Top 6 Myths Associated with Fitness

Top 6 Myths Associated with Fitness

08 Jun 2023 8088 4 minutes

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These days, we have great access to information related to health and fitness, but every time it is not reliable and accurate. If you are working at a gym but not getting satisfactory results, then you are following doubtful methods of fitness. In the world of fitness, there are universal rules and outdated exercises which are not worth following because their science is dubious or simply misunderstood. Here, we have picked six popular myths regarding fitness that you might be surprised to learn about. So without further ado, let’s get going!

1.Exercise is the best way to reduce fat

If you want to reduce fat, then you shouldn’t assume that doing workout alone and eating all kinds of foods can help you lose fat. Athletes and renowned experts say that slimming down requires significant changes in your eating habits. Regarding weight loss, proper diet, nutrition, and adequate rest play much bigger roles than just doing an exercise.

2.Weight training turns fat into muscles

You can’t convert fat into muscles. Experts say that there are two different tissues in our body, namely adipose tissue and muscle tissue and what weight training does is help to build up the muscle tissue in and around the fat fabric. The only hack to reduce fat is to eat healthy food, fresh vegetables, fruits and proteins, and do moderate exercise along with sufficient rest.

3.Exercise Helps in spot reduction

Spot reduction is a hidden myth; there is no specific exercise to reduce fat from a particular area. Yes, there is no particular method to preferentially lose weight in chosen area or target any one muscle. To reduce fat from a particular body part, you have to go through complete fitness training. It is aptly said that the first place you tend to gain weight is the last place you lose it from.

4. No pain, no gain

Pain is not a result of exercise, but rather it addresses a problem you need to take care of. Weightlifting and intense training can cause you discomfort. If your workout causes pain, then it means you are overdoing it.

5. Sit-ups are the best way to build six-pack abs

Sit-ups only target abdominal muscle, but there are several other muscles in our body which need to be challenged. If you want to build a strong core to get those six-pack abs, then you need to take enough vitamins and proteins, drink lots of water, and follow an appropriate method of fitness training.

6. Go for the burn

This fitness mantra is most sensational among bodybuilders who do numerous repetition and heavy deadlifts to build and shape their muscles. According to the experts, sensation is not dangerous, but it is not even necessary.

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