3 Step Tried and Tested Guide for Successful Assignment Writing

This blog sheds light on the 3 steps process that will get you A+ grades in your assignment.

18 Feb 2023 3223 7 minutes

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Have you ever worked hard for writing an assignment, but failed to get the expected results?

Have you tried to identify the reasons behind it?

If your answer is no, then you are on a very wrong track and need to get back on the right track now...

Let’s discuss the reasons one by one -

Reason 1 >> When your professor assigns you two task with the same assignment title, then there are chances that you will definitely miss the fact that - the requirements of both the assignments are different. So, this is the foremost reason, that you haven’t understand, i.e., the purpose of the assignment carefully.

Reason 2 >> The second most reason is, you just start writing the task without paying attention to its grading system. This is the reason why you do not get expected marks because you haven’t go through the rubrics of the assignment carefully.

Reason 3 >> The last and the most common reason for not getting good grades is, not following the guidelines properly. Yes, it is a true fact that you get frustrated by seeing such grades, then what about the professor who gets frustrated too by checking such assignments.

So, these are three topmost reasons due to which you are not getting the expected results. Now, that you know the reasons, let’s take a step forward towards its solutions.

Keep on reading...

Get A+ Grades in Your Assignment by Following Just 3 Simple Steps:

Step #1: Assignment Purpose - Understand it!

Try to find out the professor’s overall expectation regarding the assignment and try to accept it and fulfill it. Only knowing the main purpose of the assignment will never get you good grades. Implementing some techniques to fulfill that purpose will work. Each professor has their own motive behind assigning the task. So, it is important for you to know that motive and further work on it, then only you can mark a positive impression on your professor.

Apart from this, try to understand:

  • Why has the professor assigned you this task?
  • How much time is needed to complete the task?
  • Is this task important for your career?
  • What are the benefits and knowledge that you can get from this task?

Once, you get the answer of all the above-mentioned questions, then you can easily move further with the task and definitely complete it successfully.

TIP: So, before start writing an assignment, first analyze it properly, understand its purpose, and then take a step ahead.

Step #2: Rubrics - Pay Careful Attention!

Second, take a glance at the breakdown in the rubric of any task and look at how much grade each category of rubric holds. Then give priority to the section that holds the highest grade. Yes, there is a difference between the rubrics of different assignment writing tasks. So, if you compose papers in the same way as you write every time, without focusing on the rubric, you are probably going to get lower marks in your assignment. The reason behind is you haven’t pay attention to the part in which your professor wants you to improve. To avoid such a situation, read rubrics carefully and go through it properly to get the data that is not present in the rubric.


If you want to make your assignment flawless, then it is very essential to understand its grading system first. Doing so can help you approach the assignment in a smarter way and can fetch top-notch grades easily.

Step #3: Formatting Guidelines - Follow It!

Before taking a step towards assignment writing, make sure that you are clear with the paper parameters (rules and regulations). Read and understand all the guidelines carefully and try to maintain the word limit as mentioned. Most of the professors are very strict about formatting and not paying proper attention to it can mark a negative impression on them. So, read the guidelines very carefully. Never miss a technical requirement because every information given in the guidelines holds significant importance. In addition, if you follow all the parameters properly, then it clearly indicates that you are very dedicated towards your work and this is the best way to impress your professor and fetch A+ grades.


  • Maximum word limit
  • Citation styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago, etc including its font and size
  • How to frame a catchy title according to the guidelines?
  • Deadline


When all the guidelines are clear to you, then you can start with your assignment writing task. If you work according to them, then no one can stop you from getting A+ grades.

Final Thought!

In most of the cases, students face difficulty when they start writing the assignment because they don’t read the guidelines carefully. That is why our experts always suggest to read the guidelines when you get assigned with the assignment. At last, you are left with enough time to analyze it properly and clarify all the issue prior to assignment writing. These 3 steps are the master techniques that will help you reach the height of success.

So, do not take these guidelines for granted, instead follow them and notice the results. In case of any concern regarding the assignment, feel free to seek help with assignments Australia and get A+ grades.

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