and doesn't want to wash her hands, as she repeatedly says that her hands are clean.


A 3½-year-old Shanaya who attends the care 4 days a week; found trouble sleeping after lunchtime. Her mother told you that Shanaya sleeps at 8 pm and take at least a nap of 11- 13 hrs. She is not that fond of sleeping in the daytime from starting'. She doesn't even show any tiresome cues or signs the entire day as per your examination.

Above are the various sample practice case studies that can help you to exercise & learn to come up with the best chc50113 diploma of early childhood education and care assessment answers. But if you still face trouble with any questions or writing part of your paper, you can come to our assignment helpers.

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