4 Factors That Set Paraphrasing Apart From Summarizing!

Read this blog to get all your doubts cleared about paraphrasing and summarizing.

06 Jul 2023 1183 8 minutes

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Paraphrasing and summarizing are the two terms that are somewhat related and confuse all the students. Both of them present something already written into entirely different words without losing the context, which makes it more challenging to differentiate between the two. Students often get confused and submit paraphrased content instead of forming a summary of the given text. If you have also faced similar issues in the past or you do not have clarity about the two concepts, make sure you read this blog till the end. In this one, you will find out the definitions and properties of paraphrasing and summarizing, which will help you distinguish between them on a fundamental level.

Also, we will be taking a look at the difference between them in terms of implementations, creation, and presentation. The writers of Global Assignment Help Australia have specially curated this blog to help you make the most out of your assignments and tasks.

Before we look at the comparison and differences, let’s quickly understand why students find themselves confused while working on such tasks in the next section.

Why Students Get Confused Between Paraphrasing & Summarizing?

To understand the roots of these confusions, you need to know the textbook definition of summarizing and paraphrasing.

Summarizing - The act of explaining the crux of a large piece of content, in brief, is called summarizing. You have to understand the context of the written piece to shorten it for the readers. All the words that you use must be original, and there is no particular format to follow. You can summarize anything according to your understanding. However, you must ensure that you include all the necessary elements of the text.

In short, Summary writing evolves around the main idea of the existing text.

Paraphrasing - It is a technique used to re-write pre-existing content with your understanding to turn it unique. You can move line by line and paraphrase it with different words and synonyms. Making it clear for you to understand and changes the entire presentation of the content. It cites sources and quotes. However, students often use this technique to finish their assignments faster. It is also an effective way to reduce plagiarism.

In simple words, Paraphrasing is used as an alternative to copying text directly and uses most of the pre-written content in the re-framed form.

Both the definitions seem identical, and that is the reason students stay confused about how things work in paraphrasing and in summarizing. The confusion is bound to occur, as there is only a thin line that differentiates the two, and that thin line is based on 4 differences of use. You will find them in the next section!

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Paraphrasing V/s Summarizing: 4 Differences to Distinguish

The moment of truth is finally here! After reading the definitions, you might have got a little bit of clarity between the two however, that clarity is not enough to understand the differences between the two. Take a look at the following table to understand key differences between paraphrasing and summarizing -





It is implemented when you have to use some other author’s work in your text without credits

It is used when you have nothing to do with the pre-written text however, you have to work on the same idea of the content.


Paraphrasing is helpful when you can not use quotes in your writing but still want to include the sentence.

Summarizing comes in handy when you want to provide an overview of the lengthy text in your own words. It is written only in a brief.


Paraphrasing takes use of the existing content by re-framing and rephrasing the sentences using synonyms.

Summarizing never uses the exact sentences from the content. The entire piece is written based on the central idea of the document.


Paraphrasing is used to simplify the language of the existing work. There is no bar for the length as you have to cover all the points.

The main goal of summarizing the content is to make it shorter to read and easier to grasp. One must take care of presenting the document’s main idea in brief.

These four differences are enough to help a student understand the fundamental differences between the two. Keep in mind, these classifications are made based on how they are implementing and using. You can bookmark the blog to keep it handy whenever you are assigned any of these tasks as a student makes a lot of mistakes while handling these tasks.

Both of these tasks are important aspects of a student’s academic life. Every academic pursuant at least once in his lifetime has to face one of these tasks, and if you have something like this piling up, you can now start working on it as you now know the difference between the two.

Paraphrase Or Summary, We Have Got You Covered!

Students who were looking for a complete differentiation between the two might have git a sigh of relief after reading this blog. However, the task does not end here. If you have a task related to summary writing or paraphrasing that is bothering you, you do not have to struggle with it. Simply reach out to our assignment help provider, and they will solve all your issues.

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Hope this blog helps you clear all your confusions related to paraphrasing and summarizing. Good Luck! Remember, Global Assignment Help Australia is always there to help!

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