Interesting Facts Every Student Must Know About Koalas

Interesting Facts Every Student Must Know About Koalas

28 Feb 2023 9448 5 minutes

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If you are planning to study in Eastern Australia, you might end up yawning all day with Koalas. These beautiful creation of nature are essentially, not bears and are very clumsy. These animals are second most famous wanderers in Australia, after the Skippy.

However, with the growth in demand for food supply, the forests they live in are vanishing by the hours. There are only 80,000 Koala left in Australia. And, these furballs are said to survive just in Australia. Hence, there is no chance of artificial breeding processes.

Humans and dogs are Koala's biggest enemies. Every year, around 4000 Koalas get hit by cars or are picked up by the dogs. Given are some exciting facts about Koala which you might enjoy when you see them:

Koala Not Bear

The name bear was associated with Koalas because the fur makes them look like a teddy. They are Marsupials, which means after they are born, they have to survive in their mother's pouch for next five months or so. You can also pet a Koala in Australia which wouldn't be possible if it were a bear.

Habitat Loss

With growing human population, the demand for the supply of food increases. How can we supply food without deforestation? Thus, we eradicate their forests and build farms. That resulted in a massive loss of Koala's habitat.

Nocturnal Creatures

Koalas eat leaves. They like eating leaves so much that they start smelling like it. They do the eating at through the night, while in the daytime, they sleep. This animal can rest for 18 to 20 hours a day. The reason behind that is their food lacks the nutrition required for their size, so they manage it by sleeping.

The Home Trees

These furballs like to have their own separate tree. It is not very likely for a two Koalas to share a tree unless it's their mating season. These trees are called Koala's Home Trees. Furballs are also capable of forming a society, only when there are enough trees. A community of Koala is called Koala's Home Range.

Marking Territory

Every male Koala has a dark scent gland which develops as an infant matures. It secretes a dark sticky substance which they use to mark territories which is a Eucalyptus tree per Koala.

Clumsy Yet Great Survivors

Koalas sleep on trees all day, which makes them easy prey for most animals. However, these Marsupials have sharp teeth and claws which they won't hesitate using when under attack. Apart from the claws, these gentle creatures make a screeching sound that warns the other Koalas. They also use a wide variety of sounds to communicate with the family.

New Born Koalas

An infant Koala is roughly two centimeters in size and has no ears or vision. The only way it crawls to the mother's pouch is by relying on their exceptional senses of smell and touch. Once they reach the bag, they attach themselves with one of the two teats that feed them for next five to six months, before they finally come out.

Koalas are known to be sleepy heads. Humans have nothing to fear from them. Hence, you can pet one at home too. Just that, keeping one may prove utterly useless because of its sleep cycle.

If you are a student from some other country, then you will definitely find them adorable. And, in case you are from Australia, you are already aware of how deforestation is costing Koalas their homes. You may want to study about native wildlife after your classes and don’t get enough time to complete your assignments. If that’s the case, then visit us at Global Assignment Help Australia and get assignment writing assistance from our experienced academic writers. We provide quality writing services to the students at the prices that are easy on their pockets. Other than assignments, you can even seek support from us in your essays, thesis, dissertations, reports, and other academic documents.

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