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This blog will help you know the effective steps to write a topic sentence that can help you enhance your scores.

28 Jul 2023 843 10 minutes

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Do you ever wonder what the purpose of a topic sentence is? Why is it challenging to write topic sentences? We agree that it's crucial to lay out your thoughts and ideas on the key elements when writing an essay so that readers can grasp it. So, this blog post will help you learn about it in detail. But first, understand what is a topic sentence.

The first sentence of the opening paragraph, which conveys the gist of that paragraph, is the topic sentence. That's why it is important to write it well, especially while writing an essay. It is because, in essays, you have to write a topic sentence for every paragraph. This is why it is challenging for students, as they get confused about what to write or not. To give you more clarity, here you will understand how to write a topic sentence for an essay in the following section. So, let's get started and learn everything about it in detail.

What Is a Topic Sentence?

A topic sentence is an opening line that hooks the readers to continue the reading. So, it is essential to write it in an organized way to help readers understand your point of view. Try out the steps to learn how to write a good topic sentence.

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Steps to Write an Eye-Catching Topic Sentence

The three important things that you need to know before drafting a perfect topic sentence starter:

  • Give your readers clarity about what the paragraph is about.
  • Ensure that every line of your paragraph relates to your topic sentence.
  • Always provide ample information to your readers to make it more engaging and informative. To do so, follow these simple steps.
  1. In the beginning, identify your main idea and introduce it interestingly.
  2. In the middle, form a topic sentence starter explaining the what, why, and how of the related topic.
  3. In the end, use supportive sentences that lead to your main idea.
  4. Finally, prepare a topic sentence that connects what your readers want. Now, place it before your introduction and then write the whole paragraph according to that.

Once it's done, reread the whole paragraph. You will find that you can convey your thoughts to the readers without hampering the flow of your content. As now you know how to write a topic sentence for an essay, you must also understand how it differs from a thesis statement.

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Know the difference between a Topic Sentence and a Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement, and what is a topic sentence? Of course, there is a difference between the two, but they are interconnected. A thesis statement is the centre point of your essay, formed using evidence and arguments based on your writing. It means it supports all of the body paragraphs that formulate your essay. In comparison, a topic sentence is the first line of your paragraph that connects your reader to how your paragraph will support your thesis. So, to understand it in a more effective way, the differentiation table is given below.

Topic Sentence Thesis Statement
It is the sentence that explains the main idea to prove your argument. It is a fact that you want to prove with an argument.
It is the main idea of a paragraph. It is the central idea of the essay.
It previews how you organise the paragraph. It previews how you organise the entire essay.
It maintains the flow of the content in the paragraph. It maintains the flow of the content in the essay.
It is changed from paragraph to paragraph. It introduces a topic that will be discussed in the whole essay.

As now you know the difference, let's understand how to draft topic sentences from thesis statement with the help of an example:

Thesis Statement Example

Essay writing is beneficial for students because it improves not only their knowledge but also their research and writing skills.

Topic Sentence Examples

One of the benefits of essay writing to students is that it enhances their knowledge. l While writing an essay, if you have in-depth knowledge of any subject, you can do better research on that. l Essay writing is an integral part of your education; so, it helps you improve your writing skills.

By taking reference from this example, you can derive more topic sentences from a thesis statement. Furthermore, in the below section, you will get to know more topic sentence examples that give you more clarity.

Topic Sentence Examples for Students for Better Understanding

If you want to write more full-fledged topic sentences explaining your paragraph's main idea. Then, here is the list of topic sentence examples for you.

  1. Essays should be assigned to students because it enhances their knowledge and skills.
  2. Besides academic performance, college admissions officers also examine students' interests, work history, and extracurricular activities.
  3. Attempting something new can be challenging, but the results are worthwhile.
  4. Always pay attention to what the teacher says in class.
  5. I think our school needs a new vending machine because it will encourage children to choose nutritious snacks.
  6. The upside-down rollercoasters are the best rides at the amusement park.
  7. Climate change is a complicated problem brought on by numerous factors.
  8. As seniors, we must be role models for younger pupils.
  9. Learning different languages allows you to communicate with people from different cultures. It also improves your reading and writing abilities and memory.
  10. The neighborhood coffee shop, which provides a peaceful environment and lots of caffeine, is the greatest spot to complete essays and study for examinations.

Maybe now you get an answer for how to write a good topic sentence. So, if you want to make essay writing fun, try to write it using topic sentences. It will give your readers a clear picture of the paragraph. And to write an effective and compelling topic sentence, this blog post will help you a lot.

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