7 Benefits of Using an Essay Typer Tool

This blog will help you understand the 7 benefits of essay typer tool that make it a better choice.

22 Sep 2023 1045 12 minutes

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Getting stuck while writing an essay is one of the most difficult things to deal with. You have already committed to writing thousands of words on the theme, and down the lane, you realize that you just can not finish the task on your own. What do you do? Well, as humans, the first instinct is to call a friend and ask for help. That is what we all would do as we know that in times of distress, friends are always there. While it might stand true, in the majority of the situations, there can be a difference of opinion in academics. Students are one of the most competitive people on the planet, which is why many academic help providers like us have brought in digital tools so that students can help themselves when they get stuck. One such tool is an essay typer, and honestly, it is better to use the tool than ask a friend for assistance. Why is that? Well, that is what you will learn in this blog.  

The experts of Global Assignment Help Australia surveyed the same query, and the outcomes were unbelievable. 7 Major reasons came out of that study, and in this blog, you will find all of them. Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at why students need essay help and what are their options for when they get stuck. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

Why Do Students Need Help with Essays? What are their Options in distress? 

Essay writing is one of those academic tasks that a student can neither prioritize nor underestimate as both of these decisions have consequences. If a student takes up the task, they have to give everything up to ensure that they can provide enough data to accumulate a grade-worthy essay, while if they give it up, their grades have to suffer. A single document consists of thousands of words that take a lot of time to complete. Not to forget the research it takes to find enough sources to fulfill your word count and justify every argument is a tedious task to finish in the first place. It is one of the biggest reasons students look for help in the document. Students want good grades when they submit their work, and thus, they need to ensure that whatever they are putting in the document is worth something. 

Students neither have the time nor the energy to cope up with the task. Hence they have no other option than to ask for help. There options? As mentioned above, they have friends, guides, and assistance providers to fulfill their requirements. There is a slight difference of opinion among students about what they prefer. Some say they are happy with what their teachers teach them, and some disagree as they could not take the class. This is why they prefer taking notes from a friend and hearing a quick brief of the guidelines shared by the teacher, and then come those who take their assignments very seriously and do not like scoring less in their documents. These people choose our services and get their essays written by professional writers. They not only complete the task on time but also ensure that the students score the best grades with that submission. Adding essay typer to the list gives a fourth option to the students. It is for those who have their limitations related to trust in friends, money, and time.  

Now that you have understood the delicacy of the task and why students need to ensure that they finish it without any compromises, you need to understand why 8/10 students preferred using a tool over asking a friend for assistance. There are so many benefits that the tool offers. But, 7 of them came up the most among the students. Check out these benefits in the next section. 

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Why Choosing Essay Typer Over a Friend’s Help is Better? 7 Reasons! 

This might sound a bit harsh in the beginning but if you read it carefully and give it a thought, it might start making sense to you. Asking a friend for help is what we are taught to do. However, if we have the power of being self-sufficient we should opt for it. And that is what this tool does to you. With an application that lets you take things into your own hands and finish the entire task without worries, you not only eliminate a third person’s interference but also get an overwhelming feeling that you were able to finish the task on your own. These benefits of the tool that makes it a better choice than asking someone else for assistance are as follows - 


Remember the time when you wanted help but could not reach a friend because their cell was out of coverage? Well, that never happens when you are working on a tool. You are free to make the document whenever you want and however you want as you are not dependent on someone else. 

Result Visibility 

The results that you get after finishing an essay based on the assistance provided by your friends are always mediocre because even your colleague is not a master of essay writing, he also has completed the essay somehow. On the other hand, a tool is made by professionals, and it delivers quality documents whose results are visible. 

Surety of Content 

As mentioned in the above point, your friend has also finished the task with limited resources, and thus there is no assurity that the content that he has used is original, plagiarized, or even authentic. The tool has a database connected with millions of authentic sources, making the document on point and crisp. 


Your friend might be asleep at night, but the tool is available 24x7. You do not have to wait for someone when you work on your essay as you are completely free to write a tour document on your own. Not to forget the role of understanding is crucial too. The tool has all the steps mentioned, while your friend might not explain every term used. 

Accuracy in Work 

When you write the paper on your own, there is a chance that you might make mistakes in interpreting what your friend has shared with you. Grammatical errors and inaccurate answers are the most common issues that one has to face while writing. On the other hand, when the tool generates your essay, it has no errors in the content, and everything is accurate. 


This is the only reason that every student who took part in the survey shared. The fact that a task of an entire day can be finished in just a few hours with the tool is what makes it a better choice. Sure your friend might explain the answers beautifully but the fact that there is no need to waste time in understanding and drafting as the tool does it for you. 

Extended Learning  

With the tool, you get to see some great samples of essays generated by yourself. If you give them the read in the time that you have saved after using the tool, you will surely learn a lot, and thus there is extended learning that you can grasp more ways to finish your document later without any problem. 

These 7 benefits, when put compared with your friends and put into these words, might have hit you with a realization that using an essay typer tool is much better than asking a friend for help. It is the only reason why the majority of students have replaced their stress with smiles as they know that they have the tool to finish their documents even at the last moment. 

Need a Tool as Reliable as Your Buddy? Your Search Ends Here! 

By now, the idea of what this blog aims to convey might have gotten clear in your mind. Using something as simple as this tool can help you make the most complex of problems easy, just like a friend. The only question left to address now is where you can find one such tool. Well, the answer is here! Global Assignment Help Australia is one of the most trusted academic help portals for a decade now, and looking at the demands of students, we have developed our very own essay typer tool. 

You can access the tool for free and generate unlimited essays to finish your task. You get the technology of the modern days, with the trust of years, all under one roof! So what’s stopping you from making the best out of your work? Use the tool and let it take care of your essays while you and your friends enjoy every moment spent together! 

Cheers to friendship & good luck!

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