See! Smell! Taste! Use Your Five Senses to Write a Descriptive Essay

Five Senses to Write a Best Descriptive Essay

26 Sep 2023 6336 5 minutes

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Have you ever heard this old adage “show don’t tell?”

If yes, then it’s time to implement this adage in your descriptive writing...

All you need to do is just show a glimpse of your story to the readers and let them imagine themselves the rest of the story.

Wondering how to do it?

Simply, use your five senses and raise their curiosity to get into your story world.

Still confused?

Give a read to the following blog...

How to Write a Perfect Descriptive Essay with Five Senses?

1.Write with Sense of Sight

Sight is one of the most used sense while writing. So, never restrict yourself to just how things look, sight is still the most important sense that will help you get engaged in descriptive writing. Same as the movie camera, you can use your sight to paint the picture in the reader’s mind with the help of words.

But, remember to never paint the full picture in the reader’s mind by describing its every detail. Instead, only give them a hint just like a movie trailer and allow them to create the rest of the picture themselves.

2.Write with Sense of Smell

The smell is one of those senses that is very different from others. But, it can act as a strong tool to get the readers in the flashback. Same as in descriptive writing, the smell is the best sense to use and is the best way to convey your thoughts with just little words. Yes, you can’t make the reader smell but, you can create a scenario which they can imagine to feel the same.

3.Write with Sense of Sound

What we hear around us shapes how we interact with the rest of the world. While writing a descriptive essay, sound plays an equal role as that of sight. So, in order to build a realistic setting, your writing must be enveloped by a soundscape as it is basically used to denote an emotion or a physical action. The best way to describe a sound is known as onomatopoeia which includes words like clatter, clash, jangle, etc.

4.Write with Sense of Taste

Describing a taste in your writing can be an interesting way to keep the readers fascinated with the details. Yes, it is a bit difficult task to explain how things taste like, that too using words but you can use metaphors to describe it to the readers. Metaphors are actually a very strong tool that can easily redirect the reader to the place of emotions and memories from their own life. So, you can use it while writing your descriptive essay.

5.Write with Sense of Touch

The way things feel is more than just textures and temperatures and to describe it in writing is fun. You can easily make the reader feel that touch with the help of adjectives. For example - breezy, bumpy, chilly, cold, cool, etc.

Describing the sense of touch in descriptive writing is the most difficult thing where almost every student gets stuck and often ask their friends or academic writing experts - “Can you write my essay ?” If you too feel the same, then you need to get command of the adjectives. This way you will overcome this issue easily.


The Sixth Sense!!!

Well, why to miss the sixth sense? To make sure that your reader's sixth sense gets evoked, it is suggested to provide some food for thought for your readers to ponder over. This will ignite their conscience.

And, Yes!

Descriptive writing is all about letting the readers experience a situation or feeling with their senses. So, when you describe all the above-mentioned things in your descriptive essay, first make a list so that they get familiar with the words or something that you are going to use in your writing. But, don’t bog them with the unnecessary details, instead just place a few words to evoke their senses so that they can get into your imaginary story and understand it.

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