7 Tips to Handle Peer Pressure

Learn how you can handle peer pressure in your college/school.

Peer Pressure
05 Dec 2017 8848 6 minutes

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There are times when you are influenced by the people around, and you want to be like them and do what they do especially when you are a teen or a young adult. This influence is called peer pressure. You do not feel accepted or respected in a group because you don’t follow their habits or way of living. There is a constant pressure on you by your peers to be like them, either they force you directly to do something like drink, smoke, etc., or they joke around about you not having a certain lifestyle as them. There may be times when you feel curious about something that you don’t do in your life and feel left out seeing others doing that like taking drugs, going to parties, etc. To feel a part of the group, you change your behavior, attitude, and values and accept things you are not sure about. However, handling situations like these is not easy, but it's better to learn how to deal with them and respond to your peers. If you are not comfortable with something or think it can have a negative effect on your future always express your opinions with confidence.

If you are facing same situations in your college and school, then here are some tips for you to handle peer pressure:

1. Learn to say ‘No.’

If you are not sure about something and don’t want to do that, then be confident and firm to say ‘no.' Never get nervous and face the person to make your point clear that you are not interested in doing a specific thing.

2. Make excuses and leave

There may be times when you feel awkward and could not say ‘no’ in certain cases; then it is better to make an excuse and leave from there.

3. Take your own decisions

Never hesitate to convey your decisions to others if you do not want to do what they want. Make your personal choice and never let anyone pressurize you. Follow your instincts and do things to make yourself happy and not to please anyone else.

4. Avoid people and situation that you are not comfortable with

If you anticipate that the group is planning for something that you are not comfortable with, then you should avoid going out with them and can avoid the situation. You can even find and make friends who are positive and won’t pressurize you for anything you are not ready to do.

5. Talk to your parents and trusted friends

Peer pressure can be very stressful sometimes; you might feel lonely and sad and could not find the way to tackle the circumstances. At times like these, the best way is to take the support of your parents and trusted friends because they understand you. You can talk to them and ask for their advice, parents would surely support you and can give you ideas to deal with the same situations in future.

6. Consider the adverse effect of every action

You might agree to do certain things under pressure of being like them or to be the part of their group, but before taking any action, you should evaluate the reaction and negative effects of it. Think about your parents and whether they would approve that or not. Ask yourself questions about the consequences that you and they might face because of your actions.

7. Get busy with other activities

Dealing with such situations may make you upset, and you might feel left out by your fellow students, to overcome this feeling it is best to get yourself busy with activities that you like and make you happy. You can listen to music, write diaries, play different sports, etc. This will divert your mind from other depressing things going around.

College and school life are the best experience in one’s life that should be enjoyed to the fullest; they also give the best lessons of life. But, cases like peer pressure can create complications for you. Hope, these tips can help you to overcome the obstacle and deal with the conditions with positivity.

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