Australian Day Celebration in Sydney: Events to Look Forward

A brief of events and some of our favorite eateries to make your Australia Day a little more special

Events List to Look for This Australia Day
23 Jan 2019 4661 8 minutes

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With “Change the Date” vs. “Keep the Date” debates surfacing, your very favorite Circular Quay is all set to host 231st Australia Day in Sydney. Celebrate the day when the First Fleet entered the Port Jackson back in 1788. On the day when Australia was founded, with nothing less than the best to put on your plate, Sydney Harbor is all prepared to host the celebrations as usual.

As the weekend stretched to Monday the three-day long weekend adds more life to the extravagance of the celebration of the day.

Without lingering much on the facts and debates, let us jump to the list of events that are set to take place.

Australia Day 2019 Sydney Activities to Look For

1. Enjoy the Fireworks

Australia Day 2019 celebrations to kick start with Sydney street party supported by The Rock. With music and dance vaudeville shows, the festivities continue with a few interviews and loads of special performances.

Enjoy the fireworks that have an alluring display of light installations, pyrotechnics, jet ski, and fly-board prowess.

Get Your Spot At:

  • First Fleet Park
  • Hickson Road Reserve
  • Circular Quay East

The Highlights

Sunset Ceremony featuring Koomurri Dancers

2. Enjoy the Live Concert at Opera House

Every year on Australia Day, Opera House becomes host to the live show. With the best of the artists in the lineup, It features some of the best from Australian Music Industry.


Late evening on 26th January 2019

3. The Ships Race

Another exciting event at the harbors of the Sydney. The most attractive part of Australia Day celebration in Sydney, enjoy the tall ships take a sail. Enjoy the exotic view, and let your kids feel Captain Jack Sparrow on the go. As the race would commence from Bradleys Head and would finish at the Sydney harbor bridge, you would have a lot of spots to enjoy the giants cutting the water.

Get Your Spot At:

  • Blues Point
  • Hickson Road Reserve
  • Sydney Opera House


Experience the giants after the race is over at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

4. Celebrate with the Aboriginals

Established in 2001, the festival is a free event that celebrates music, bustling markets, few discussions, and forums on the issues of Aboriginals. With the names like Archie Roach, Dan Sultan, and Jessica Mauboy in the past performers list, the festival holds true to its name “Music to a Beat.”

Enjoy the celebrations and appreciate the world’s oldest living culture in the largest day-long celebration.

Get Your Spot At:

The day-long celebration takes place at the Victoria gardens.


Be a part of the cultural performances that keep the tradition of aboriginals and Torres Strait islanders intact.

5. Open Air Cinema

Although the place is full of events on this Australia Day and there is no screening on 26th January, but the Sydney Harbor behind the screens on 28th January (Australia Day public Holiday) would make you celebrate the Australian in you even more.


Enjoy the screening of Destroyer featuring your own Nicole Kidman on 28th January and on 29th January Ladies in Black which is based on department store employers in Sydney.

6. The Sydney Festival

The three-week gala is the highlight of the festival. A fun filled event of dance, music, and theoretical performances to keep you engaged. Just enjoy the food, drinks, and the peppy mood around. It is one of the most awaited events with showcasing art forms at Barangaroo, Darling Harbour, Woolloomooloo, and Paddington.

Get Yourself a Spot At:

Enjoy the spree at Hyde Park.


The food, drinks, DJ everything about the celebration is a highlight here.

7. Ferrython

Yeah, the ferries around!!

Enjoy as the ferries take charge in the water. You can also be a part of the ferrython as a passenger. Excited already?

26th Jan is just a blink away, Get Set Ready!

Get Yourself a Spot At:

  • Blues Point
  • Hickson Road Reserve
  • Sydney Opera House


Dress up in blue and become a part of the ferrython with the Blue Ferry.

With these, there is a lot to explore and enjoy. Just get the whole shebang ready and hit the harbors. The day to celebrate is here and extends itself to a three day holiday.

Other Highlights of Australia Day Celebration in Sydney

  • Tug & Yacht Ballet
  • Salute to Australia
  • Warrane DJ Stage
  • Tallawoladah Stage

Places to Eat While Enjoying the Australia Day Celebrations!

The celebrations and festivities are synonymous to food and drinks. We have listed a few places to reach your friends and families to enjoy traditional Australian food this weekend.

Yummy Food Happy Tummy Happier You!!!

1. Opera Kitchen

Enjoy the first true blue inspired Australia food and beverages they have introduced for the special weekend menu. And for the cherry on the cake, let the view of Sydney’s two significant landmarks the Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House accompany you while you grab some food.

2. Big BBQ

Enjoy the food from the Big BBQ at Paramatta’s Park. With barbecue being a traditional Australian day activity, make sure to fill your empty bellies with the best in the town.


3. The Rocks

If food is love, the most important Australia Day activity for you is to head to The Rocks. Enjoy the street party that begins early in the morning with food trucks, interactive games, and the markets.

4. Fratelli Fresh

The Italian eatery has bonded along with its Aussie cousin to bring to your table some of the most amazing Italian Aussie dishes. Reach to them now and enjoy the amalgamation of your favorite pizza with the traditional flavors.

Lip smacking, isn’t it?

This is not over yet!!

With a lot to enjoy and explore the festival, just reach your favorite place now. Along with the events in Sydney, you can also reach to Adelaide, Melbourne, Wales (where it all began from) and enjoy the event like never before.

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