What Is a Narrative Essay- Structure, Topic Selection & Best Issues!

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Want to write your narrative essay compellingly and get A+ grades? If yes, it is vital to have a basic understanding of the same and know how to structure and write it properly. It is best to get help from Global Assignment Help experts to get an answer or details regarding the same. We are a team of extensive researchers, writers, editors, and proofreaders. But before knowing about the answer, it is crucial to know what it is or the meaning of the same. Thus, you will get all your queries answered in the next section. 

What Is a Narrative Essay? 

A narrative essay focuses on telling a story. It is basically writing about your personal experience or an incident you have gone through. It allows you to be creative and get personal. It is not like academic writing, where you have to follow a formal tone and style in your writing style. Now that you know its basic definition, do you want to know how to structure it? If yes, you will get your answers in the next section. 

How to Structure a Narrative Essay? 

As you are clear with the definition of narrative essay, the time has come to know about narrative essay structure or outline. It is essential to know the step-by-step process so that you can write your essay perfectly. 

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Hook and Background Information 

It is mandatory for you to start your narrative essay with a hook or background information. It acts as a source of getting the audience stuck to the end. Thus, try to add some unknown facts and figures into your starting content that intrigue a reader to carry forward. Also, provide some background information that hints to the audience about your topic. If you do not know how to do it in any of the academic paper, it is best to get homework help from experts.

Thesis Statement 

A thesis statement is a one or two-liner statement that contains the main argument of your narrative essay. It is essential for you to be specific in this case and not include some other matter in it. Your focus should be on telling or stating the statement that will be the center of the upcoming content. 


Once you reach the body of the narrative essay, state the action or interesting facts about your write-up. Describe emotions and all that you feel while describing the story. If you do not have an idea of how to commence your body, referring to a narrative essay example can be the best solution. 

Turning Point

There is a turning point in every story, and you have to state that in the case of narrative essays. So, once you explain the event, it is now your responsibility to add a turning point. An event that can evoke the interest of the reader and compel them to stick to the end. 


The climax is the highest tension in the story. It is that turning point that a reader may not expect. Try to make it thrilling and fascinating and impart an emotional factor into it. Still, if you are confused about how to write a narrative essay, it is best to get help from our experts. 


Once you share the entire story with the audience, it is crucial to reflect on your opinions or thoughts. It gives a reader a chance to know about your personal experience and urges them to think further about the topic. 

Call to Action 

It is crucial to end your narrative essay with a call to action. It encourages them to think further about the topic and motivates them to take action in future. 

It is by following these fixed steps you can write your narrative essay compellingly. So, you can work on it next time by following this structure, as it will give you guaranteed results, but are you unsure of how to choose narrative essay topics? If yes, you will get all your answers in the next section. 

How to Pick an Interesting Topic for Your Narrative Essay? 

Now that you know how to properly structure your narrative essay and know the trick to write, you can get stuck at a stage that has not been mentioned above topic selection. There are high chances of selecting a perfect topic; thus, here are some of the tips you can follow. 

Consider Own Experience

As narrative essay writing is associated with telling a story, the best option to pick a perfect topic is to think about your personal incident or a situation. As you have faced circumstances, it will be easy for you to pour down your thoughts. Also, it will help the audience to connect with your write-up, as what you write will reflect in your words. 

Choose a Relevant Topic 

There can be several narrative essay topics lined up in your way, but you have to choose the one that you think can be relevant for your audience. If you tend to pick an issue that does not interest people or provoke them to read further, there are high chances of you not scoring A+ grades in your paper. 


A person gains knowledge only after trying or experimenting with the things. Thus, do not randomly pick an issue, assuming you will gather data on it later. Instead, make a list of probable issues and try to experiment with them. It will bring clarity to your mind before you start working on a narrative essay. 

Use Writing Prompts 

Often, there will be times when you will get confused between issues or subject matter. Thus, creating writing prompts will encourage you to write the content in a certain or creative way. Also, it helps you to choose a specific topic and not swiftly away from your focus or goal. 

Focus on Literature 

There are many literature books and novels you might have gone through in your life that have created an ever-lasting impression on you to date. Thus, it could be one of the smart tricks for narrative essay topics as you will be making your structure and titles in accordance with them. 

These are some of the interesting tips you can follow to come up with a unique or excellent idea. Thus, either follow the steps or look for an expert to write my essay. Besides that, are you really intrigued to know about topics that have the potential to perform better? If yes, the next section contains a list of all those. 

13+ Narrative Essay Topics That Can Impress the Professor in One Go! 

Do you want to spellbound your professor with your narrative essay structure? If yes, it is essential to pick the right topic. Here is a list of some of them. 

  • A life-changing event that changed your opinion or thought process 
  • Telling the truth behind an accomplishment or victory 
  • A circumstance that tested your strength and patience
  • A childhood memory that became a trauma 
  • Times when you did know how to make an independent decision 
  • New things you explored in travelling 
  • An incident that motivated you to grow in the right direction 
  • Sharing the experience of your first job or day at college 
  • What did you go through while sharing your weak points or fear 
  • What impact did a particular book or movie have on your life 
  • A memorable incident of yours with an unknown stranger 
  • A hobby or an interest that changed your life 
  • An experience that taught you the significance of effective communication and listening 
  • A phase in which you have to let go of things that mean the world to you 
  • What do you miss the most about your childhood memories
  • Sharing about your favourite cartoon or fairytale character
  • How did your teacher play a crucial role in shaping your personality
  • Share about the professor who is a close friend of yours
  • Telling about an incident that was most disastrous in the classroom
  • How did you handle rejection in past
  • Importance of having loyal and trustworthy friends in your life
  • What was the most interesting hang out in your academic journey
  • Share the experience of the most exhausting exam
  • Imagine you are rich; how would you like to spend your life?
  • If you were an animal, which one would you like to be and why?
  • What is the biggest regret and how to cope up with it
  • The most annoying habit you do that irritates people
  • The hard work hidden behind to shape a perfect body
  • How good or bad you are with time management?

These are some of the interesting topics on which you can write your narrative essay, but the work gets stuck on how to write a narrative essay or structure it. The answer to this is by taking assistance from Global Assignment Help experts. To know how we work and make your dream turn into reality, hop on to the next section. 

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