How to Write a Reflection Paper? 4 Important Steps with Apt Structure

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Writers need the freedom to show creativity in their written pieces. It starts with an idea or an opinion that originates from a brain that is unchained from any regulations. A reflection paper is such a document that allows you to present your notions on your picked subject. It is a paper that gives the choice to show the positive or negative side of an event. It is where you receive the freedom to write the topic from tip to toe. Though the reflection report helps you to secure good marks in your academics and show your level of performance, there is no obligation to express any idea that relates to your course or class or any of that. Your written document is not judged on the facts but on the way you express your ideology or thoughts to the public. That is why reflection paper is highly preferred by most of you as it transforms your personality into a commander of the legion of ideas.

But you must learn about this type of project to prepare a document that helps you express what you think about the subject. Thus, this blog teaches every essential element related to a reflection paper

What Do You Understand by the Term Reflection Paper?

Every subject you learn and master starts with learning its meaning. It is essential that you learn about the definition to know the extent of the document type you are working on. So, experts state that this essay type is not course-specific but does require a subject to proceed with its writing part.

Thus, you can conclude that a reflection paper is a piece of writing that helps you collect your thoughts on any event or occurrence. It consists of not more than your personal opinion that may or may not relate to other students. Your ideas can either express a positive response or provide a negative side on how you felt.

So, a reflection paper should be accurate from the beginning to its end. However, many of you are unclear on how to structure this document since you learned that it is about providing your opinion. Hence, the need for a structure is your least priority. You aim at finishing the task, so you frame the structure wrong. That is why the following section provides information on how to write reflection paper.

3 Essential Part in Reflection Structure

Essential Parts to Frame Structure of Reflection Paper

Every document or academic project you get contains a specified structure. Many of you are unaware of such information as you work on it for the first time. So, the best method is to research on this heading and find examples.

So, when you study a reflection paper example, you can observe a pattern in the format. The following heads provide insight into this design. Let us take a look:


This section marks the beginning of your project. Here, you present information on the background or the history of the event you encountered. It is where you set up the entire scene in your reflection paper, as you case the environment and every action that happened before the main act. The details you provide here act as a leading staircase to the main event.


This section takes the lead about the event to continue where you left off from the beginning. You should know the count of passages in the report reflection example you need to describe the event. Also, do not describe every inch of detail in the document. It isn’t a police investigation since it is your experience you are addressing. So, it is not necessary to stretch its length. That is why it is an advice to keep it under three to four paragraphs.


The event you experienced needs an ending in reflection paper where you provide the closing to the event and what you collect from the overall encounter. Moreover, you need to disclose the emotion it inflicts on your brain. Also, you need to gather all the necessary information about the occurrence to summarise the work. So, what you disclose is the knowledge you gained from the entire experience and how this information changes your approach to a similar occurrence.

So, this is a sample structure of how to write reflection paper on an event. However, this is a prime format about how to design it, but your project should have original ideas and notions. That comes from you, so it is essential that you should exert your efforts. However, many of you get stuck at one area, which is the beginning of a report reflection example, and until you cannot complete it, reaching the rest segments seems like a long way road. So, the following section provides information on how you can begin your paper.

How to Start the Reflection Paper? Know the Right Way

The introduction is a crucial section as it lays down the interest factor with the readers. It must be gripping and remain focused on describing the topic. However, most of you lack the skills to write an engaging start. So the only option you have left is to contact the experts and ask for report writing help.

However, you are still unaware of how you can begin your document. Reflection arrives when you inform the readers of what you collected through your own experience. That can be an article, actual event, book, or any other activity. Thus, before starting the reflection paper, you should grasp every piece of detail on that. If it is readable material, be thorough with it or recall what happened when you reflect on an occurrence.

It gives you an idea of how you can begin with your introduction piece. Now you can forget what you are writing, so make notes or mark them in the book or the document you have. Now, while you write the reflection paper, the following are a few questions you need to address:

  • In what ways does the book\event affect you?
  • Did you find a new approach after reading or encountering the event?
  • Is there any unsolved mystery or questions left after you read the book?
  • Have you experienced the event before, or does the reading material relate to any past happening?

These are a few questions you can address based on the topic you address. Moreover, there is another mistake you make while writing the introduction. That is the use of the wrong terms to start your reflection paper. Hence, the following table provides them:

The most important thing was

Later I realised

At the time I felt

This was because

This was likely due to

This was like

That is how to start a reflection task. Although it is no rocket science, writing a new project often produces various challenges. A few of them pose in the starting section, which results in a difficult situation for you. Thus, the project you first find as a simple work turns into a troublesome task as you cannot write it without having clarity about the topic. But, like every problem has a solution, this topic is explained in the next section. So, let us read it.

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Crucial Steps to Follow for Accurate Reflection Paper

The solution does not always mean asking from experts, as sometimes a sample reflection paper is enough to solve many queries. However, you need a strong base to understand what you are reading. That is why if you find an example, you can relate it correctly. So, what you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps to help you write a reflection paper accurately:

Step-1: Correctly Frame Your Main Topic

Most of you just pick a theme and start working on it. Take this as an example. You select a book to reflect on your experience after reading it. However, you neither read the book nor collected your thoughts. So, the topic you choose has gaps, not seen in a sample reflection paper. Thus, the best method is to gather your ideas and notions about the feelings that spiked you during that moment. It leads you to a perfect topic rather than a shallow theme.

Step-2: Note Your Ideas and Experience

It is vital to know what to address in your reflection paper, whether you give an opinion on a book or describe an event based on real-life experience. Both need a common factor, which is information. Since without it, even a single word seems irrelevant. So, your next course of action is to frame your ideas and encounters on a paper or a diary. Also, look at and study a reflection paper example to understand it.

Step-3: Their Importance in Your Decision

Every experience you have affects your future decisions, like encountering a ghostly event diminishes your sceptical beliefs. So, you must show how these events affect your judgement and arrive at a conclusion. Also, a statement that exhibits a claim requires solid arguments, so present them to support your thesis. Moreover, your reflection paper should disclose more than one reason to declare on the topic.

Step-4: Make a Link Between Each Element

Connectivity is essential for every project, as you do not want to deliver a detached task. It negates the effort you exerted on drafting your work. Thus, connectivity is essential, so if you are writing a book, you must disclose the information on characters, plot, genre, etc. Do not discuss the end. Similarly, if the theme of your reflection report is about an event, mention all the activities in the sequence you saw them. It is crucial you do not miss out on linking your observations, encounters and viewpoints.

Following these above steps helps you frame a correct project. However, try not to lose your focus, or you can make a mistake in the content. For a reflection paper, concentration has a vital role in writing it correctly as you present your experience to the public. Thus, many of you face difficulties due to several doubts you fail to answer yourself. So, you seek the best place for assistance with these queries. The following section sheds light on that platform for reflection paper example.

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