4 Scariest Roads around the World That You Should know

4 Scariest Roads around the World That You Should know

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17 Jun 2017 8358 4 minutes

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Roads allow you to go from one place to another. It provides mobility and flexibility, a safer and effective way of transportation. They connect people from different backgrounds and cultures. But, some roads in the world are haunted and are known for paranormal activities. The professional providing assignment help to the Aussie students have listed down a few routes that are popular worldwide for being haunted. You must be excited to know more about them. So without further delay, let’s get started!

Dead Man’s Curve, Clermont County, Ohio

Dead man’s curve is a vicious turning intersection in Clermont County at the place where 222 meets State Route 125. In the year 1831, it was a part of the Ohio Turnpike and has an extensive list of victims. Five adolescents died there when their car was hit by a roadrunner which was going at around hundred miles an hour on 19th October 1969. Individuals say that a faceless man is often seen on the road spooking chauffeurs and passengers.

A75 Kinmont Straight, South West Scotland

There were many haunted scenes on this road in the last 50 years, and it has been nicknamed as “The Ghost Road.” It is the most haunted road in the country and has witnessed hundreds of unexplained things. In the year 1957, a driver saw two people walking in front of his truck, and he thought that he hit them, but they were nowhere to be found.

A229 from Sussex to Kent, England

The A229 from Kent to Sussex is one of the spookiest roads in England. Numerous drivers have committed seeing a lady in a white dress appearing in front of their vehicles. However, just before hitting her, the woman suddenly disappears. Many people believe that she might be Judith Langham who was killed on the same route on her wedding day in 1965. Although she’s not the only ghost who is haunting this road, there are several stories about many other ghosts.

Boone County, Illinois

Bloodspoint Road in Boone County is a very disturbing and haunting place to be. Many routes are connecting with Boone Country. These roads have been the sights of numerous paranormal events in the past including murders, suicides, hangings and a child that was hit by a train and even one family was killed on that route. With all these terrible events, there are several stories these days of seeing kids standing on the road, weird noises, hand marks on cars and lights appearing in the trees on the road side. It is considered that the incidents on these roads are a result of some tragic and haunted things that happened in the past.

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