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14 Jun 2023 1165 13 minutes

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“All the world is topsy-turvy, and it has been topsy-turvy ever since the plague.” 
― Jack London

When Jack London said these lines for The Scarlet Plague no one imagined that the world would experience something that chaotic again. But the 2019 virus proved them all wrong. The world was once again topsy-turvy and this time we were not ready for it. The outgoing and social life that had become normal came to an abrupt end. It was shocking for humans all over to accept this new restraint filled world where no one could be near anyone anymore. For students, it was even more troublesome as they didn’t have a clue about their future. There came a time when every student must have asked the question “what will become of my life?“

But life didn’t become normal even after 2 years after the pandemic; everything is now online for students. So, to adjust to the new reality, there were various new things to be learned by them. One of these things was submitting their assignments online. And it was a  big task due to the details included. Academic tools saved students from duping their assignments.

Let's begin with understanding the term first and then go about learning its different types and uses.

What Are Academic Tools? 

Academic tools are technical support for students that aid them in completing their assignments. There are different fields in which students need assistance on a daily basis and completing their coursework is one of them. Writing any academic paper is not just about being critical and thoughtful but it has to be well structured. This structuring involves various crucial steps to making the document perfect. And these academic tools help students with achieving the same.

After getting to understand what are academic tools, comes the part of knowing what are these different tools. The next section covers the various academic tools that are available for students to use.

Types of Academic Tools

There is a wide range of things that need to be done before submitting an assignment. An academic document is never complete without things like referencing and citations, checking grammar, proofreading the document for errors in the theme or idea, etc. For every task that a student faces difficulty in, there is an academic tool to help them with.

Here is a list of some of these academic tools that students have been gushing over...

  • Project Management tools
  • Grammar Checker
  • Reference Management
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Journal Finder
  • Reference generator
  • Essay typer
  • Paraphrasing tool, etc.

Why Do People Get Them Wrong?

There are various malformations doing the rounds in the education industry. They are obviously alarming for the educational institutes but also for parents and students. These rumours show academic tools in a bad light. Here are a few reasons why people have created the wrong image of these tools in their minds...

  • They assume that these tools do the work for students
  • Paraphrasing is often considered “essay spinning”. People think students have started paraphrasing already written essays with the help of this tool. And that they do not write their own words anymore.
  • They are considering the use of these tools as an attack on educational integrity.

But, the reality is far from it. These tools are only and only aid students with some technical difficulties to make their life a bit easier. Even today, students write their own assignments. And that will not change.

The next section covers the list of top academic tools that students found very appealing while writing their assignments.

Academic Tools That Made the Cut to Becoming Favorites 

In the ocean of academic tools, not every one of them was liked by the students. There are a selected few that made the cut to become the favourite of students. This was discovered by tracking the usage of different tools online by Australian students. Here goes the toppers list...

  1. Paraphrasing Tool

This makes them recover from the trauma of always creating a powerful statement. The paraphrasing tool helps students to better frame the sentences into something unique that is ready for instant submission! 

  1. Plagiarism Checker

Not every student is knowingly plagiarizing their assignments. There are various silly mistakes that lead to plagiarism in assignments like using extracts from an already submitted document without any references or proper citation or copying sentences word-to-word from a friend’s document, etc. With the help of this tool, students can find out all the areas that they lack without any hassle.

  1. Grammar Checker

Submitting an assignment with poor grammar and spelling mistakes can lead to getting poor grades and that is not what a student wants. After writing their assignments, students can make them error-free with the help of this tool.

  1. Reference Generator

Referencing is a very cumbersome task. On top of it following one specific referencing style is difficult for students because there are so many of them. But, this grammar checker tool helps students make flawless references in the Harvard referencing style.

  1. Essay Typer

Writing an essay can be very gruesome for students as they have tight schedules. This tool uses an auto fetch algorithm that is designed to fetch related paragraphs from a wide database of genuine and original content. Students just have to insert their topic and click on ‘type my essay’. The typer automatically generates the best paragraphs for them which they can use to complete their essay.

These tools became essential for students in the last few years as they solved problems relating to the structure of the academic documents. They were ranked the highest because they proved to be extremely useful to the students.

The upcoming section, it is discussed how these tools help students. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why students adore the academic tools

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Reasons Why Students Are Fascinated with Academic Tools

Every academic task is supposed to be well written and students pay attention to the knowledge part of it. But the more time taking part are the sub-tasks. Students often miss doing them and that reflects poorly on them. It shows they don’t take their tasks seriously because to a professor a document will look incomplete if it isn't well structured. Irrespective of how good the actual material was. Structuring an academic document is a very tedious subtask. And at times, it gives students night terrors.

To relieve students of these fears, academic tools were introduced. It is a new concept for students but within a few years of its introduction, academic tools have made tremendous growth. They have become a student’s favourite and here are the reasons why...

  • Saves Substantial Time

Getting the formatting of an assignment right might even take some students more time than writing the actual document. Tasks like proofreading, paraphrasing, referencing, etc have made students often late for their submissions. But with the help of these academic tools, students have saved a lot of time. They can completely focus on writing their assignment perfectly while giving no thought to the formatting chaos.

For example, the addition of citations in a document gives a student stress because they have to break down the information about the source into the format required for the designated techniques. It used to take a long time, but now, thanks to the academic referencing tool these tasks are completed automatically, saving students a lot of time.

  • Simplifies the Task

Finding and correcting problems on your own is difficult. To guarantee that issues are resolved correctly, you must be proficient in the language in which you operate. Grammar errors, in particular, are common, and technologies like grammar checker make the process much easier to complete.

  • Increases the Efficiency

Word of mouth is less reliable than a professional tool. We all know this, so any task accomplished by a tool is more efficient than one completed by a student.

For example, paraphrasing is the ability to take in, comprehend, synthesize, and express information in a unique way. The ability to paraphrase is closely tied to how well the material has been understood and formal language usage i.e. complete sentences, precise punctuation, capitalization, and so on. An academic paraphrasing tool does all of it better than the student and needless to say faster.

Now that you know why students value academic tools, and why the concept of academic tools is significant to them, it should not come as a shock that there are various service providers present to help students with their needs for the same.

Cannot Master Academic Tool Even Now? Here’s the Solution!

Even with so much popularity among students, there are still a few students who do not have a clue about the concept of academic tools. They are still using the old ways and getting their precious time wasted over a few technicalities. If you are one of those students, then hop on the train and get the best aid for your assignment. The service provided by this leading assignment writing website called Global Assignment Help Australia is the best option for you. They provide various tools and that too free of cost, which is a win-win for students as it helps them a ton and charges them none!

The above mentioned service provides students with tools like:

  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Reference Generator
  • Essay Typer

When the sub-tasks are taken care of by the above mentioned service providers. Students can be relaxed and more focused on their studies.

Summary: This blog is the exact place where students need to be if they want their grades to shine with little to no effort.

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