Know About the Most Economical Cities in Australia for Students

Read this blog to know about the most reasonable Australian cities for scholars to live in.

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10 Jul 2017 6752 4 minutes

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One of the most popular destinations among the international millennials for education in the world is Australia as along with getting an academic degree, they get an opportunity to explore this beautiful place as well. Moreover, scholars get a chance to learn about the rich culture, heritage, laid-back lifestyle and a diverse environment.

Studying in Australia to pursue higher education provides all kinds of excitements and challenges. Although it is famous for being the world’s most expensive country for non-native scholars. But some cities in this country are pocket-friendly to live in for college-goers. Check out a few cities in Australia that provide cheap accommodation to international students.


Brisbane, also known as a new-world city, is famous for its multi-cultural environment with a wide range of entertainment options. It is one of most affordable places to study in Australia which makes it a good choice for international students. Local colleges charge low tuition fees and you can choose from a large number of degree courses offered at Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. level.

Gold Coast

If you’re looking for a reasonable place to live in and want to enjoy glorious beaches and a vibrant and thriving nightlife, then Gold Coast is a fantastic choice. The famous universities such as Bond University, Southern Cross University, and Griffith University provide a huge variety of graduate and postgraduate courses. Also, when it comes to off-campus accommodation, there are a number of choices available in this city.


Hobart could be an excellent choice for international scholars looking for a cheaper city. It offers the lowest housing expenses to college scholars. Hobart is home to a single educational institution, the University of Tasmania which has a huge population of scholars from abroad, with every one in five students being reported as foreigners.


Adelaide is another attractive city for college-goers to live in and has huge numbers of international scholars (approximately 27 percent). It is relatively economical place to reside in due to low accommodation costs. Adelaide has three universities which are the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia and Flinders University. Its integrated bus and train transportation system connect different parts of the city and make it easier for the non-local students to get around.

Studying in Australia may be an ideal opportunity to seek life skills and can assist you to grow personally, academically and professionally. Use your experiences to enhance your capabilities, as it is definitely going to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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