8 Highest Paying Part-time Jobs for Australian Students

8 Highest Paying Part-time Jobs for Australian Students

8 Highest Paying Part-time Jobs for Australian Students
16 May 2018 4634 5 minutes

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With the increasing expenses attached to the pursuit of higher education in Australia, it has become important for students to work part-time. In this way, they can at least pay most of their daily expenses. While the Australian economy continues to struggle with low job creation due to the emergence of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and IoT(Internet of things), there are still many opportunities for part-time employees. But as a student, you should look for a job that can help you earn enough money and that too without spending a considerable portion of your daily time. Here we have enlisted some of the highest paying jobs that you can opt for:

1. Private Tutor

If you have knowledge on one or more subjects and hold a passion for teaching, then nothing can be better than becoming a private tutor. As per a report, by teaching a high school student, you can earn an average $30 per hour. This type of job can not just help you afford your expenses but could also enhance your personal growth.

2. Retail Sales Assistant

If you are looking to make a career in retail industry, then this can be the best part-time job for you. A retail sales assistant interacts with the customers to help them choose the right product by giving relevant information about two or more parallel items. By becoming a part-time retail sales assistant, you can get $32 an hour or more.

3. Administrative Assistant

Every office needs some administrative assistants to run its day-to-day operations smoothly. These employees perform clerical duties and administrative tasks. As a part-time administrative assistant, your responsibilities will depend on the company you work for but may include tasks like sorting the mail, writing emails, managing calendars, making copies and more. And, it can help you make around $13 per hour.

4. Waiter

This typical student job does not involve any stress. And, the best thing is that besides getting a good salary at the end of the month, you can make enough money on the tips. So, leaving with your cash after every shift can be a refreshing and extremely motivating experience. Moreover, one gets the choice of shifting the work schedule to manage all other tasks properly.

5. Customer services officer

This job is good for students who want to enhance their communication skills. As a customer care executive, your tasks will revolve around dealing with customer complaints, requests, specifications, issues and more. Although such jobs can be stressful as one needs to become a bridge between the clients and the company, it can help you earn an average $10 hourly.

6. Receptionist

The duties of a receptionist involve welcoming guests, assisting with administrative tasks, scheduling appointments, preparing meeting rooms and more. This type of job might be boring and hectic but can help you develop your managerial and computation skills. By working for 3 hours a day in this field, you can earn a salary of $2 270.66 per month.

7. Personal Trainer

If you have a passion for working out, it’s great to become a gym trainer. But for that, you need to clear a certificate programme in physical education or Yoga. In this area, you can earn $20 per hour or more. And, the income will rise with experience.

8. Makeover Artist

In the overall beauty care market, makeup industry tends to dominate the most. By becoming a hair stylist or makeup artist, you can choose to be an employee for someone or freelance at a party, event, etc. The minimum income that you can expect here is $25/ hour.

These were some of the best paying part-time jobs for Australian students. You may choose one as per your interest, and get ready to make your own money. In case loads of college projects are not letting you do a part-time job, seek assignment help from us. With their knowledge, writing skills, and all-out efforts, our academic writers have helped many students with superior quality academic writer-ups.

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