7 Simple Tips to Finish Your Assignment the Night Before Submission

Tips to Create Assignment in One Night Before Submission Date

11 Jul 2023 5236 8 minutes

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One of the most uninvited guests that knock on the door of a student’s life is the last-minute assignments. These guests are not always uninvited because sometimes it is procrastination and lack of time management that may invite these guests. Writing the complete assignment at once is a daunting task. Not only you are aiming at excellent grades, but also at the word limit that is provided. You need to create an argument and address it in a manner that convinces the reader and keeps them engaged in your work.

Scared, how to do it?

The last-minute assignment is giving you panic attacks?


The urgent assignment help providers at Global Assignment Help Australia hold experience in preparing assignments under stringent deadlines, sometimes in just a few hours. They have discussed some steps that can be a guideline for top-notch last night's assignments.

Steps to Create Your Assignment in Just One Night

1. Create a Schedule for the Night

Because you are short of time, don’t waste whatever time you are left within planning. Just divide the time into slots of 30 minutes and then divide the entire slot into three parts. Half of the time for writing and researching and a half for planning as well as proofreading and editing.

Our assignment experts mostly follow rough time division in the 1:2:1 ratio.

25% time: Planning the Paper

50% time: Reading and Writing

25% time: Proofreading and Editing

We Have an Edge Here!!

We have a different team of proofreaders, thus making it a little easier for us to provide your assignments in short deadlines.

2. Understanding the Prompt

Although you don’t have much time, you need to address the question perfectly. No wasting time here and there. Just concentrate on your question. Identify what are the critical points that you would be included in your work and also realize how quick you can wind up the complete work.

The assignment writing help providers associated with us majorly focus on just two things:

  • The Question: Since the assignment is to answer the question that you have been given, they spend the most time in structuring the answer pattern and research.
  • The Details: To prepare the structure of the assignment, it is essential that expert writers understand the details of the document that is to be submitted. It is the word count, citation style, etc., that needs attention.


Do not repeat your point just to reach the word count. Make sure your research is extensive and the complete document has a lot of information articulated perfectly.

3. Get Informed

If the question you are working on is limited only to texts, then just concentrate there. Don’t lose focus. Do thorough research, mark important texts, cite examples, and first go through the books that your professors recommend. Further, if you have time, explore the internet and browse for some more information and continue scribbling them all the while.

  • Focus only on text if your task asks so.
  • Skim through a few works quickly.

Stay Focused !!

Stay focused as you may find a lot of distractions during the research process. Make sure you are using the internet only for the research; no breaks for social media now.

4. Formulate Thesis

Working on your thesis is an essential task as it would reflect the gist of your assignment. Many students write a very plain thesis without realizing how important it is to write a captivating and intriguing thesis. The writers at Global Assignment Help Australia ensure to bring the best in your document with engaging content.

The thesis is a single statement that should be loud and clearly speak of your stand on the topic.

Bonus !!

When you have framed an intriguing, interesting thesis, note it down and keep reading it over. It would help you focus on the rest of the document.

5. Brainstorm

Yeah, you need a brainstorming session no matter how stringent the deadline is. It is crucial that you think about the topic a little and explore different perceptions before working on it finally. To keep it quick and interesting, our experts introduce new methods for their brainstorming sessions like:

  • They would look in different sources if they find something interesting that goes in the assignment.
  • Instead of words, they would diagrammatically work on the ideas that would reflect how easily readers can connect to the assignment.

6. Outline

Once the idea is sorted and a few angles are explored, make sure that you form the final outline of your document. It should precisely have the headings and subheadings with details of sources and references mentioned in a manner that you can easily start working on it and finish the task like a cakewalk. (Although it never is.)

The experts associated with us ensure that they bring out a structure that reflects the well-formatted document.


It is important that when you work on the structure, mention the word count for each section roughly too. It would help you stick to the word limit.

7. Get to Work

Now that you have everything ready, just pick up your writing tool and get set go. Just make sure you do not take texts directly from the sources and keep the format of the assignment simple yet alluring.

The in-house Aussie writers ensure they provide you with exceptionally well written documents that can help you nail your writing task.

Ready Go!!

It is important that when you decide to work on your writing task, it should always adhere to the university guidelines.

And, Finally!!

Yeah. It was tough but see you almost did it. If you still have some issues in framing a perfect assignment or you feel that submitting the task before the deadline is difficult, don’t worry, just reach to us and done.

Place your assignment writing order with us and win the race with your deadline TODAY!!

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