Know How to Deal with Exam Stress

Know How to Deal with Exam Stress

Know How to Deal with Exam Stress
03 May 2018 7321 6 minutes

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Examination and interviews are situations that call for anxiety. While a little bit of stress is useful for students as it helps them remain focused and disciplined, too much of it is detrimental to their health, and also send their productivity levels to a nosedive. Research suggests that test anxiety can affect a student's social, emotional, and behavioral development. Moreover, it is one of the major causes of college-goers’ drop-out rate. So it's important to address this problem and get it back under control. Exam anxiety combines a variety of symptoms, such as over-arousal, tension, somatic ailments that occurs before or during the test.. One may also experience forgetfulness, unexplained aches, poor appetite, loss of interest in activities, irritability increased heart rate, migraines/headaches, blurred vision, and dizziness. Here we have discussed some useful tips to combat this issue:

1. Set study Goals

Setting goals is a smart strategy to achieve remarkable results. So, if you want to be successful in the exam, plan your study goals ahead. Analyze what chapters you will be covering up in a certain time. Also, make a list of important tasks as per your priority. Well, make sure that your goals are realistic, not hypothetical. Otherwise, you will get disappointed after failing to achieve them. We suggest you make a study plan to work on them. But do not cram your entire time with work and have small breaks between two study sessions. This can take the form of a trip to the gym, enjoying a cup of joe, a ten-minute walk, or having a chat with a friend.

2. Embrace new technologies

Studying is no longer limited to attending classes and jotting down notes. With the advent of e-learning, you can try out many tools and applications to revise the topics. You can either subscribe to online classes, join discussion forums, or take online quizzes and tests. Using varied study tools can help you avoid the boredom that is inevitable when you stick to the traditional techniques of learning.

3. Find a healthy balance

It is common to see that students lead a hectic routine during exams. They study for more than 15 hours a day, feed themselves on junk food and starchy drinks, avoid any physical activity or exercise, and take an inadequate amount of sleep. These factors are enough to make one burned-out, so avoid them at any cost. Psychologists say that one should sleep for not less than 8 hours during exams, and must devote at least half-an-hour to exercising or meditating.

4. Be positive

Your attitude for life has a big impact on your studies. If you think that you cannot achieve something, you will certainly never attempt it, and thus there is no chance for success. However, with a positive mindset, one can even complete Herculean tasks. So, think positively about yourself, focus on the opportunities, find humor in bad situations, transform negative self-talk into self-enlightening thoughts, turn failures into lessons, and find optimistic friends.

5. Collaborate with study partners

One great way to stay focused on your target and learn more effectively is to study in a group. But make sure you find someone who is really serious about studies. Otherwise, he/she might even waste that time in gossiping. By studying together, you can share the tasks like researching on a topic or making notes, that will be beneficial for both of you. For this reason, it is a good idea to find a study partner who complements you and your skills. For instance, if you are good at Mathematics but not at Physics which is another core paper, find a colleague who holds a firm grip on the subject.

6. Choose a distraction-fee study zone

During your exams, you must avoid all sort of disturbance. Ask your family and friends not to bother you uselessly. Also, keep your smartphone and other devices away from your study table. However, if you need to use them for e-learning, then block distracting social media websites like Facebook.

By following the above-motioned tips, you can beat the test anxiety more easily. If apart from exams preparations, loads of pending assignments are another reason for stress, then get rid of it by taking expert assistance from us. If you are looking for assignment help in Sydney, then stop your search now as you have landed at the right place.

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