What Are Language Features ? You Need to Know in Detail

List of Language Features You Must Know in Detail

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Are you the one who gets confused between language features and techniques while writing an English paper? Are you unable to use them correctly in your English essay to make it more interesting? If yes, this blog will help you learn about language features and how to use them in writing to make it more engaging and exciting for the audience with the help of language features examples.

What Are Language Features?

Language plays a vital role in communicating your thoughts and ideas to another person. Language features are words used in a sentence that enhance its quality and make it more meaningful. Poets and writers use language features examples to give meaning to their communication. It includes sentence formation, phrases, vocabulary, nouns, adjectives, punctuation, etc. Whether you are writing formal or informal language, it can be used in any type of writing, such as poems, documents, academic papers, letters, and reports. So, here is the list of language features that you can use in your writing.

List of Language Features You Must Know

Look at the list of various language features given below by our experts. It will help you understand it better and enhance your knowledge and communication skills.

  • Active Listening: It is used to create effective communication. Writers use it in counseling reports, training reports, and any other formal documents.
  • Articles: Articles are used to refer to a noun. It is used in all types of writing.
  • Adverb: Adverbs are used to modify the meaning of an adjective or a verb.
  • Alliteration: The repetition of the first letter of a word in all the words in a sentence is alliteration.
  • Simile: This feature is used to compare one thing to another.
  • Metaphor: When you name a person, thing, action, or any other thing, you are using a metaphor.
  • Adjective: The words that describe the qualities of the noun are known as adjectives.
  • Positive Adjective: It defines the qualities of a person and is used as an ordinary adjective in the content.
  • Comparative Adjective: While comparing two things, a comparative adjective is used in the sentence.
  • Superlative Adjective: If you are comparing more than two things, a superlative adjective is used.
  • DescriptiveAdjective: These adjectives explain both the nouns and pronouns in the content.
  • QuantitativeAdjective: Quantitative adjectives are used to define the quantity of something.
  • DemonstrativeAdjective: It is used when you explain "which" in the sentence, whether it refers to a noun or a pronoun.
  • Possessive Adjective: You must use the possession adjective to indicate a thing that belongs to anyone.
  • InterrogativeAdjective: If you ask anyone a question, then interrogative adjectives are used.
  • DistributiveAdjective: Distributive adjectives are used when you mention some particular group members.
  • Emotive Language: You can use emotive language to express your feelings and thoughts to another person through emotive words.

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These are the most common language features used in an English paper. Of course, there are more in the row. For that, you can search for language features examples on the internet. Here on our page, we have discussed those that students find hard to understand. Apart from that, have a look at the language techniques that are also used while writing an English essay, which is discussed below.

Different Language Techniques That Help in Writing

Every student must know the complete list of language techniques that are needed to draft an impressive essay. These techniques will help you draft an impeccable paper and improve your writing and communication skills.

List of Language Techniques


It is the sound between two rhyming words or phrases.

For example: "Sally sells seashells beside the seashore." Here is the repetition and sound of "e" between two words or phrases.


This technique is used mainly in poetry, novels, and other creative writing. It helps readers to visualize the scene that is happening in the novel.

For example, The roaring thunder frightened the little girl. Here, the audience can sense the sound.


This technique is used when someone gives an order, command, or warning to anyone. So, one has to follow the instructions immediately.

For example: Don't shout, sit properly, and do not talk in class.


Idioms are short phrases used as examples to describe anything related to them.

For example: "Killing two birds with one stone." and "This is not my cup of tea."

Minor Sentences

Using any aphoristic expressions or giving answers to questions in the middle of any sentence are minor sentences.

For example: What the hell, voila, no, not right now, etc. 


This language technique was discovered by William Shakespeare. These are the words that are made by combining two different words.

For example cyberspace, beatnik, freelance, and Hard-Boiled.

Personal Pronoun

A short word is used as a substitute to state the person involved in that instance.

For example, My, I, He, She, Our, Her, and Him.


These are the short sentences that are used to communicate the facts based on the real-life experiences of people.

For example: "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." and "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."


This technique is used when portraying a non-living thing as a person in a sentence.

For example, My alarm clock always yells at me to get me up from bed every morning.


The sounds of repetition between two words are the rhyming words used mostly in poetry.

For example: "The cat and the hat sat on a mat." Here, rhyming words are cat-hat and sat-mat.

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Simple Sentences

When you are communicating anything in a simple way using a subject, a word, and a thought behind that, you are using simple sentences.

For example, The academic writing services are reasonable.


This language technique is used to grab readers' attention in certain situations.

For example Hangry: Hungry + Angry; Buck, Nuts, etc.


These are the short phrases you can use to make your writing engaging, as they can grab the reader's attention quickly.

For example: "You're in good hands." - AllState

"Shave time. Shave money." Dollar Shave Club


The formation of a word from which you can hear what it describes.

For example, Clap, Zap, and the dog barked all night.

This is the popular language technique list that is used in different types of writing. You can also use them to impress your English professor. All these techniques will make your paper interesting to the readers. So, next time when you write your English homework, try to include some of them in it. Still, if you don't have time or knowledge, you can get our professional homework help.

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